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GIVEAWAY – Tauer Perfumes Advent Calender 2014 – CLOSED

Advent Calender

‘Tis the season for giving!

I’m delighted that EauMG is participating in this year’s Tauer Perfumes Advent Calender. Tauer Perfumes will be giving one reader of EauMG a choice of the Tauer Discovery Set or the winner’s choice of three 15ml scents.

Who should enter? Well, any reader that loves perfumes! This is an international draw; however, Tauer Perfumes can not ship to addresses in Italy, Spain, Croatia, Russia or Greece.

How do you enter? Well, see below. To officially be entered, you must leave a comment regarding your favorite aromas from this time of year. I’m using Rafflecopter for this giveaway and it includes instructions. Also, read the details below as some exceptions apply. This draw starts 12/12 and a winner will be selected on 12/14.


a Rafflecopter giveaway
More details:  The draw is worldwide. Some exceptions apply: Italy, Spain, Croatia, Russia, Greece (we cannot ship there). The winner from your draw can pick an Explorer Set ( ), 3x 15 ml fragrances, free choice of scents. The prizes will be shipped for free from Switzerland, through FedEx. Local taxes, VAT, and import fee may apply and are not covered by Tauer. The winner is responsible to make sure that they are allowed to import the prize. We ship to the address given to us and do not contact the addressee afterwards nor will we use the contact information for any other purpose than sending the prize, nor will we forward the address to anybody else except for the purpose of shipping the prize to the winner. EauMG details:  EauMG is hosting the giveaway but isn’t responsible for shipping. I will contact a winner selected by Rafflecopter via email. If the winner doesn’t responded within 48 hours after the email is sent, another winner will drawn. EauMG will only share your contact information and address with Tauer Perfumes. That information will not be shared with anyone else.  Tauer Zeta perfume  

To be entered, I’m asking you to share in the comments section your favorite scents from this time of year. You don’t have to go into an elaborate story (unless you want to). I’m just curious to find out your favorite scent memories/aromas that you associate with this time of year. Holiday foods? Evergreens? The smell of wrapping paper? What aromas make you think about December?

Nothing really says December to me more than the smell of:

  • frying foods and ooey gooey honey cakes
  • mulling spices and sugared rimmed sidecar cocktails
  • kerosene heaters and cedar-scented sweaters
  • gingery fir trees and cool rain
  • the plastic and warm dust of VHS tapes on a snow day…
  • the aldehydic Aquanet of my family’s matriarchs mixed with their ruby red rose-scented lipstick that I had to whip off my cheeks
  • paper pulp, cardboard and the waxiness of a box of newly opened crayons

A big thanks to my readers for entering and thank you Tauer Perfumes!

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226 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY – Tauer Perfumes Advent Calender 2014 – CLOSED

  1. My favorite scents for the holiday season: the scent of wood smoke in the crisp air, pain d’epice toasting, the aroma of Peet’s Red Cloud Cacao tea with maple syrup and half and half, and my dad’s smoky clam dip we have on Christmas Eve.

  2. The smell of the plastic Xmas tree we had as children is strongest memory trigger for me. Other than that perhaps sunscreen because December 25 is around the hottest point of the year here in Australia. 🙂

  3. Thank you for the draw! How exciting.

    I love the smell of evergreen, fir and cold crisp air in December. My mom bakes delicious rolls for parties which smell yeasty and a little sweet. Trimming the Christmas tree i smell the tree’s branches, the plastic covered candy canes and the not-quite-old-books-but-similar scent that rises from the old cardboard boxes of Christmas tree ornaments.
    One of my favorites is walking around the city, in boots, a cozy sweater and jacket with a streaming latte. Love the scent of that coffee and the city and anticipation and stores while I do my holiday shopping.
    Love the beef stews and chicken soups i make this month. The apartment is so cozy.

    It’s a combination of food, city, holiday traditions, outdoors, and hot beverages. That’s what makes December’s smells unique to me.

    Thanks again for opportunity!

      1. OK, so I didn’t put a timezone and your comment was left a few minutes before midnight PST…anyway, I imported your comment info to the app (and the other folks that commented around the same time). I hope this is OK. It was my fault for not having the timezone properly listed.

