Guerlain Apres l’Ondee EDT Perfume Review

Guerlain L'Apres L'Ondee


It’s an annual tradition on EauMG to feature “purple flowers” on the week of Nowruz/Vernal Equinox. “Purple flowers” are what I call flowers that (usually) have purple blossoms and bloom in spring: lilacs, violets, iris, heliotrope, hyacinth and wisteria (when I’m feeling generous). These are the sort of florals that make me think of spring. Plus, it gives me an excuse to talk about some of my favorite floral notes.

I’ve been writing on EauMG since 2008; it surprises me how I rarely write reviews of my old favorites – the perfumes that started my obsession. Après L’Ondée was the first powdery fragrance that I ever fell head over heals for. It was the first Guerlain perfume that I fell in love with. It’s been such an important perfume in my life; yet, I’ve never formally reviewed it on EauMG.

Après L’Ondée opens with an anise spice and marshmallow-y sweetness that has always reminded me of Good & Plenty candies. It’s has that “carnation ice cream” thing going on that Caron Bellodogia does. It’s sweet, but it’s not a gourmand. Apre l’Ondee lives up to its name, “After the rainshower”. It’s a damp, dew-kissed spring floral. The iris is earthy and there’s something green in this that reminds me of snap peas.The heart is powdery, candied violets and heliotrope/Jordan almonds. The dry-down is very much the same but with more iris and musk.

Après L’Ondée has always been a fragrance that symbolizes spring to me. It smells like cool earth, bright flowers contrasted by bare mounds of soil (that barely cover bulbs emerging from dirt). There’s no sunshine. There’s only gray clouds and diffused, cool light. Like new buds on a gray branches, there’s a fragility to the fragrance.It’s a lot “softer” and more delicate than other classic Guerlain perfumes.

Nancy Walters

Notes listed include orange blossom, violet, anise, carnation, iris and vanilla. Launched 1906. PERFUMER – Jacques Guerlain

Give Apres l’Ondee a try if you like violets or classic (powdery) florals. Or if you like perfumes like Guerlain L’Heure Bleue,Guerlain L’Heure de Nuit, Oscar de la Renta Esprit d’Oscar, Caron Aimez-Moi and/or Le Labo Poudre d’Orient (a discontinued LE scent for Anthropologie).

I think the EDT wears more like an EDP. My bottle is probably 10 years old. I can’t say that my review is very accurate for today since Guerlain can’t leave well enough alone. My bottle is running low and I dread smelling a new tester in fear that it’s been fooled with.

Après L’Ondée isn’t as easy to find in the US like it used to be. However, a 3.3 oz bottle is currently available for $114 at Saks.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONResurrection and gray clouds. Or to be less esoteric, it’s spring-like blend of violets, iris and vanilla. It’s one of my favorite perfumes ever.

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  1. I love Apres l’Ondee and wish I had a bottle, have only had decants. But I have never seen it in store to test its current state, so ordering a new bottle seems risky.

    1. I agree that it’s risky (and why I haven’t repurchased yet). The next time I’m at Saks, I’m going to try to find it. I’m really curious but I’m also not very optimistic. Guerlain messes with their formulas a lot and with this one being “less popular”, I imagine it would be one of the first to be reformulated. BUT I really need to try the most recent version because it may surprise me!

    1. I completely understand! There are just so many wonderful things that don’t translate well into perfumery.

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