Harvey Prince Eau de Crème EDP Perfume Review

Harvey Prince eau de Creme

Harvey Prince Eau de Crème is an ice cream inspired perfume. Guess what? Research concludes that humans like ice cream because ice cream is good. Read the adcopy on Harvey Prince’s website for more info about how humans love ice cream.

Eau de Crème is a gourmand and that’s what I expect from a perfume inspired by sweet treats. It opens with pineapple and passion fruit “sorbet” (more like fruit punch) over patchouli bread pudding. As you can imagine, this is a polarizing perfume. It’s unapologetically sweet. Eau de Crème reminds me of a mix of a fruity limited edition Escada perfume inspired by raves in Ibiza and Mugler Angel. The dry-down is a waxy vanilla and white chocolate.

Does Eau de Crème smell like ice cream? No. But, it does smell sweet, really, really sweet.

Hedy Lamarr


Notes listed include citrus, passion fruit, rum raisin, patchouli, vanilla and chocolate. Launch date 2011.

Give Eau de Crème a try if you like gourmand perfumes or if you like perfumes like Mugler Angel EDT, Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria, Escada Island Kiss, Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck, and/or Betsey Johnson Too Too. Like I said before, this is a literal gourmand. If you like sweet in the way that Escada does sweet or how Angel is sweet, then you may like this one. If the thought of fruit punch, chocolate syrup and patchouli makes you sick, stay away. I warned you.

Projection is average. It reminds me of Angel but doesn’t have that Angel sillage. Longevity is above average but I’ve noticed that sweet stuff really “sticks” to my skin.

Eau de Crème is available at Harvey Prince with prices ranging from $21-$55.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONMugler Angel with fruit punch. You can decide if you like the thought of that or not. Eau de Crème is not for me; however, I know some teenage girls that want to wear this.

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