Histoires de Parfums 1969 EDP Perfume Review

Histoires de Parfums 1969

Histoires de Parfums 1969 is a perfume inspired by “an erotic year…this perfume represents the sexual revolution and evokes an intense sensuality, accentuated by white musk and intense chocolate.” Apparently, white musk and chocolate are emblems of sexual revolution…or something. With a name like 1969, I think we all expect patchouli, which are we given in this perfume. Other than patchouli, I have no other expectations for this perfume.

1969 opens with peach, so much peach. To me, it’s dried apricots and fresh peaches. Lactonic and “fleshy”. The rest is cedar + rose + clove. It’s slightly sweaty with sweetness and spice.The patchouli in this is subdued adding more of a coolness/sharpness. The florals in the heart are doughy. The chocolate on my skin is extremely subtle and is more like earthy, patchouli. 1969 dries down to a sweet, slightly fruity musk.

I don’t really think it represents sexual revolution or even sensuality, but I do like this sweaty, fruity patchouli. Sexual revolution? I don’t know. Nouveau-hippie, yes. It seems “almost” vintage because of the lactonic aldehydes (peach) and the earthy patchouli (further emphasized by chocolate).

Vogue 1969

Notes listed include fruit of the sun, peach, rose, white flowers, cardamom, clove, patchouli, chocolate, coffee and white musk. Launched in 2001. PERFUMER – Gerald Ghislain.

Give 1969 a try if you like fruitichoulis. Or Costume National Homme, Chanel Coco EDT, Burberry Woman, Lancôme Trésor and/or By Kilian Playing With the Devil. 1969 leans sweet but it is unisex.

Projection and longevity are average.

1969 is available in three sizes with prices ranging from $36-$205 at Beautyhabit. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA niche fruitichouli. Peaches and patchouli with spice. I like it but I feel like I have perfumes that already cover the spicy-lactonic-earthy base (such as Costume National Homme). Also, 1969 reminds me of a masculine Tresor.

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from HdP. Editorial image from a 1969 Vogue (perfect image IMO). Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Histoires de Parfums 1969 EDP Perfume Review

  1. I bought a purse spray (unsniffed) for $5 in that recent Urban Outfitters beauty sale. I like it too — it reminds me of Magical Moon but a better version.

    1. I refrained from the UO $5 sale because I *just* started a no-buy. Now I wish that I went for it anyway.

      OK, so the entire time wearing this, I liked it but it reminded me of something or someone, one of those weird experiences. It wasn’t “just like” another perfume but I remember feeling like it smelled very 2007 to me. You bringing up Magical Moon may be some of my “scent association”. I’m wondering if there was someone I hung around during that time that wore that. And I’m pretty sure I know it was – an acquaintance obsessed with Japan and healing crystals. Wouldn’t that person where something like Magical Moon?

  2. I don’t think this represents 1969 at all. It has nothing of the edginess and revolution of that year. But I really like it all the same. The chocolate note is a bit more prominent on my skin and is absolutely delicious!

    Thanks for linking to my post. I appreciate it!

    1. Taking on something with as big as 1969 is difficult…the brand did that too with Marquis de Sade as well. It’s going to let people down. Especially something like 1969, an era I wasn’t alive in so I can’t speak of what it was like but I think of first humans on the moon, Vietnam War and Stonewall Riots. It’s when a lot of those counter-cultural ideas hit the mainstream.

      Anyway, it’s a nice perfume for what it is and I do love patchouli 🙂

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