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Homeless In Seattle

Well, I’ve been mega busy and really don’t know what I got myself into. I moved  and now have no place to live. OK, that might not be completely true, I am living in a hotel like in My Name Is Earl. I’m waiting to rent, they’re doing checks and stuff but until then I really don’t know what is going on. It is freak’n gorgeous here and it is very European in geography. I can’t compare the people to anyone because they are very Pacific Northwest-ish. They’re not trendsetters or at least not on purpose, they truly do not care. Coffee is very important but nothing, I repeat nothing beats Bongo Java of Nashville, TN. If I was to bring that stuff out here, I’d get everybody hooked. The coffee here is bitter and acidic; however, strong. It’s the kind of coffee that needs to be used with milk and mixed with stuff. The food is OK but is no Portland cuisine out here. Or at least I haven’t found it yet. I can’t wait to go mushroom hunting and I wished I packed some socks. It’s is abnormally cold out here which I think is a thousand times better than the 90 something heat I just left. I love the colors and flowers here and farmer’s markets. So far I’m pretty happy with the move and can’t believe that I did it. I drove through the country which is so totally bare. I can’t believe people in this country complain about overpopulation an immigrants, they have obviously not drove through 2000 miles of complete nothingness. This truly is a beautiful country and I didn’t realize it because I have been in the Southeast my whole life. I’ll post pics later.

Today I have nothing to do so I am going to go buy plaid flannel and hoodies because that is the only thing that makes sense here. Not all of the dresses and silk shirts and jeans that I packed. And can you wear coral lipstick out here?