Gucci Guilty Pour Homme EDT Fragrance Review

Gucci Guilty for Men cologne

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Let’s start with me ranting…and let’s end with me ranting.

I know this is wrong of me and I shouldn’t admit it. I decided that I hated Gucci Guilty before even trying it. Am I snobby and dislike mainstream fragrances? No. Was I offended by the name? Not really, but I do fine the name stupid. I don’t want to smell “guilty”. So why did I dislike it? For months and months when I went into a popular department store or Sephora, fragrance models and sales associates kept pushing me Gucci Guilty Pour Homme. “It’s a sexy fragrance for men.” One woman told me, “It will drive you wild”. In a exciting driving wild or like leaving the toilet seat up every single time for 10 years sort of wild/hysterical? I eventually started to hate Gucci Guilty because of the pushy sales team. The last straw was when my husband went to Nordstrom browsing for perfume for himself. The fragrance model treated him like a complete idiot when he picked up “old” perfumes like Aramis telling him that he’d only pick up old ladies with that fragrance. She asked him what he wore. He listed the heavy, heavy patchouli and leather scents that he wears. She basically said his tastes were gross and he should only wear Gucci Guilty because it’s “new”. And this is why I hated Gucci Guilty before ever trying it.

One day I found a sample of Gucci Guilty Pour Homme in my house. It seems that one of the pushy sales people had placed a sample in my hand at one time and I didn’t even notice. So, I’ve been forced to try it. OK, not forced, but I decided to.

Gucci Guilty opens as shaving cream and orange blossom aftershave. It’s fresh and squeaky clean reminding me of the functional fragrances in popular shaving products. And that’s that. It’s citrus and orange blossom with an aquatic melon note. It’s screechy and volatile. Wake me up when the base notes appear.

You forgot to wake me up. Now you only get half of a review.

Gucci Guilty for Men ad
At least he has chest hair.

Notes listed include lavender, lemon, orange blossom, cedar and patchouli.

This is not a new scent at all and it doesn’t drive me wild (in the good or the bad sense of the word). It smells clean and fresh, blah, blah, blah. It isn’t bad nor is it good. I guess it’s better than wearing nothing at all since it is a fragrance. And it has the possibility to introduce more men to more fragrances…I’m such an optimist.

Try Gucci Guilty if you like clean smelling mainstream men’s fragrances. I have not tried Gucci Guilty Intense for Men. The company declares it is more “icy” than the original and has leather. Usually the “intense” versions of mainstream stuff are better. They’ve had time to fix what is wrong with the original.

Gucci Guilty for Men comes in a few sizes with prices ranging from $60-$77. It is available at Sephora. Go ask for a sample, they have a ton of them.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONThe usual average and boring crap sold to men. Gentleman, don’t let pushy people boss you into buying perfume. Only buy the stuff that you love. And if you love Gucci Guilty, then that’s awesome. Buy it. Wear it. Be confident in your choice. But, don’t buy it because it is “new” and because somebody at the store told you to buy it. That doesn’t drive me wild.

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12 thoughts on “Gucci Guilty Pour Homme EDT Fragrance Review

  1. Victoria, this is one of my favorite reviews in a while.Definitely laugh out loud. And I love the shout-out for a hairy chest. It made me think of Kate’s great post at Eat the Damn Cake, “Leave Hairy Men Alone.”

  2. I’ve smelled this on at least five separate occasions and completely don’t remember what it smells like.

    Which Nordstrom should I avoid?

    1. It’s not bad and it’s not good. Generic is the best way to describe it.

      I think you know which to avoid but just in case…Southcenter Nordstrom. The people that work there have no filter at all.

    1. I hate the ones that try so hard to be clean. They try so hard that they smell like industrial strength cleaning supplies. I’m so sick of those.
      Yes, patchouli and leather are more my spend…for myself and for my man.

    1. That would be awesome.
      I find that I still buy stuff online as to avoid pushy people. Isn’t that bad?

    1. Intense sounds a little better, not really surprised that the base is sweet. That seems to be a trend in mainstream men’s stuff right now, surprisingly sweet.
      I guess I feel there’s too much on the market that is almost identical to something else. I get tired of that and I think most people are tired of that.

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