HEELEY L’Amandière Parfum Extrait Perfume Review

HEELEY L'Amandiere Perfume

Purple Flowers Week 2014

HEELEY L’Amandière is described as “Extrait de Spring” – “green almond trees in blossom, bluebells, hyacinths, spring flowers, rose, green grass and tilia“. It pretty much describes the environment that I wish I were in right now.

L’Amandière is a light, sheer fragrance. It opens with an almost “green” heliotrope and iced linden blossom water. It’s delicate. It’s spring greens peeking out of cool earth and fruit trees covered in a “snowstorm of petals”. The almond is “floral marzipan”. There’s indolic, dewy hyacinths and a patch of violets covered in melting frost. It’s a cool, crisp and green almond-floral. It’s an “environmental” fragrance for me. It reminds me of a puppy love date that I had many, many, many springs ago. The dry-down is like the heart except with an addition of a light, airy musk.

As far as “purple flowers” go, L’Amandiere has these but it’s a green floral. It’s bitter, dewy and fresh. It really is like “extrait de spring”.

Mia Farrow

Notes listed include green almond, jasmine, rose and tilia (linden blossom). Launched 2012.

Give L’Amandiere a try if you like sheer green florals. Or if you like perfumes like Provence Santé Tilleul, April Aromatics Unter de Linden, Guerlain Apres L’Ondee, Malle En Passant and/or Les Nez The Unicorn Spell.

For an extrait, I’m not impressed with projection or longevity. I think projection is average and longevity is below average. I’m also guilty of really spraying this stuff. I would go through a 1.7 oz bottle so quickly…and have you seen the price of this stuff? Um, I couldn’t keep doing that.

A 1.7 oz bottle retails for $210 at MiN NY. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONCrisp, early spring day – a delicate green floral. I tend to wear these sort of “cool, green florals”. They’re “my thing”. However, the price deters me with this one. Now if somebody wants to give me this as a gift, I’m cool with that. It’s just hard for me to drop this much on something that is like other perfumes that I own. Or this is what I’m telling myself right now.

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