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Everyone keeps asking me if I’m keeping up the Twin Peaks: The Return. I haven’t. I’ve been busy and I figured I’ll truly commit myself to once the current season ends. Like many people, I’m a Twin Peaks fan. I sometimes wonder if that series subconsciously impacted my choice to move to Western Washington when I first got out of school. I was attracted to the eerie beauty, the complete opposite ecosystem of the South, that I was introduced to me via David Lynch.

With the return of Twin Peaks, Washington-based perfumery, House of Matriarch, has launched a trio of limited edition natural perfumes that are like the “official” Twin Peaks perfumes¹.

Here’s the perfumes in the Wonderful & Strange Liquid Music Trio:

Twin Peaks Perfume


Future’s Past

Notes listed include sandarac (a resin), tamarack (an evergreen) and balsam. 99% natural.

Future’s Past opens as earth, mycellium and spruce. Many evergreen scents can come across as refreshing and invigorating (or like a Christmas tree). Future’s Past isn’t one of these. This is a deep, dark forest with a floor covered in fungi and black spruce needles. The dry down is balsamic, evergreen resins.

The brand warns that this perfume may stain light fabrics since it’s naturally green. It didn’t stain my skin.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION Dark, evergreen forest. The sort of dark, mysterious evergreen forest you’ll associate with Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks

The Red Room

Notes listed include red cedar, black currant, leather, copaiba (a resin) and incense. 100% natural.

The Red Room is all about red cedar. It’s opens as cedar chips but with more going on than I expected. There’s a feeling of cool mountain air, gasoline and a leather motorcycle jacket. It dries down to a powdery, woodsy incense. The Red Room is a rustic, rugged woodsy leather scent.

Also, the brand says this may stain light clothing. They aren’t kidding. It stained my light skin to the shade of a healing bruise (not permanently!).

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONRiding a motorcycle through the Redwood National Forest. It’s cedar, leather and cool air.

Snoqualmie Falls

World of Blue

Out of the trio, World of Blue is my favorite. It opens with this balsamic cola-like note (thanks, magical deerstongue!) and rooty, cool iris. As it wears, it becomes this cool, buttery iris stippled with rain drops. Actually, one of the best irises that I’ve worn in a very long time. The heart is that same buttery iris but with an addition of a faint trail of smoke coming from oud incense.

Overall, it really does smell like a “blue” fragrance. It’s a cool spring-like floral. But, not like a pretty, traditional spring floral. It’s like a slightly eerie, remote meadow dotted with blue bonnets covered in a creepy, early morning fog – no birds chirp. Silence. It’s pretty in it’s own way: it’s not one of those spring florals drenched in sunlight.

Notes listed include deerstongue (an herb), blue lotus, elder, heliotropin (an organic compound), oud and iris butter. 99% natural

Victoria’s Final EauPINION Earthy, balsamic iris. It’s amazing. If you like your irises buttery, rooty and “dark”, this one is for you.

House of Matriarch Perfume

Being that these are natural, I found that projection for each of these are below average and that longevity is average (to above average) but wears very close to the skin.

Other info: Perfumer behind all three is Christi Meshell. 13% of the proceeds from the sale of this collection will be donated to the David Lynch Foundation (non-profit for Transcendental Meditation to help heal from trauma). Production is limited to 100 Trios and 100 bottles of each fragrance.

Wonderful & Strange Liquid Music Trio is a nice collectible for Twin Peaks fans and/or those that love natural perfumes.

Trio retails for $244 at House of Matriarch. Individual fragrances are $88.

¹They’re officially licensed.

*Disclaimer – Product provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product pics and Snoqualmie Falls are mine. Twin Peaks perfume counter/”Realization Time” episode pic from Red Room from Youtube.

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