Demeter Grass Fragrance Review

Demeter Grass Cologne

Demeter Cologne Spray in Grass is a really nice fresh, green fragrance. Sorry guys, but this is not anything like the wonderful but discontinued GAP Grass fragrance (that I did see in a gift set the other day!). I just wanted you to know that because I ordered Grass thinking of GAP Grass, I was disappointed at first sniff. There is nothing wrong with Demeter Grass it is just very different than GAP Grass. Demeter Grass is very fresh and “alive”. GAP Grass was dead and dried out. Demeter Grass is very sweet and almost floraly at times. Demeter Grass does not smell cut or hay-like. It smells of new, growing blades of grass drenched in dew. It is a strong fragrance for Demeter and at times smells like it has a hint of citronella, but only faintly and for a very short time. It is very pretty and wears for a while compared to most other Demeter fragrances. It mixes wonderfully with Demeter Dirt, Tomato, Stringbean and any of the floral scents. It’s one that when I use it up I will buy another. It smells wonderful in the summer and wakes my senses up in the dead of winter. It makes a wonderful room fragrance too. This fragrance is available at Demeter.

*Product pic from Fragrantica. Product purchased by me.

3 thoughts on “Demeter Grass Fragrance Review

  1. This is a fun fragrance, but it something that I’d rather have as a room spray than a personal fragrance. The price is right for using it as a room spray!

    1. I’m finding my tolerance for “grass” perfumes is decreasing. Perhaps I’m tired of them?

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