High Voltage Cosmetics Eyeshadow Review & Swatches – Romantic Shimmer Shades

Recently I ordered a few High Voltage Cosmetics Eyeshadow samples. I can not resist a BOGO! Here I am reviewing and swatching 4 Shimmery Eyeshadows in what I’m calling “romantic shimmer” shades. These colors are soft and pretty. Of course, they can be paired with bold colors for an edgier look,  but I wanted to put these all together because they are just pretty, so romantic and candlelit to me.

Swatches of 4 High Voltage Eyeshadows

All colors are swatched sans a primer. They are bit washed out because I have to use a flash since I live in the Artic Circle with no sunshine…ever. I also did not use primer in the looks below.

1. Shimmery Eyeshadow in Big Break – This is a lovely shade. It’s a dusty mauve with tons of gold shimmer. So, it’s a warm purple-ish mauve. Think of a mauve glimmering in candlelight. I’m starting to think this is one of my new favorite colors. It’s tame enough for work and goes with everything. But, there is something sexy about it. I wish the gold shimmer showed up more in the swatch, see look below. This is a must have shade for light to medium warm complexions.

2. Shimmery Eyeshadow in Born to Rock –  This is a purple-ish shade with lots of blue in it. It has tons of aqua shimmer. This color can be played up, layered for a neat duochrome look. The aqua shimmer really adds a certain something. I love this color with blue eyes because of the aqua shimmer.

3. Shimmery Eyeshadow in Little Miss Perfect – A coneflower blue with tons of  gold shimmer. This color has nice pigment. A must have for gal with warm skin tones and blue eyes.

4. Shimmery Eyeshadow in New Skool – This shade is in The Inked Collection. This color is awesome. It’s a minty seafoam with tons of rose gold sparkle. The shimmer in this one is more prominent, not as finely milled as the other shades featured. Wear a good primer with this one to avoid glittery fall out. This color is light too so I recommend it for lighter complexions.

High Voltage Cosmetics Eyeshadow Look

This is my “day” look using the colors swatched above. I really liked how this look turned out on me. I think it is soft and romantic and something I’ll be doing more often. With this look I am wearing Big Break from lash line to crease, patted on with a brush. I think this picture really shows the gold shimmer in Big Break. In the crease, I blended Born to Rock. I purposely blended it down, meaning that I swiped instead of patted to subdue the shimmer for this look. I sort of wished I didn’t do that, but oh, well. I lined the bottom lash line with Big Break and a teeny bit of New Skool in the inner corner to add shimmer. Under the brows, I used Too Faced Eye Shadow in Champagne Sparkle. I’m sure High Voltage has a similiar light champagne highlighter. I just don’t have it. I lined the top lash line with MAC Fluidline in Macroviolet. I curled lashes and applied a coat of Hard Candy Ginormous Mascara to tops and bottom lashes. And in case  you wanted to know: blush is Lancôme Blush Subtil in Miel Glacé. Lips are lined with NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Nude Pink, MAC Lipstick in Snob, DiorKiss Luscious Lip Gloss in Lime Glacé.

High Voltage Cosmetics Eyeshadow Look

This look is bolder. It’s prettier than the pics which makes these colors look ashy and they aren’t. I hate flash! The duochrome of the shades is not easy to photograph. High Voltage’s website does a good job with that. I patted on New Skool with a brush from inner corner of the lid and stopped half way. In the outer corner of the lid, I patted on Little Miss Perfect. In the inner corner of the lid, I blended Born to Rock. Look at how shiny the middle, New Skool, looks! I lined the bottom lash line with New Skool (inner) and Little Miss Perfect (outer). Under the brows I blended the lightest shade from Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette in Lust. I lined top and bottom lashes with Wet n Wild Mega Chrome Eyeliner in Antique Amethyst. I curled lashes and applied Maybelline XXL Lash Extension Mascara to top and bottom lashes. And in case you wanted to know: blush is Lancôme Blush Subtil in Miel Glacé. Lips are lined with Jordana Lip Pencil in Currant, lipstick is Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Sweet Grape.

I like all of these colors but I know for certain that I want a full-size of Big Break. It looks so good with pink lipstick and I’m sure a tan. I have many other samples to show you, these are just a few. I thought all of the colors were easy to work with and with the exception of New Skool, which is supposed to be glittery, all of the shimmer is finely milled. New Skool isn’t bad, I’m just bad with “glittery” formulas. Pat. Don’t swipe! I always have to remind myself that.

High Voltage Shimmery Eyeshadows come in full-size and samples. Full-sizes retail for $4.50 but special collection shadows are a little more. Samples come in those little baggies that mineral makeup lines often use and retail for $1.00. Shipping is very affordable. They are available at High Voltage Cosmetics, an indie makeup line with a rockstar edge.

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    1. Thanks 🙂
      I have a thing for blushes. That’s my weakness. Mineral, pressed, cream. Blush is my “thing”.
      You should try Big Break. It’s purple/pink but with tons of gold shimmer. I bet it would work with your eye color.

  1. That reminds me, I still haven’t played with my elf haul yet. Everything was so cheap, I won’t feel bad if a bunch of it doesn’t work. Buying that stuff made me feel better after I figured out that there was no way I could pick up the Clarins Barocco stuff.
    Carrie Meredith recently posted..Dior Gold Revolution Vernis

    1. I still haven’t received my elf haul! Just got confirmation today that it was shipped. I ordered it 2 weeks ago!

      1. Jeezus! That stinks. I got mine about 3 or 4 days after I ordered it. I think they probably got really jammed up with that sale and things must have fallen through the cracks, because they did send me the wrong color in one thing. I emailed them and they sent out the correct product immediately.
        Carrie Meredith recently posted..Dior Gold Revolution Vernis

        1. It’s kind of nice to know that you didn’t have that experience. I was starting to think that they might have sucky customer service. I haven’t complained because I thought it was the PO, being slow. But, I received that confirmation today and was surprised. Now I get to deal with my PO being slow!

    1. I’m going through a rose/mauve phase right now, especially metallics. They are much more flattering to my skintone than shades like silver or gold.

    1. Thanks! I love to look at other’s swatches but it all doesn’t really “mean” anything if they aren’t easy to use. The final product is important.

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