  4. Hello and thank you for the draw. For me is cinnamon the smell of this time and the mixed aroma on the Christmas markets too – mulled wine, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon again.

  5. I love the smell of pomanders like my grandmother used to make. An orange with cloves slowly drying in the oven and scenting the whole house. So nice!

  6. I enjoy incense based scents this time of year, especially CdG Avignon. Reminds me of being outside in the cold, cold air with nothing else around for miles and only the fir trees for company.

  7. The scent that says Christmas to me is pine. Since we don’t have a real tree, I burn pine candles and scent waxes all month long. Thanks for hosting the draw. Happy Holidays!

  8. Has to be citrus and cloves – citrus from mandarine oranges and cloves from mulled wine. Even if I smell these things in the heat of summer, I am instantly transported to the depths of winter.

  9. The best smells of the holidays came from my mother’s kitchen as she prepared all of her holiday baking, including spritz cookies, krumkake, russian tea balls and the like. Those are warm fuzzy smells to me. Happy Holidays!

  10. Smells of this time of year-heating oil coming through the radiators, christmas trees, clementine peels. Liver treats for the cats:) The smell of lovely healthy chickens snuggled up in their coop-hot feather and straw. Chamade and Nahema.
    Merry Christmas, and thanks for hosting the draw!

  11. The smell of previous year’s dust on the heated tree lights, smell of poppy seed and butter in a rolled cake, the smell of plain candles, the fresh snow and furniture polish.

  12. Pine trees, burning fires, and all kinds of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and anise. This time of year is just an abundance of smells and it helps me get through the busyness of it all. I just wish my new job didn’t have a no fragrance policy. Aaargh! Thanks to you and Andy for hosting this.

  13. I love the scent of pine tree and gingerbread, burning candles and damp moss with cinnamon sticks from the flower pots. Another favourite scent is the baked ham with mustard and honey-coating, just from the oven. And outdoors: the fresh scent (or maybe un-scent) of falling snow in the winter night.

  14. The smell of pine resin, ginger and mulled wine spices……………………….all these immediately evoke memories of Christmasses past, when I was a child & teenager.
    I’m glad to be given the opportunity to enter Andy’s Advent draw

  15. Definitely the smell of Frasier fir trees, rain, ferns, cedar. All of the fresh crisp air of winter in the Northwest.

  16. The smell of Christmas for me is pine, smoke from the fireplace, spices and orange. A real Christmas tree is a must for me.

  17. Scents of citrus fruits and that smell of cold air that comes off people coming indoors are what I associate most with this time of the year.

  18. There are so many smells I associate with this time of year…
    Snow and crisp cold air
    Christmas trees and pine
    Cookies and baking!
    Mulled wine, apple cider, and all other warm spicy liquid smells

  19. MMmm. Mulled wine, wood fires, pine tree, frankincense & rich food cooking in the oven. Plus that oddly unmistakable scent of fresh snow that I rarely get to smell these days 🙂

  20. It starts with the cutting of the tree and the scent of spruce in the house. Then comes the sherry, the mince pies and the dusty smell of stored decorations being released from their paper boxes. Lots of oranges – good ones – and the smell of the zest and juice on the sticky little fingers of my children. Sautéed cabbages and sprouts, roasting potatoes, parsnips and meat. Chocolate – mint, orange, praline, and if I’m lucky, the hand made truffle selection from a local chocolatier. Endless overripe cheese and chutneys! Bois des Iles, Coco, L’Air Du Desert Morocain, L’Eau d’Hiver, Egoiste, Oud Wood and Encre Noir escaping from warm skin wrapped under woollens. I love this time of year.
    Thanks for the advent draw – seasons greetings!

  21. I know all seasons have their aromas but the scents of the winter holiday seem more tied to memory, not to mention more potent. I add nutmeg and cinnamon to everything this time if year, coffee, eggnog, pies and bread. My favorite scent is the smell of chimney smoke in the cold night air, so cold you can see your breath, the scent of pine trees mingles in, if winter night air can be a smell it’s one of my favorites.

    1. I agree. I have the strongest scent associations with winter than I do any other season (even though each season’s has something special scentwise).

