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Heidi Klum Shine EDT Fragrance Video Review

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Perfume

This month Heidi Klum launches her “first” perfume, Shine. I put that in quotations because I hear that she has launched perfumes in other countries before. This is her first big American launch. Watch the video review above for some of my favorite Heidisms. She is an entertaining gal. I do think she’s funny. Unlike other supermodels, we have gotten to “know” Heidi throughout the years from Project Runway. She says funny things. Are they intentionally funny? I don’t know. But, I really do like  her.

Heidi Klum Shine Ad

Shine opens up strongly with citrus and a distinct pear (that I actually like). Then Shine gets all fuzzy, reminding me of peaches and a powdery violet. It reminds me of a spray of Halle Berry Reveal mixed with Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers. And yeah, it’s a little disjointed like that. I know that perfumers have been creating mimosa accords for years and it should be easy to do. But, this “mimosa” is a little jagged – melon, cucumber, violet, powder, almond. Is it supposed to be that way? Maybe. I just know it confuses me and my senses. Give it about 10 more minutes and it becomes a tonka heavy coumarin powder with a toasted vanilla and a heavy dose of a powdery musk. The base reminds me very much of vanilla scented talcum powder. The top and mid-notes burned off very quickly. And most of the wear you’ll be left with “warm powder”. This is the Cosmone musk, a musk that was created to be warm and powdery and clean.

For an EDT, Shine is super long wearing. It stayed on me for over 8 hours. 99% of the wear was that warm, powdery musk, but it did wear that long. I think of this as more of an EDP because of its lasting power.

Notes listed include mandarin, pear, pink pepper, mimosa, lily of the valley, sunflower, vanilla, Venezuelan tonka and Cosmone musk. PERFUMERS – Aurélien Guichard, Jean Guichard, and Olivier Pescheux.

Give Shine a try if you like powdery fragrances or perfumes like Halle Berry Reveal, Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy, Avon Odyssey, Jessica Simpson I Fancy You and/or Burberry Brit Sheer. This fragrance is for those that like warm and powdery, slightly “gilded” scents. I do think of this as a feminine perfume.

Heidi Klum Shine is available at drugstores like Rite Aid. The price point is very low with 1/2 sprays going for $17 and oz for $28.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA warm powdery floral. Not horrible but not great. I think of it as a fragrance for those that want to smell good but don’t really care too much about perfume. However, the price point is great. There are perfumes very much like that retail for over $50 at department stores. And rumor has it that there is already a Shine flanker in the making…

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*Product was provided by Rite Aid PR. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

13 thoughts on “Heidi Klum Shine EDT Fragrance Video Review

  1. I really enjoy your written and audio reviews, your personality shine’s through. However, regarding this perfume, I have so many on my list it may be sometime before I try this, maybe when I am in the Department store next.

    1. I told you. It’s there! My husband is always teasing me for the countriness, but he said “those roses are really pank” the other day. He will never, ever live down the “pank”.

  2. I smelled this while waiting for a prescription. I found it terrible! I can see why someone may like it. But, it was really disjointed to my nose. And you mentioned that in your review…nicely.

  3. I bought this for less than $20 at the drugstore. It’s not bad for the price. It’s really long-wearing like you said.

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