L’Artisan Parfumeur Premier Figuier EDT Perfume Review

L'Artisan Premier Figuier

I have been in a “figgy” mood lately and have been on a search for the most perfect fig scents. Maybe I am a little homesick thinking of huge ripe green figs hitting the ground to land on the hot red Georgia soil. I am a fig nut. I love them. The thing I am finding out about fig fragrances are that they are more of a “fantasy” scent made by perfumers. Which is fine with me if it doesn’t smell just like a fresh fig. I find myself liking the idea of smelling like a fig and the aroma that perfumers have made based on the overall interpretation of fig.

Premier Figuier is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s like my homesickness, it is actually prettier than the fig itself. I miss the “idea” of the South, not actually the South. This fig is prettier than the fig tree. At first spray, it’s fresh, green and leafy. It’s the tree when there’s no fruity present. Then the fruit appears and ripen. The fruit is milky, almost like coconut meat. The middle notes wear like a harvest right before the “heavy” figs are ready to fall to the ground. It’s rich, milky and slightly fruity. The dry-down is woodsy and warm sandalwood and dried almonds.


Notes listed include fig leaf, fig and woods. Launched in 1994. PERFUMER – Olivia Giacobetti

Give Premier Figuier a try if you like fig fragrances. It’s sort of the grandmama of all fig scents. It’s what I’d call a “reference fig”.

Projection and longevity are below average. I actually prefer the Extrême over this formulation.

The 1.7 oz bottle of Premier Figuier retails for $95 at Beautyhabit and Sephora. 


*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from Fragrantica. Figs from Post contains affiliate links. Thanks!

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