  22. Christmas smells like evergreens, clove studded oranges, country ham baking in the oven, wax candles, sugary smells from the dessert table, and new toy smell. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Where I live, we don’t experience winter in the same way that our Northern counterparts do. For one, we get “snow” once very 5 or 6 years! What is nice about December down here is that the weather is much cooler, so the rubbish bins don’t smell **as** bad when you walk past them. For me, what I like about this time of year is not what I can smell, but what I can’t 🙂

    1. Sounds like Seattle. Our winters are rather mild and sometimes we’ll see snow.

      Heat brings out the stink. I think city living is its best in the winter, lol.

  24. My favorite scents at this time of year are the odd aromas that arise from the infrequent seasonal rain in a dry climate. Unearthly, dusty scents in the desert. Charged electric scents when the wind and rain start. Tar as the rain hits asphalt that hasn’t felt water in a year.

    Last night’s rain caught my basset hound Ruby outside and by the time I walked in the door and she was drying, she smelled like warm chicken pot pie. I dropped down to the floor and hung out with her for a while and reveled in the strangeness of the scent of rain in the desert.

    Ho ho ho.

  25. There’s something about the smell of frying food wafting outside, late at night, in extremely cold air that I find really lovely this time of year. It’s probably a throwback to my high school days of standing around in suburban parking lots with my friends after performing Christmas carols in various bank lobbies and country clubs with our show choir.

    Other than that, candle wax, dust being blown up & around by the radiators, and the huge bunches of pine trees gathered in random lots all around Chicago.

    Happy holidays!

  26. Thank you Victoria and Andy for giving us a chance to participate in this. For me, the scents of this season are those of fir and pine trees, beautiful. A different kind of scent, Andy’s Pentachord Verdant is also a perfume that reminds me of this season… A beautiful beautiful perfume that gets very little coverage. Kal

  27. The best smell to me this time of year is the scent of anything evergreen (Christmas trees, wreaths and any decoration that has some pine branches). That type of green smell is so nice during a time of year when outdoor plant life is dormant.

  28. Thanks for hosting the draw! I love Andy’s scents. MY favorite holiday aroma is one that is very hard to obtain where I live now – the smell of real Balsam fir, which was the Christmas tree of choice when I was growing up in New England. It is so sweet and powerful, filling the house with fragrance. Other evergreens are good of course, but that one will always mean Christmas to me. I guess I will have to make do with the scent of eggnog lattes, baking spices and wet wool. 🙂

  29. Satsuma skins, wet spaniel, trifle, brussell sprouts, chestnuts, Bailey’s, warm cat fur, smoked salmon, toast, cheap chocolate tree hangings, selection boxes, the smell of cold air and petrichor.

    This time of year sounds like noisy excited children too

  30. Pumpkin pie – but I need to find a dairy/gluten free way to enjoy pumpkin! Right now I`ve a little roll-on pumpkin/vanilla oil that I just whiff from the bottle 🙂

  31. My favourite smells from this time of year are buttery baking (shortbread and jan hagel cookies), the wood fire, and the smell of cold – when it’s so cold that the snow is bone dry, and the inside of your nose freezes. I don’t get that last one very much now, but I grew up in a much colder place and will always associate that kind of cold with Christmas.

  32. For me the smells of the season include the slightly resinous odour of the fir tree we used to have for Christmas, orange peel and the fumes you get from a wax candle immediately after you’ve extinguished it. Strangely, my december smells don’t include that much bakery-related stuff, but maybe that’s because my mother used to do quite a lot of baking all year round, anyway, so that was never specific to Christmas.

  33. I don’t have a fireplace right now (I live in an apartment) but the smell of a wood fire in a fireplace is the smell of December to me. The smell of pine trees and cookies baking, too….

  34. This time of year I always crave the scent of fir and spruce, wood smoke, cookies and pies slowly baking in the oven, frost in the air, wet woolen mittens, cinnamon, and clove.

  35. Christmas baking, unscented candles, lit matches, fir trees, and breathed through scarves. That last one is kind of weird but does anyone else know what I mean? When it’s so cold that you wrap your scarf around your face and then your breath gets frozen into the fabric.

  36. Mulling spices and unfortunately no sidecars. orange and clove pomanders. Different firs and cinnamon. Smoke from the fireplace and real logs.

