Hermes Kelly Caleche Perfume Review

Hermes Kelly CalecheMainstream (MONDAY): Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Hermès Kelly Calèche EDP is a vibrant  floral leather perfume. It’s a surprisingly complicated fragrance with crisp citrus, powdery florals, and luxurious leathers. This fragrance isn’t as strange as it may sound. It really is a lovely floral that smells like a woman’s perfume. But, this isn’t a dull floral either. This has been one of my favorite floral fragrances launches in a few years. It would make sense that I like Kelly Calèche because it is a powdery rose fragrance with a little bit of leather. Do keep in mind I’m reviewing the Eau de Parfum here. There is a lighter, crisper EDT on the market and a rich pure parfum (that I’ve never tried).

It has been quite sometime since I have worn Kelly Calèche in the EDT form. So, I apologize I can’t make any direct comments between the two. Kelly Calèche EDP does have a tart opening in my opinion. I know it isn’t a listed note, but I do get grapefruit, a bubbly and effervescent “pink” blend of bergamot, grapefruit, and orange. There’s a bit of a cool aquatic touch in this effervescent stage that I often sniff in the initial stages of Hermès Un Jardin Collections. My skin tends to devour citrus and this citrus top doesn’t last very long. I then get green and watery rose. This is a fresh floral blend that is a change from my usual “dry” rose perfumes. The florals here are not understated in the EDP concentration. These florals were on me the longest. The fresh green rose begins to change after an hour+ of wear. The fragrance begins to wear as a soft powdery floral heavy on rose and something like a Florentine iris. I assume the powderiness is the leather notes. This powderiness isn’t your typical women’s perfume powdery note. It is almost skin like and like a musk. The leather notes are very understated and I think it takes a “trained” nose to pick up on them. This fragrance is often referred to “the beginner’s leather fragrance”. I don’t even see it as a “beginner’s leather” because the leather is so understated that I don’t see a person who loves this going on and experimenting with the “advanced leather fragrances”. The leather in this wears like a powdery vanilla musk or like a gentle caress of suede. I actually see Kelly Calèche EDP as a “beginner’s rose fragrance”. Overall, it’s like a really pretty lady wearing a rose fragrance carrying a nice leather purse or wearing nice leather gloves. Hmm…Grace Kelly carrying a Calèche bag? Is any fragrance actually that elegant?

Grace Kelly Hermes Kelly Caleche EDP Review
A fragrance has elegant as Grace Kelly?

I really like the EDP version. It’s very feminine. It’s smells “pink” but not girly. The top notes which reminds me of Dior Addict 2 EDT make this a bit more relaxed and “pink”. I like this because the top was the only thing I really liked about Dior Addict 2. I really like rose fragrances and soft, powdery scents. I can see Kelly Calèche appealing to a broad audience and many ages. I really do need to give the EDT a try. The reviews make it sound wonderful because it seems greener, fresher. The floral notes are supposed to be stronger in the EDP. I do see the EDP as a rich floral. Like I said this wears like a rose, violet, iris fragrance on me for a long time. I don’t think of Kelly Calèche as a mind-blowing perfume and I think the notes listed sound more exciting and risqué than the actual perfume, but I do like it. It is a classy, attractive fragrance.

Notes listed include rose, violet, lambskin, Barenia calf leather, and vanilla.

Give Hermes Kelly Caleche EDP a try if you are looking for a rose fragrance or if you like fragrances like L’Artisan Parfumeur Drôle de Rose, D&G 18 La Lune, Dior Addict 2, Creeed Fleurissimo and/or YSL Paris EDP.

The 1.6 oz bottle retails for $120 at Nordstrom and Sephora. It can occasionally be found at discounters like

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  1. This smells beautiful! It is such a ladylike scent. It’s one of my “grown-up” florals but I still feel like I can wear it at any occasion, with jeans or with a cocktail dress.

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