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Guess Seductive I’m Yours EDT Fragrance Video Review

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Perfume

You can watch my video review for comments on the “story” behind the fragrance. Really all you need to know is that Guess claims this is “sexy” stuff and that it is “youthful and sophisticated”. Keep that bit of info in your mind.

Guess Seductive I'm Yours ad

Seductive I’m Yours opens as “Hello, fruitichouli!” It has some woodiness but what stands out is a juicy passion fruit and orange. It’s sweet and syrupy. The patchouli is very obvious in this. Not subtle like I expected. It’s obvious from top to bottom. Flowers show up to make this blend “fresher” but these flowers aren’t identifiable. They are there to sit and look pretty or to possibly chaperone the fruit syrup. The florals smell like “pale pink” blossoms or perhaps they were once white and were stained by the fuchsia-colored fruit syrup. Moral of the story – don’t wear white when hanging out with vats of fruit syrup. The dry-down is like musk custard with warm woods…warm patchouli woods.

For an EDT, I get about 7 hours of wear. The base really sticks around.

Notes listed include tiare Tahiti flower, dewy peony, passion fruit, mangolia blossom, white lily, vanilla orchid, patchouli flower, exotic woods, cream musk and vetiver. PERFUMER – Pierre Negrin

Give Guess Seductive I’m Yours a try if you like perfumes like Beyonce Heat, Calvin Klein Euphoria, Cacharel Amor Amor, Betsey Johnson Too Too and/or Escada Magnetism. Maybe even Chanel Chance. The moral of the story is you must like “pink juice” to try (and like) this. I hate to put an age on any  fragrance but I think of this one for the 16-24 crowd. I think it’s a “youthful” fragrance and would be perceived as “sophisticated” if your usual thing is a slathering of a fruity Victoria’s Secret lotion.

Guess Seductive I’m Yours comes in various sizes with prices ranging from $42-$62. It’s available at Macy’s.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA pink fruitichouli flanker that is literally wearing a gold-tone chain around its neck. And it’s wearing pink fishnets.

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    1. haha. Personally, I think loose and easy women have better tastes than this. This is like a “I sneak into da club because I’m 17 and I want to know what it looks like in there” fragrance.

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