  37. My grandmother was from the South and had this tradition of making something called scrapple on Christmas morning. In googling around, it seems to traditionally be some sort of offal loaf but to her it was just a bunch of Jimmy Dean sausage and corn meal that she would put into loafs and then fry up. The air on Christmas morning as I remember it was all about the smell of burnt scrapple fat sticking to the bottom of a hot pan. She’s been gone for a couple of years now, and I think about making this food horror and frying it up to remember the times with her.

    1. I was *just* talking about scrapple as it is something I never heard of or saw until adulthood. A Southern friend was talking about her college years in Delaware how she was exposed to this meat loaf for the first time. It’s a super Philly/Pennsylvania/New England thing. I never knew about it until David’s Ohio/Pennsylvania Dutch family made it. The use of Jimmy Dean was her own special Southern touch.

      You should make it.

  38. I love the smells of sugar cookies baking and hot chocolate.

    Thank you for hosting the draw … Happy holidays to all!

  39. Ah December:

    Burning wood smell in the mornings (kind of like guaiac)
    Roasted pine nuts and peanuts indoors
    Warm milk and honey
    The smell of damp cashmere/wool
    Lavender, simply from using it so much around the house
    And a wonderful dessert called Gajjar ka halwa (It’s sweet, shredded carrots stewed & stirred slowly in whole milk until reddish-brown, with added spices and roasted nuts)
    What does it smell like? Cardamom, Saffron, Pistachios, Honey, Iris/Carrot Seed/Ambrette, and Vanilla.

    1. Gajjar ka halwa sounds delicious!
      Oh, and lavender, yes that’s the smell of a clean house! Which is what you must have when you’re relatives are coming over 🙂

  40. In december, I love the smell of freshly made orange juice, the smell of the fir tree (of course), but none of them can beat the smell of joy and happiness that fills every corner of the house. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Definitely fried foods.
    Creamy rice pudding with cinnamon.
    Milk chocolate coins with a metallic edge from chewing on the foil wrappers.
    Wax from multicolored candles.
    Snow melting on my dog’s fur – she used to love to play outside in the snow!

  42. Thank you for hosting Andy’s giveaway, Victoria!
    My non-perfume aromatic X-mas faves:
    – the smell of the rising yeast for the home-made traditional bread on the Christmas Eve, and of the baking bread itself (it is called Budnik pitka, and is used for making wishes for every member of the family);
    – the mulled wine (of course…) – it’s not a Bulgarian tradition for the winter time, and I adopted it gladly after I spent some time around Europe for Christmas a few years ago;
    – the scent of the freshly fallen snow – if it is on Christmas, it’s a bliss!

  43. The scent of pine tree, amber scented candles, clove, cinnamon, oranges, potpourri and traditional Christmas food. Thanks for the draw!

  44. Hi Victoria! Tamales steaming on the stove is a scent I associate with this time of year, along with the smell of fresh pine needles. I don’t want to smell like those thing though.
    Habit Rouge in all it’s versions, Hermes Bel Ami, Egoiste, Heritage, Ambre Sultan and Bois d’Armenie are things I like to wear when it gets cool, and I love it when my wife lays on the vintage Shalimar this time of year. She’s loves Andy’s Un Rose de Kandahar when it gets cold too – I got it for her last Christmas, and I associate it with those lazy winter break days around the house now.

    1. Local grocery had all the tamales ingredients pushed up to the front of the store. This made me happy as we’re really far from Texas and the Delta. Last year, they had black eyed peas on a display…when I moved here years ago, those weren’t so easy to find unless they were dried.

      Bois d’Armenie, yes, that one smells like the holidays to me.

  45. I love the smell of pine needles, woodsmoke fires, Diptyque’s Pomander candle and gingersnap cookies. Thanks for the draw!

  46. Hanukkah is all about deep frying. My mother’s homemade donuts and latkes are a main feature. Then there’s the general aroma of malls during the holidays (this is Jersey, after all): artificial spices, new leather goods, cardboard boxes… and winter in New York: roasting chestnuts, damp pavements, Starbucks seasonal drinks.And my scarves that seem eternally steeped in Shalimar.

    1. Fair food reminds me of the holidays…because of the frying funnel cakes. This reminds me of donuts and latkes. “Fried” aromas really linger in winter air…

  47. I love the smell of wood burning in fireplaces in December. I also love the smell of oranges studded with cloves and the spicy sweet smell of cinnamon toast. Also the smell of beeswax candles burning.

