Heeley Iris de Nuit EDP Perfume Review

Heeley Iris de Nuit

HEELEY Iris de Nuit has adcopy that says it’s an iris fragrance inspired by the iris root and not the flower. How novel! (Can you sense my sarcasm?) I won’t let this copy get in my way. Here we go…

Iris de Nuit is a soft, suede-like iris and violet. (I use suede-like as a texture, not as an aroma). It reminds me of violet candies with ambrette. So, it smells like violet candies and Musk Lifesavers. The fragrance is a  musky, violet-iris. The dry-down has a lot of “modern” cedar and the softness of ambrette. It’s soft, warm and musky (not the usual adjectives I use to describe iris perfumes). Honestly, it wears like this (soft and musky) with lots of clean powder on me for most of the wear. It’s like iris “fresh out of the dryer” on me.

Iris de Nuit is a pleasant fragrance. I like how it smells and it does last on my skin. However, I feel it lacks direction or a concept. What makes this more special than other “modern” iris perfumes? I don’t know. It has a soft muskiness? And at this price, you better “wow” me. Or at least smell really good and throw in a foot massage.

Atget iris

Notes listed include white cedar, grey amber, iris, angelica seeds, and ambrette.

Give Iris de Nuit a try if you like iris perfumes. Or if you are looking for a more modern take on iris. Or if you like perfumes like Odin Petrana, Jo Malone London Iris & White Musk, Prada Infusion d’Iris EDP, Chloé Love Chloé and/or HEELEY Hippie Rose (I swear these have the same musk in them). Iris de Nuit is unisex. It has “nuit” in the name, but I think this is an excellent “day” fragrance since it is soft and unobtrusive.

I find projection to be below average and longevity to be average.

The 3.4 oz bottle of Iris de Nuit retails for $180 at MiN NY.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONMusky iris that is “fresh out of the dryer.” Pleasant but nothing that will get me to part with my money. But, I do recommend that you try if you find most iris scents too cold or metallic for your tastes.

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*Sample provided by MiN NY. Product pic from MiN NY. Iris photo from Atget at MoMA.

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