Histoires de Parfums Blanc Violette EDP Perfume Review

Histoires de Parfums Blanc Violette EDP

Purple Flowers Week – 2012

Histoires de Parfums Blanc Violette is a powdery floral fragrance that is delicate and subtle. It’s a very much a fragrance inspired by vintage face powders.

Blanc Violet opens as  citrus with vodka. The type of vodka that has pencil lead nuances – iris. The violet appears and it’s a powdery, cosmetic violet. This violet isn’t candied or sweet. The scent is very muted and if it was a color, it’d be that dusty pale lilac-gray shade. It’s a muted fragrance but not heavy, it’s light and reminds me of complexion enhancing cosmetics. The florals are very soft in this, very delicate. The scent becomes powdery, once again in a cosmetic way. It reminds me of French face powder and soft powdery musks.

Olive Thomas boudoir

It is completely possible that I’m ansomic to this scent which would not be rare for a scent with violets and musks. I feel like I’m only picking up on 50% of the notes. I really do struggle to smell this.

Notes listed include violet, bergamot, iris, ylang-ylang, anise, sandalwood, vanilla, musk and rice powder.

Give Blanc Violette a try if you like powdery florals or perfumes like Chloé, Love Chloé, Byredo Blanche, L’Artisan Parfumeur Drôle de Rose, and/or Malle Lipstick Rose. I see Blanc Violette as a feminine fragrance and one to try if you like to smell like vintage cosmetics.

Since I may be ansomic to this scent, I find that projection and longevity are below average. Blanc Violette is a very soft and delicate scent. It wears like a powder.

Histoires de Parfums Blanc Violette comes in a few sizes with prices ranging from $36-$205. The perfume is available at Beautyhabit. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA rice powder violet with a powder puff. I feel I’m only picking up half of this fragrance. But, try if you want to smell like face powder.

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*Sample purchased by me. Product pic from Histoires de Parfums. Olive Thomas pic from Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

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