    Thank you for doing this!

  48. I love walking into a room where there is a live Christmas tree. We don’t have one any more, but a scented candle is also good.

  49. I love smell of cinnamon and pine. these 2 smells remind me atmosphere of Christmas even during the year. Thanks

  50. I love the smell of trees and wreaths: pine, spruce, cedar. My husband and I moved to Ulaanbaatar last year, and now I associate the smell of coal fires with December. It’s not a bad smell, but is unfortunately a sign of high levels of pollution in the city air.

  51. My household didn’t really celebrate any winter holidays, so for me clove, incense, fir, and snow are not personally representative of this time of year, just impressions I’ve accepted from other people. Winter here in SoCal is very wet most years, with seagulls coming inland and bringing with them associations of the oceanside. Strangely, I think that cold, wet metal/cement/grass smell plus fluffy downy blankets and cocoa butter I end up bathing in when it’s cold all smell very nostalgic and lovely this time of year.

  52. The smell of a freshly cut incense cedar, and all the smells generated by making panettone — the butter, the citrus peel, the rum-soaked raisins…

  53. Oh goodness. Hard to settle on a single scent for this time of year! I wear PHI a lot since I got it last year. . . and spicy tea scents like Jacomo #8. Maybe a heady rose such as Lyric or OJ Ta’if? Really, an abundance of choices!

  54. The smell of fragrant fir branches is really the scent of the season for me. When I was small I used to lie underneath the Christmas tree enjoying the fragrance of the branches that were warmed by the tree lights.

  55. Citrus is the scent of the holidays for me. Our family keeps a tradition of slipping oranges into Christmas stockings, and I like to keep a bowl of clementines on the kitchen counter for snacking throughout the winter. I love to eat a clementine and then leave the fragrant peels sitting by the stove throughout the day. Their scent is fresh and delicious.

  56. Three of my favorite scents this time of year are fir branches (wreathes, trees, whatever form they take I am transported), egg nog with rum and a sprinkling of nutmeg, and my hands after washing with the gingerbread foaming hand soap (Method). Any one or even better – all three.

  57. Food, of course – roasted chestnuts from street vendors (my memories of winter visits to Korea), and all the spices in gingerbread, which I love. Then the winter air has its own crisp, clear scent, which I also love…although the cold aspect, not so much.

  58. It is summer here in Australia in December so my scents of Christmas are summer scents. Star jasmine begins to bloom in late November and mingles with the humid heat beautifully. Gardenias and wisteria also begin their seasons around the same time. I always associate the scent of mangoes with Christmas as well as the fragrance of lawns being mowed. Someone, somewhere is always mowing their lawn on the weekends in summer and the scent perfumes the air in the drowsy warmth of a Sunday afternoon.

    1. Oh, I’d love to associate white florals with the holidays. This is another reason why I should I visit Australia in December 😉

  59. My favorite scents this time of year are the evergreens (fresh cut Christmas tree, fresh wreaths made of cedar and fir and juniper and rosemary), the clove-studded oranges (our tree is overflowing!), winter vegetables roasted with olive oil, garlic, and balsamic vinegar, and all the holiday baking–especially my grandmother’s sour cream cookies spiced with nutmeg!

  60. Let’s see. Crisp night air after a snowy day. Cookies,ham and roast beef. Fir tree. Fir tree candles, cinnamon spice candles. Cinnabar perfume. Paperwhites. Log fires.

  61. Let’s see, woodsmoke and spices from baking– cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, chocolate, rum, citrus oils; sandalwood and patchouli and incense from various perfumes I like at this time of year: Bois des Iles, Coromandel, a touch of Cinnabar, L’air du Desert, Prada Candy. Most of all I associate the season with the cold, electric, wild smell of the dry air.

  62. Fir trees, cranberries, my mother’s sugar cookies (the secret ingredient is orange zest), gingerbread, and tamales. (Tip for cheapskates: At times when a tree is impractical or too expensive, you can often buy trimmed evergreen branches from a tree lot for next to nothing. They look nice on a mantel, and give you that Christmas tree smell. Keep away from heat sources, though, as they dry out fast.)

    1. Oh, that’s a great reminder! I love the smell but do not want to deal with having a tree in my small space (and disposal).

