House of Matriarch Carmine EDP Natural Perfume Review

House of Matriarch Carmine

Carmine is a broad: husky voice, ciggarette between the fingers, a glass of whiskey with red lipstick marks around the rim…this is Carmine.

In the opening of Carmine I get a boozy brandy mixed with the distinctive unique kewra (bitter, turpenious, piney). I use kewra water in cooking regulary and realized that I have never sniffed it in perfume until now. Carmine wears as a slightly smoky spice with a brandied davana. On warmer days, the champaca blossoms on my skin. On cooler days, it blooms but it takes longer. I get this heady white floral that sits on me like a vintage fur stole. It’s indolic and grand. The base of Carmine is very animalic reminding me of ambergris mixed with civet (hyraceum) and fermented tobacco leaves (I just made that up but that’s what I get).

Monique Van Vooren

Notes listed include hiba wood, kewra, tagetes, black pepper, michelia alba, champaca, davana, patchouli, vetiver, tonka, oakmoss, white copal, bruizinho, tobacco, chai masala, Africa stone, celestial amber, and African sandalwood. Launch date 2011. PERFUMER – Christi Meshell

Give Carmine a try if you like vintage-style florals or if you like perfumes like Aftelier Jasmine solid perfume, Givenchy Amarige, LUSH Lust, Caron Acaciosa, and/or Vero Profumo Onda EDP. I view Carmine as feminine but with the animalic notes I think more masculine types can pull it off.

Carmine has average projection and above average longevity. I’m surprised by how long it wears on the skin. It wears closely but for a long time. Carmine is an all-natural perfume but you do not need to be a fan of “naturals” to appreciate Carmine.

Carmine comes in a few sizes with prices ranging from $120-$390. The 1 oz EDP pictured above retails for $160 at House of Matriarch. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONAn animalic “cabaret” style white floral. It’s one to try if you like a little bit of funk in your florals. And I like some funk in my florals.

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*Sample provided by House of Matriarch. I am not finacially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Product pic from House of Matriarch. Monique Van Vooren pic from

4 thoughts on “House of Matriarch Carmine EDP Natural Perfume Review

  1. This perfume is mind. blowingly. good. !!!

    Love the way you personified it, Victoria. It is quite the boozy, heady number, isn’t it? 😀 Thank you for the link and kind words!

    1. Sometimes I want to be Carmine…

      The white florals in this were what hooked me. Forgot about the fragrance, got back from a walk and was surrounded by lush florals. My skin had warmed up. Carmine needs some heat. But someone like Carmine is always smoke’n.

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