Happy Halloween from EauMG!

Halloween Bessie Love
Miss Bessie Love

Happy Halloween! I hope you have a great Halloween filled with sweets and fun.

I’m finding that adult Halloween is boring for me. Many people are surprised that I’m not more of a Halloween person being that I like macabre, horror movies, and dressing up. Don’t they get it? This is what I like all year. Why would this day be any more special? Instead, I get trick or treaters until midnight and I have to be at work the next day. Halloween is a huge event in my neighborhood and it’s exhausting. Last year (our 1st Halloween as home owners), we went through $30 of candy in 30 minutes! I stopped counting kids after I reached the number 500. I’ve learned a few things last Halloween:

  • Don’t wear leather leggings and all black. Everyone will think it’s your costume.
  • Frink the Frug is terrified of masks and skulls. I think he recognizes symbolism and I should send him to college for gender studies or literature. He’ll be the first pug mix with a B.A.
  • Adults trick or treat. Seriously, your neonate can’t eat Tootsie Rolls! Don’t even think you’re being smooth about it. I know that all that candy is for.
  • Kids will refuse Lemon Heads. I don’t blame them. They’re gross.
  • If you play Bauhaus loudly on the record player then kids will think the house you are renovating is a haunted house, the plastic draped everywhere adds to this creepy effect. If you play1940’s Burl Ives 78s on the Victrola, they’ll run away screaming. Kids these days…
  • No one cares about what fragrance you’re wearing. But, if your like me, you’ll fret over your Halloween fragrance.

So, what is your Halloween fragrance? I still haven’t decided what to wear. I need something to counteract sweetness and that can mix well with smoke from neighborhood fire pits. Maybe Etro Messe de Minuit, one of the Smell Bent Halloween fragrances, Serge Noire, Le Sireneuse Bois d’Ombrie? My husband says if I really want to scare people away or go for the haunted house thing then I should sprinkle the mums with Estee Lauder Youth Dew or Clinique Elixir! Oh, but I actually love Clinique Elixir. Perhaps that is what I’ll wear tonight. What about  you?

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween from EauMG!

  1. Frink the Frug might also want to consider Semiotics…with education AND instinct, your little frug could really go places!

    We live on a dark highway, so no trick or treaters here. I think I’ll lay off the scary stuff tonight, even though it is Halloween. I’m still terrified from watching Zodiac the other night, which I watched right after Carnival of Souls!

    Perfume-wise, I think Messe de minuit is a great choice. I might wear Soivohle Bottleneck Blues parfum, an appropriate scent for selling your soul to the devil!

    Have fun! I hope those candy-grubbing creeps don’t keep you up too late.

    1. Oh, frugs grow up so quickly these days. I did find a chewed up Sartre picture under the sofa, his hiding place. What could he possibly be telling me 🙂
      I love Carnival of Souls but haven’t seen Zodiac. I made my husband watch Tank Girl as his punishment for making me watch Zardoz the night before.
      I did end up with Messe de Minuit but today I sampled Juliette Has A Gun Calamity Jane and it could of been a beautiful, bewitching Halloween scent too.

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