Halle Berry Reveal The Passion EDP Perfume Review

Halle Berry Reveal the Passion

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Due to the success of Halle Berry Reveal, we are now offered Halle Berry Reveal the Passion. My guess is that in hopes to make this flanker even more successful, they added friendly fruity notes that all of us are supposed to adore. I also think since the original Reveal was more “mature”, they added the fruits to Reveal to appeal to a younger crowd and started calling it an “even sultrier” fragrance.

Reveal the Passion opens as a floral apple pie – a mix of white florals, cooked fruits, spices and butter. The spiced florals and fruits are over musks. I eventually get a stewed quince and strong freesia with a little bit of coconut meat. They dry-down becomes a “classic” fruitichouli mixture with juicy fruits, soft patchouli and musk. Some fruity florals are sheer, Reveal the Passion is thick and syrupy.

Notes listed include Italian bergamot, freesia, apple, white champaca, mangostine, okume wood, patchouli and musk. PERFUMER – Olivier Gillotin

Give Reveal the Passion a try if you like thicker fruity florals or if you like Elizabeth Arden Pretty Hot, Lancôme Trésor in Love, Betsey Johnson Too Too, Cartier Délices EDT, Rihanna Reb’l Fleur, and/or Kate Spade Twirl. I do think that this one appeals to a younger crowd vs. the original Reveal. However, I do think that Reveal the Passion is appropriate for women in Halle Berry’s age range. It’s a fruity floral but it isn’t sheer or light.

I find that the projection is average and it has average to below average longevity.

I’m going to say the same thing about Reveal the Passion as I did with Reveal. This is not an original, innovative, or unexpected fragrance. It smells like many other mainstream fruitichouli perfumes. But, here’s the deal…it’s half the cost of the other mainstream stuff. If you like any of the scents I mentioned above, you can get a similar perfume for under $30.

The packaging is simple but not not bad for the price. The box feels very cheap, almost like a knock-off of itself but the bottle easily competes with more expensive department store fragrances. As far as the ad campaign, my husband still thinks that Halle Berry is a mustache-less Prince in the photo. I think she looks great as she always does.

The scent comes in a few sizes with prices ranging from $17-$28. It can be found at 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONFruitichouli with stewed quinces and apple pie. Personally, I’m tired of fruitichoulis but it looks like other people aren’t. You can pay double the price of Reveal the Passion to smell like Reveal the Passion.

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5 thoughts on “Halle Berry Reveal The Passion EDP Perfume Review

    1. I don’t want to smell like it either but there are people out there that do. And if they do, they could save $30-$50 on something decent.

  1. I thought the original Halle was good for a drugstore perfume and have a small bottle but I think each new release gets worse and worse!

    1. I thought the original was really good for the price. And I prefer Reveal over Reveal the Passion, but that’s me.
      I think the problem is that they aren’t sticking with a theme and don’t have a fingerprint. They keep launching really different stuff trying to appeal to as many people as possible. So, it’s like if you like the 1st one you won’t like the others. If you like the last one, you won’t like the first one.

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