Hourglass Cosmetics Film Noir Mascara Review

Hourglass Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara ReviewLately I’ve been wearing Hourglass Cosmetics Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara. Don’t you love the name? I like it. It’s a basic mascara that is buildable without clumping! Here’s my review:

The Formula: I like Film Noir mascara and not just for the name. Film Noir is a basic mascara that covers all of the bases: lengthening, darkening, and thickening. It is a bit of a “wet” formula. It isn’t dry or fibrous. Because it is wet, it is easy to build without making clumps. I haven’t had any issues with clumping or flaking while using this product. None. The color is Onyx, a neutral black with a teeny bit of blue in it. I usually like black/brown mascaras because they look more natural on me. Onyx isn’t too harsh. It dries to a soft and shiny finish. No brittle lashes! You can see my before and after below, no flash. I think the mascara does a good job of looking natural.

Hourglass Film Noir Mascara Review Before & After

The Packaging & Wand: The packaging is a winner. It’s heavy, metal and it feels expensive. I love the fonts and the names. The wand is exactly what you see above, a very understated hourglass with wider spaced bristles. These wider spaced brushes seem to work better with naturally thick lashes.

My only real complaint with this mascara is that it is jammed full with product. It gets those mascara gobs on the tip of the wand. I have to tissue these off so that I don’t make a mess of my lashes or the pretty Hourglass container. Wasting perfectly good product drives me nuts.

Who may like Film Noir? Give Film Noir a try if you are looking for a “basic” mascara meaning that you want something that does a little of everything. I call this an everyday mascara. It isn’t too dramatic. Give this a try if you like mascara that dries to a subtle sheen and leaves lashes soft. (Film Noir has lots of Panthenol). Film Noir is easy to remove and is washable. I think it works best for thick but short lashes. It does a really good job with separating on thick, short, light lashes like mine.

Who may not like Film Noir? This formula is not waterproof, so it will run. But, I haven’t had any issues but I don’t go swimming in this. I never go swimming…and I’m not watching or reading Where the Red Fern Grows while wearing this either! In my experience I have found that waterproof mascara holds curl better. The price is hefty. I know that it is difficult to pay almost $30 for something that you know you are going to through out in a few months. The packaging is heavy. I’m guessing that some people may dislike that. And only one shade is available at this time.

Overall, I like this one. I have no sensitivity to it and I’m a contact lenses wearer. I like this mascara better than many others in its price range from other department store brands like Lancôme or Givenchy. We all know what we’re willing to splurge on.

Hourglass Film Noir Mascara retails for $28. It is available at Sephora.

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Disclaimer- This product was provided by Hourglass. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Post also contains an affiliate link.

9 thoughts on “Hourglass Cosmetics Film Noir Mascara Review

  1. Gosh, I love the color. I haven’t tried any mascaras with a tinge (or more) of blue in it, but maybe it would work on me. The formulation sounds like a winner too. I found my holy grail mascara some months ago (Mally Volumizing Mascara) and it’s not easy to think about trying another since I have two back-up tubes at the moment, but I’m really tempted by this one. Especially because of the color.
    Carrie Meredith recently posted..Le Labo Cuir 28 Dubai city exclusive due out this month

    1. I really do like this stuff and I’m very picky. But, I’m picky because nature didn’t bless me. I have to work hard for clump-free full lashes.
      Hmm…wonder if I’d like the Mally? No need to switch when you’ve found what works for you!
      I usually use warm toned mascaras because my hair was dyed red and I think the warm tones made my blue eyes look brighter. I would go for blue blacks when I dyed my hair black. The color is a bit off in this pic but not with the mascara but with my complexion! I’m not that blue/light. I know people don’t believe me. Oh, well, maybe the PNW is turning me into a vampire.

      1. I’ve seen pics of you that have given me the impression that you’re a light to medium warm-toned complexion, and that’s how I always think of you. I think it’s easy to tell when it’s the light in the photos messing with your true complexion.

        I love the Mally because it’s buildable and the effect is shiny. It’s also a “wet” formulation, even though it’s made with a lot of rich powder pigments. If I curl my lashes, then put two coats on, I have an insane lash explosion that surprises me every time. I have naturally long and full lashes, so I can get the “fake lashes” look if I want to, but I love that it’s not the only look I can get with the Mally mascara, you can apply one coat and it looks a lot more natural.
        Carrie Meredith recently posted..Le Labo Cuir 28 Dubai city exclusive due out this month

        1. Light is so weird, especially on digital medias. I’ll never figure it out. It’s witchcraft!
          I need to look into this one. I like shiny, wet formulas. And I like versatility. I have really short lashes. Everyone in my family has insane Kardashian like lashes and then there’s my sparse, but thick lashes. So, I like a basic mascara because if I want false lashes look, then I have to wear false lashes!

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