  63. In the Southern Hemisphere it’s midsummer, so the sounds of people outside, smells of barbecuing, cut grass, shortbread baking, raspberries, cherries, avocado, seafood, and then rose, jasmine and honeysuckle along with the remains of roasts in the evening as we walk the dog after the hard, flat light has softened into the long evening.

  64. hello! thank you for this fun draw here! hmmm this time of the year..i always love the smell the tample nearby is burning timbers and that smell, burnt wood is pretty good in the cold air . it reminds me of bonfire, same smell, or camp fire, you know that kind of burning timber smell, which is also my favourite smell!

  65. The scents of December include pine cones, gingerbread, and mulled cider with cinnamon. I also drink a cinnamon and cardamom herbal tea in the winter, and so I associate its scent with December as well.

    Thank you for participating in the Tauer draw! The lesson of generous giving is a good and timely one that I will take to heart myself.

  66. This time of year, it’s the smell of trees. I love Chene by Uncle Serge and Dawn Spencer Hurwitz’s December. Both gourmandish tree resin beauties. Happy December all!

  67. Only heavy and warm scents for winter 🙂 It doesnt really matter, sweet, spicy, leathery, smokey. I used to live in colder climate, so all of my perfumes were “with body”. Now, I’m in the subtropics, and they just dont smell the same 🙁

    1. They don’t. I think about this a lot. I have “full-bodied” scents now because of where I live. If I move somewhere else, I doubt I’d ever wear them 🙁

  68. My favorite scents this time of year include:
    -a rich melange of spices from baking Christmas cookies: cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg
    -boozy, dark rum from making eggnog
    -fried slices of Spam that my mother cooks for breakfast (this is the only time of year that I visit, plus I don’t cook it myself)
    -crisp, cold winter air
    -perfume-wise, Comme des Garcons: Kyoto, Andy Tauer’s Incense Rose, Serge Lutens: Tubereuse Criminelle
    Thank you for hosting this give away!

  69. My favorite aroma this time of year is the smell of mulled wine 🙂
    Perfume wise, I love wearing richer and heavier scents like Kenzo L’elephant. This kind of perfumes, which otherwise would be suffocating, seem to work well on a cold, crisp winter day.

    Thanks for hosting the draw.

  70. Thanks Andy. Thanks Victoria. I’m building new Xmas memories in France (I’m from NZ) so I’m now associating it with winter instead of summer. But lots of french food – truffles, cepes, champagne, foie gras, mulled wine. Before it was beach salt and surf and BBQ! Xmas perfumes? I’m thinking Fille en Aiguilles if I get a bottle of it for Xmas.

  71. The smell of cranberries, orange zest, cinnamon and a dash of port, all mulling together to make the most wonderful accompaniment to Christmas lunch, is one of my earliest scent memories. My favourite perfume for this time of year is Coco edp. Thank you for the draw.

  72. Thanks for hosting, I am a long time reader of yours!
    My scents of the season are ginger cakes, wet leaves, rain and doughnuts (hanukkah!).

  73. Hello Victoria, I am a big fan of your blog. In this period I love to wear Rousse by Serge Lutens, because of the cinnamon. An other favorite is mon nom est rouge (Cecile Zarokian for Majda Bekkali) or David Jourquin’s Cuir Altesse. Cosy, comforting perfumes. Thank you very much for the draw!!!!

  74. For me winter is a time to celebrate the coziness and warmth of that which has kept the deathlike spectre of cold at bay – fire! Perfumes with resins and spices wrap me in their protection. Some favorites are Comme des Garcons Avignon, Soivohle Oud Lacquer, Ava Luxe Tokion and Smell Bent One and Five. Haven’t tried any Tauer incense scents yet, but that’s what explorer sets are for, right?

  75. Thank you for the draw. I really enjoy incense based scents during the winter months. Tauer’s Incense Extreme is just wonderful!

  76. I love the smell of Christmas tree and baking, especially the smell that comes from baking biscotti (grated orange peel) and Christmas cake (cherries and candied orange soaked in cognac&allspice). Heaven!

  77. Cinnamon is one. My mom making a roasted chicken with stuffing. Christmas cookies. Her whisky sours. (I used to take a sip as a kid). Wrapping paper ink or pulp not sure exactly which one. It was everywhere. Smokiness of fireplaces.

