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Haus of Gloi Bubbling Scrub Reviews

Haus of Gloi is an Oregon-based vegan bath and body line. If you want to explore the world of indie bath products, I suggest you start with Haus of Gloi. I love the formulas and there is a wide variety of scents.

I’m reviewing a few of the Bubbling Scrubs that I’ve tried. These are sugar scrubs in a rich, moisturizing shea butter base. The cool thing about these scrubs is that they have a “light” lather. I don’t really use these as a scrub but more as a soap with some light exfoiliation.

Haus of Gloi Haus Amber

Haus Amber with notes of hand-blended amber accord.

This is a great amber. As far as ambers go, it leans sweeter and creamier. I will repurchase this and other items with this scent.

Rose City with notes of red roses and aged patchouli. 

I wanted the large one of this but only a sample size was available when I ordered. I knew that I would love it because it’s rose and patchouli and that’s impossible to f up. This is exactly what I wanted it to be – a dirty rose. It’s a jammy rose with an earthy, “wet” patchouli that reminds me of L’Artisan Parfumeur Voleur de Roses. It’s a patch-rose that leans more patchouli than rose.

*I also bought the Hair Oil in this scent and I’m so happy that I did. The oil is awesome and leaves my hair smelling like perfume. My next order will contain everything Rose City. ALL THE ROSE CITY.

Haus of Gloi Peach Mama

Peach Mama with notes of peach nectar, frankincense, styrax, copaiba balsam, labdanum, cassia and black patchouli. 

I wasn’t going to buy this one because I feared it would be peach schnapps. But, I was intrigued by the resins so I threw a sample size into the cart. I’m very happy that I bought this one as it is one of my favorites. It’s like if a peach started practicing magik. It’s peach and incense resins. I will repurchase this one and probably buy other items in this scent.

*I want the Hair Oil in this too.

Insalata Nocturna with notes of green Bolivian lemon, rubbed tomato leaf, olive leaf, black fig syrup and basil.

I knew this one would be my biggest “gamble” unsniffed. I usually don’t like citrus but I love fig. Well, it’s my least favorite from those that I ordered but like I said, it was a gamble. It’s a sweet yet tart lemon with basil. I’d rather have it muddled into some gin 😉 Overall, it’s a tart citrus fragrance with some greenness. It’s not bad at all; it’s just not “me”.

The next one is a seasonal scent but I bought it and thought I’d mentioned it in case it comes back. This brand is all about the limited edition seasonal exclusives.

Risque with notes of leather whip, red musk, roses and agarwood attar. 

It just smells like black leather with some headshop-ish musk oil. I bought a full-size of it but I’m not crazy about the scent. I mean, I sort of like it but I don’t like it as a “cleansing” scent. It would be better as perfume oil. So, really I’m on the fence with this one. I don’t like it as a soap but I like the scent as a perfume (if that makes sense).

Overall, I love the bubbling scrubs. The formulas are awesome. Ordering online, there is always a gamble with scents. Most of these I really liked. And the ones I disliked were not horrible. They just weren’t for me but they were still pleasant and I can sense they have their market.

The Bubbling Scrubs come in 2 oz minis and full-sizes are in 6 oz jars. Prices range from $3.50-$8 at Haus of Gloi. Oh, and the Hair Oils are a steal at $12. A bottle will last a very long time and you can also use the oil as a body moisturizer.

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*Products purchased by me. Pics from Haus of Gloi.

19 thoughts on “Haus of Gloi Bubbling Scrub Reviews

  1. I own several perfume samples from Haus of Gloi from the 2012 Yule line and I enjoy them quite a bit, but I haven’t yet tried any of their bath products. The bubbling scrubs sound amazing. My super greasy hair probably wouldn’t thank me for the hair oil, but I’m tempted to buy some anyway and keep around for oiling up my skin. 😉

    1. I want to try more of their seasonals, especially the fall stuff 🙂

      I love the texture of this bath stuff and everyone says the pumpkin butters are amazing. Yeah, use the oil as a body, cuticle, whatever oil. It’s a great formula and I honestly think you could use it as a light perfume too if you just want to put it on your wrists.

      1. My favorite of the winter seasonals I have is “Boreal,” which has lily, eucalyptus, petitgrain, champa, grapefruit, and rosemary. I’m impressed that a perfume with no pine, fir, spruce, or juniper still manages to smell just like a snow-covered evergreen forest!

        1. That sounds really good.

          I’ve always wondered why I haven’t seen grapefruit and rosemary together more frequently. I feel like their perfect for each other.

  2. I like Haus of Gloi, also. My favoirtes so far are the Haus amber and Honeysuckle and lemon curd. I’ve tried the scrubs and pumpkin butters. I’ve also tried Absinthe, very, very green: Depravity very rummy and Moon Dog a sorta beachy maybe coconut. MoonDog is my least favorite so far. Good stuff from these guys.

    1. I want to try other scents but it’s always iffy with scents when you buy online. Luckily, there are some reviews online and that does help.

      I think I have a sample of that Honeysuckle in a perfume oil, now to find it…in the summer I like the sounds of Absinthe. I want to try a few pumpkin butters too, especially in the amber and rose.

    1. I’m on a no-buy because I need to use up the stuff I have but as soon as this no-buy is over, I’m making an order. I’m only using stuff up so I can buy more HoG 😉

  3. Rose City is the scent I’ve been lemming too- however cliche- I love rose and patchouli together…I’ve never tried Haus of Gloi products though I have been browsing their website.Which are your fave products from them? My favorite scrubs are the Villainess ones and I used to love the Mad City Sue scrubs (on etsy).

    1. I don’t care if it is cliche, it’s a combo that I’ll never grow tired of. I love a “dirty rose”. I really like these scrubs and the hair oil but I need to try the Pumpkin Butters.

      I would compare the brand to Villainess (which I also love).

      1. oh yes- i am a sucker for a dirty rose too..the pumpkin butter was the product I was contemplating buying, though after your review I’m tempted by the hair oil..:)

  4. hats off to indie industries!

    rose and patchouli are made to go together. nothing deepens, ‘dirties’ and adds dimension to a rose like patchouli.

    patchouli gets a very bad rep, and is often so used so heavy handedly or too soon. an aged patchouli is a happy patchouli.

    i would probably end up adding more rose to most rose/patch combos, but i’m a bit embarrassingly rose desperate.

    anyway, a cleansing product geared toward layering perfume is always welcome! the amber sounds like a good foundation for a variety of perfume products.

    thanks for pointing out another PNW small biz!

    1. I would say my 2 favorite “consistent” notes are rose and patchouli. I can’t get enough of either. I’ve always loved them.

      Amber is going to go with pretty much everything. Rose City adds a nice “dirtiness” to many scents too which some florals need.

      I realized this past week I’ve featured quite a few Oregonians. 🙂

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