Hiram Green Moon Bloom Natural EDP Perfume Review

Hiram Green Moon Bloom

Moon Bloom is the first launch from perfumer Hiram Green. Hiram has a background in perfume but this is the first fragrance in his own line. Moon Bloom is a floral inspired by the love it or hate it note, tuberose.

Moon Bloom is a minty, green tuberose with a creamy banana ylang-ylang. It’s huge and luscious and dare I say glamorous! Indoles fall out of jasmine’s cleavage when she bends forward. Her glistening skin is subtly moisturized with coconut oil and this adds a warmth to the white florals. The florals become more “peachy” and lose some of their crisp greenness. Moon Bloom’s dry-down is acrid incense with “green” coconut.

Moon Bloom is glamorous and flawlessly put together. I realize that my description or even the note list may scare away some people that have white floral “issues”; however, please don’t let it. Moon Bloom is big but subtle. It’s one of the few tuberose perfumes that allows you to be the diva and doesn’t try to steal your spotlight. I really think this one will win over those timid of tuberose. And it will be loved by those that adore white florals. I can’t stop sniffing it when I wear it. It’s gorgeous and it makes me feel gorgeous.

Pola Negri

Notes listed include tuberose, jasmine, ylang ylang, coconut, leafy greens, spices and resins. Launch date 2013. PERFUMER – Hiram Green

Give Moon Bloom a try if you like white florals. Or if you like perfumes like April Aromatics Jasmina, By Kilian Beyond Love, Malle Carnal Flower, original Carolina Herrera and/or Annick Goutal Songes. Because this is a big ‘ole white floral many will perceive it as a feminine. I love when men where big ‘ole white florals so I consider this one unisex. Moon Bloom is natural but you do not have to be a fan of all-naturals to enjoy it.

Moon Bloom has average projection and longevity. In my opinion, it wears for much longer than other all-natural compositions. I get 6-8 hours. It does become more subtle after 2-3 hours but that’s fine with me.

Moon Bloom comes in two sizes with prices ranging from €25-€135 at Hiram Green. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONGorgeous, glamorous tuberose soliflore. I think Mr. Green just helped a lot of perfumistas find “their” tuberose. This is the easiest to wear straightforward tuberose soliflore that I’ve ever encountered. I’m very tempted by the travel spray.

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    1. Smooth is a great way to describe it. I find some tuberose “rigid” but this one is smoothed out by the coconut and green leaves.

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