    Thanks for the draw. Merry Christmas to all.

  78. Spices, smoke, pine, ginger…………………and now I am almost bathing in SL Chergui that fits this festive season perfectly, Many thanks for the drawing!

  79. Most of all I like the smell of pine – the wood, the needles and the sap.. on a crip cold day in the mountains 🙂
    At home, I tend to go the gourmand side – cinnamon and orange or ginger, vanilla 😉
    Scent-wise I don’t have a pattern, just whatever I feel like in the morning – from fig to vanilla to leather to oud to rose and all round 😀

  80. When I think of December, I think of cold smells like smell of ice, air. It goes against the convention that warm fragrances should be worn in cold weather but do not we think of snow first when we think of December. I guess my ideas are inspired by visuals. I can understand many may go for smells inspired by food which tend to be warm

  81. Cinnamon! Used for cooking and scenting rooms! I love making apple pies and smelling the cinnamon flavored pinecones in the store.

  82. Fruit cake that has been soaked in whiskey for several weeks and stored in my mother’s big round tin box.
    My old tree ornaments in tissue paper. Not sure what it is but they have their own smell.
    Dressing with lots of Sauers poultry seasoning.
    My empty bottle of Evenng In Paris perfume that my uncle would give all the ladies in the family every Christmas.

  83. A blazing outdoor fire. I love how different types of trees emit special aromas. Pine, cedar, mesquite…love them all!

  84. My favorite smells this time of year are spicy: cinnamon, cardamom, ginger. Vintage Replique, Winter Kitty perfume oil, real bay-scented candles (so hard to find non-synthetic ones now).

  85. I love the smell of wood burning this time of year. And oranges and cinnamon sticks simmering on the stove.

  86. Mine is an obvious one: the scent of the Christmas tree! Unfortunately, since I’ve moved out I’ve lived in an apartment that is too small to put a Christmas Tree big enough to scent the surroundings… Someday!

  87. thank you for the draw !! wonderful !! favorite scent would have to be the evergreens. spruce especially. and also the spices, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove. all combine to say HOLIDAY!!!!hope everyone has a peaceful time.

  88. December for me smells like allspice, mulled cider and wine, snow and evergreens. And tangerines. Always tangerines.

  89. There are many scents I love this time of year. The main one is the scent of lussekatter, the saffron buns made for Lucia Day (13th dec) but which are made and sold from late november. Of cause the first time someone peels a clementine around november-december it also smells like christmas right away, same thing with gingerbread snaps but since you can get them he year around it’s not as special unless it’s mixed with other christmas scents, e.g. cloves. I got a sample of SL Feminite du Bois and my first thought when spritzing myself with it was of glögg (mulled wine) and outdoor christmas markets. Lovely! Candles burning is another, more subtle scent of winter and christmas time. This year, I’m so far missing the scent of a christmas tree.

  90. My favorite small is that of indonesian clove cigarettes .
    I am half Dutch half Indonesian and when in the cold Dutch winters I smell this (lots of Indonesians here) it takes me to Indonesia,land of my mother and of spices I adore like clove and nutmeg.

  91. Plum Japonaise reminds me of fruit cakes.
    Organza Indecence is both gourmande and incense.
    Volutes has a burning fire smokiness in it.
    Tempora (Laura Biagiotti) is chocolaty-caramely sweet.
    Orange Sanguine perfectly depicts the fruit of the season.
    All of these say Christmas to me.
    I would be so happy if I am the lucky one to get the Tauer, I never got the chance to smell any of his creations.
    Which one of Tauer fragrances says Christmas the most?

  92. 1. Electric heater kicking on
    2. Snowy mornings
    3. Warming tortillas
    4. Library books
    Thank you Andy for the generous giveaway and Victoria for hosting it here. Happy Holidays to you!

  93. Right now my holiday smells are confined to cough drops and warming soothing tisanes as I nurse a cold. However, in general I look forward to crisp fir tree smells and bracing cedar. Happy holidays, everyone!

  94. This is my favorite time of the year. I love the piney smell of the Christmas tree and the beeswax candles that I light for the Holiday table. I’m not much of a baker but the scent of gingerbread cookies from the shops is wonderful on a cold night. Thanks for the draw.

