Heidi Klum Surprise EDT Perfume Review

Heidi Klum Surprise

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Here’s the newest offering from Heidi Klum. It’s called Surprise and I can’t help but giggle inside every time I read it or say it. It’s so campy. I say it my head just like “Pickle Surprise!”, an obscure reference but you can watch below if you want to pollute your brain with awesomeness. Even if you didn’t have Tom Rubnitz in your head, I think you can still see the camp. I have quite a few vintage cookbooks because I’m obsessed with Jell-O molds. Don’t laugh. Don’t ask. Anyway, all of my wonderful 1950’s cookbooks have boring ‘ole things that are jazzed up with their name “Ham Glamour”, “Rainbow Angels” and “Cherry Surprise”. I can’t help but laugh at the name – Heidi Klum Surprise

Only the name is campy. The perfume itself and its bottle are rather orderly. Surprise opens a peachy pink pepper over delicate rose. It then mellows into a citrus rose (which reminds me of the opening of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb). It reminds me both of Creed Spring Flower (peach floral) and Balenciaga Florabontica (peppery rose). Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately depending on who you ask, this fruity rose fades. And I’m left with something that reminds me of the sweetness of Prada Candy mixed with that powdery musk in the base of Heidi Klum Shine. So the base is a sweeter vanilla musk. And I swear I get vetiver and a hint of benzoin.

Here’s the deal, if this perfume had a bigger budget, it would smell rather niche. It’s a celeb fragrance and comes with a celeb-o-scent price tag. I’m fine with that because it’s affordable and smells fine. It doesn’t smell expensive because it isn’t expensive. There are plenty of designer perfumes that smell less expensive than Surprise. What I’m trying to say is that this perfume could have been much worse but it’s not. Saying that I think it may not do so well in the celeb fragrance market because I have a sneaking suspicion that those that buy celeb scents probably thinks rose smells “like old ladies”. Those that like rose aren’t buying celebrity scents. Oddly, I really do see Heidi Klum wearing this. Why? Because it’s almost tasteful, it’s attractive but it could come across as cheap. I mean have you seen how Heidi alters gorgeous runway dresses?

Notes listed include mandarin, pink pepper, magnolia, rose, sandalwood and vanilla. Launch date 2013.

Give Surprise a try if you like rose fragrances. Or if you like Creed Spring Flower, Balenciaga Florabotanica, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, Versace Bright Crystal and/or Armani Mania for Women. It’s a feminine fragrance to me.

Projection and longevity are average.

Surprise retails for $28 and is available at drugstores and big box shops.

Now let me contaminate your mind…but you’re reading EauMG so your mind is already contaminated.


Victoria’s Final EauPINIONSpicy rose that turns into a creamy rose. Surprisingly it’s much better than it could be which I think will leave it in limbo. It won’t attract the celebrity perfume buyer  because it seems more mature; however at the same time it won’t be up to the standards of the perfumista. Surprise!

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