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Happy New Year’s Eve! Aura Bubbly Candle Review

Aura Candles Bubbly

I hope you all are having a safe and fun New Year’s Eve! I’m boring and staying in for my own pani puri party, champagne and 1940’s comedies. My candle of the evening is perfect. It’s Aura Bubbly.

Bubbly smells like bubbly. It’s dry,tart and slightly fruity sweet like wine grapes and freshly sliced apples. As the candle burns, it keeps that dry champagne and table grape aroma but also gains a warm, fresh “out of the dryer” towel scent because it is warm and crisp. In my opinion, this is the best “champagne” home fragrance on the market and it can’t be beat. It really does smell like iced white wine but without making your home smell well, drunk. The warm, crispness makes it a great scent for the home. This candle isn’t just for special occasions. I enjoy burning it even when it’s not New Year’s Eve. My guests always compliment on the great scent of this candle.

Bonnard Champagne

I really love how Aura candles throw. These babies will really scent up your home. After 5 minutes of burning, you can really start to smell them. They burn slowly and evenly, no tunneling. The packaging is simple but really nice. I always keep these hand-poured candles in the cute box when I’m not burning them.

Notes listed include champagne, pinot noir, chardonnay, and rock sugar.

I recommend this candle scent for those that are fans of champagne, sparkling white wine and white wine. It’s quality and price point make it an awesome hostess gift or a gift that says “congratulations” or “celebrate” without giving a bottle of actual bubbly. And I recommend it for anyone that likes dry, fruity fragrances.

Aura Candles retail for $24 and are available at Candles Off Main and Aura Candles. This candle is estimated to burn for 70 hours.

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*Candle purchased by me. Product pic from Candles Off Main. Bonnard illustration from 1891 from MOMA.

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s Eve! Aura Bubbly Candle Review

  1. We’re enjoying Aura Bubbly this New Years Eve too! It is a great champagne candle and it layers really well with so many other fragrances like Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry, Lafco Berry, anything fig… You name it! I love the way Aura burns, too – super clean, easy and completely.

    1. Oh, haven’t thought about layering it with something fruity. I did mix it with a few evergreen scents and that was nice. The champagne seemed to “amp” up the citrus in the evergreen scents. Now I want to try it with the Le Labo Fig!

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