Hermès Hermèssence Ambre Narguile EDP Perfume Review

Hermes Ambre Narguile

Hermès Hermèssence Ambre Narguile is Ellena’s interpretation of a hookah lounge. It’s meant to be a spicy, fruity tobacco. And it is. But, what I get isn’t hookah. I get all of the best aromas of winter.

Gingerbread. And hot apple cider. Ambre Narguile is a warm blend of cinnamon, clove, allspice, honey, lemon and ginger. There’s a fruity apple tobacco. The dry-down is a warm, honeyed amber with a faint traces of that apple tobacco.

Ambre Narguile is all of those comfort cozy scents that I associate with winter. It’s warm liquids, delicious baked goods and a subtle backdrop of a wood-burning fireplace. It’s how I wish my home would smell after spending some time out in the cold. It’s cozy and warm.

Grace Bradley

Notes listed include honey, amber, ginger, and blonde tobacco. Launched 2004. PERFUMER – Jean-Claude Ellena

Give Ambre Narguile a try if you like honeyed, spicy fragrances. Or if you like perfumes like Bois 1920 Sushi Imperiale, Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles, DSH Perfumes Gingembre and/or Serge Lutens 5 O’Clock Au Gingembre. Ambre Narguile is unisex. I do prefer it for autumn/winter wear.

People tend to complain about the longevity of the Hermèssence perfumes. I have had no “issues” with Ambre Narguilé. Projection and longevity are average (which I guess is above average for Hermèssence).

Ambre Narguilé comes in two rather large sizes (3.3 & 6.7 oz) with prices ranging from $240-$380 at Hermès.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONGingerbread and hot apple cider. I really like this one but I find myself only wanting to smell like this a few times out of the year. And I feel like when I do want to smell like this, I just wish I were drinking apple cider instead. And that’s cheaper.

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from Hermes. Grace Bradley pic from

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  1. I love honeyed, cozy fragrances, so wonderful around this time. Ambre Narguile somehow reminds me a bit of Ginestet Botrytis, maybe because of the honeyed spiced fruit. Beautiful

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