Histoire d’Eaux Maladie d’Amour EDP Perfume Review

Histoire d'Eaux Maladie d'Amour

Histoires d’Eaux is an Italian niche brand of perfumes (yep, the names are in French, but whatever). This brand is tied together as song lyrics from a fictional songwriter that lived in his prime over half a century ago. Maladie d’Amour is a song of “love sickness”. And I do hear it in my head as some poppy yet melancholic chason sung in Serge Gainsbourg’s voice.

Maladie d’Amour is a fruity cedar. It opens up with juicy stone fruits, coconut-y figs and a creamy ylang-ylang. Maladie d’Amour is mouth-watering juicy. It reminds me of ripe fruits in a cedar crate, a warm breeze wafts with subtle, sweet white florals. So many tropical scents aspire to smell like a resort or some invulnerable paradise, Maladie d’Amour isn’t like that. It’s like living and working in a tropical location – shopping at the open air markets right before the heavy rain falls. It’s more like living there instead of visiting. The heart is fruity with astringent red cedar. Maladie d’Amour dries down to soft, powdery woods.

Laya Raki

Notes include banana accord,Ā curry, cinnamon, carnation, red fruit, coconut milk, sandalwood and cedar. Launched in 2012. PERFUMER – Nicolas Bonneville

Give Maladie d’Amour a try if you like fruity scents. Or if you like perfumes like Humiecki & Graef Mulitple Rouge, Byredo Pulp, Keiko Mecheri Hanae and/or Patou Sira des Indes.Ā 

Maladie d’Amour is “breezy”. Projection and longevity are below average but for some reason I think that is intentional. Like quickly falling out of love as quickly as you fell into it.

The 3.4 oz perfume retails for $180 at Osswald.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONFruity cedar. Or as my husband said, “butch bubblegum”. Either works.

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5 thoughts on “Histoire d’Eaux Maladie d’Amour EDP Perfume Review

  1. here’s how you know a blog is good:

    the perfume sounds totally *blagh* but the review is so good, you will probably never get the perfume out of your head now, and you have never even been in a room with a bottle. šŸ™‚

    Serge Gainsbourg! wow. haven’t thought about him since my high school french teacher confiscated my GAINSBOURG EN DIRECT cassette tape because, “these songs are not educational tools.” what? no extra credit? i guess we’re never having the vocabulary for “Lemon Incest” on a quiz.

    i love you include them whole family in things… and your husband’s responses are educated and soooo not gilded. which cracks me up! “Butch bubblegum.” which will now make me stare at the selection of chewing gum in a whole new way. šŸ˜‰

    1. Well, thank you!

      What? Not educational tools? That’s how I got interested enough in taking French to begin with.

      He hugged me and said I smelled like “butch bubblegum” which does work in describing this scent.

  2. Bonjour,
    sorry to desappoint you but La Maladie d’Amour is by Michel Sardou and not by Serge Gainsbourg.
    Both are very famous french singers and Md’A is one of Sardou’s greatest hits.
    Their kinds are very different. They have both known scandals with their songs but not for the same reasons. Gainsbourg was more provocative about sexuality, against the institutions and the politicaly-correct , whereas Sardou is seen as a reactionary artist, very conservative.
    Regarding the name of the perfume, no French will ever says that. It means nothing in that way, while “Tu es tout autour de moi” means “You are all around me”. The name of the brand is directly inspired by Histoire d’O, a very famous erotic book in France.
    And I take the opportunity to say how much I like to follow you.

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