  95. I love when the Advent Calendar takes place on different perfume sites – links the perfume family together!
    I suppose earliest smells of Christmas are always the smell of Christmas trees, tangerine oranges, chocolate and roasting turkey.
    Growing up I lived in Vancouver, Canada and one of my favourite Christmas days was taking a walk with friends by the ocean and smelling the slight mist in the air and the saltiness of the ocean. Always on Christmas evening was warm conversation that got increasingly animated as the Grand Marnier was passed around. So the scent of oranges, liquor and wine are also a fond remembrance of Christmas scents.

    1. I love it too 🙂

      And everyone remember there are more draws to come, just check out Tauer’s blog! If you don’t win this one, you still have a chance!

  96. Oh, so many. Fir, pine, homemade gingerbread, freshly baked cakes with dried fruit and nuts, wild mushrooms, fish, some more wild mushrooms, cinnamon, ham… Thank you for the draw!

  97. At this time I love the smell of a freshly peeled orange in combination with fir tree. If it’s cold outside and I come inside, as soon as I smell this combination I feel warm.

  98. We were coming home from christmas shopping this evening and my partner commeted that he loved the smell of the street this time of year. Here in Delhi this is the smell of wood fires burning to keep warm those who live on the street. I do like the smell, as well. It is a complicated smell with implications of insecurity, maybe even tragedy but also of family life that is often vibrant. And yes, I like the smell of mulled wine.

  99. Evergreen trees and woodsmoke. I never really buy pastries at other times of year, but, when I visit family we sometimes go to coffee shops with steamed windows and pastry smells that I associate with Christmas. Wet wool. Thanks for the draw!

  100. Favorite smells? Almost cliche: smell of the Christmas tree lot, so resinous and fresh; peppermint bark in tins; cranberry sauce and stuffing during the big feast; eggnog and mulled wine in the kitchen; parties where everyone’s perfume mixes with cocktails and cookies; the ginger and cloves in my great-grandmother’s gingersnap recipe….the most wonderful time of the year! Thanks for hosting the draw!

  101. One of my favorite things about Christmas is the way it smells! I love the smell of a fresh-cut Christmas tree, a wood fire, candles… and Christmas dinner! Roasted meat, cookies, and lots and lots of things cooking with alcohol (boozy scents mingling with fruits, or nuts, or chocolate). It’s all just wonderful. This year I’m on my own, and I have a plastic tree, no fireplace, I’m nervous about candles because my smoke detector is very sensitive, and I’m unlikely to make a full Christmas dinner just for myself. Maybe I should go find some good scented candles to make me feel more festive!

  102. Its still rather warm here in Southern California and so any traditional winter Christmas scents are a bit artificial. I associate the season with the scents of homemade baking, holiday specials at tea and coffee shops, unpacked woolen scarves, the air clearing after a needed rainstorm, my dog’s fur during a cuddle on the couch.

  103. My favourite smell, so evocative of the season, is that of the fir tree in the hall, combined with the orange slices that we hang on it.

  104. Favorite scent depends on the weather – when living in rainy Seattle, the scent of frost was welcome, here in Chicago, I would prefer the moist of rain with pine. Inside, a fire various woods, roast poultry and stuffing, eggnog, red fruits like cranberry and pomegranate, and rosemary.

  105. I remember December as the time when my grandmother and aunts would wear their favorite perfume, Madame Rochas for my grandmother and her sisters, and my aunts would compete with Rive Gauche, Tocade, Chanel 19 or Charlie.
    As a Mexican mostly female family, December was and is the time to show off your abilities as a hostess and that included posadas prior to the actual Christmas day, and after the Cradling of the Holy Child, all of those involve candy, special cooking and drinking, small toys and at least one piñata, the old fashioned kind you made at home with a clay pot, so you have to add to the perfume and cooking fragrances, the candy wrappings, wet and smashed clay, homemade flour goo cooking and the smell of the wooden stick, which was not always very pleasant.
    Almost forgot, my grandmother on the other side would wear Diorissimo and one empty bottle she gave to me when I was around three y.o. is one of the more intense smell memories I have and probably the earliest. She attended those parties with good grace even if she could not stand the other family.
    You know what? Even if don´t win anything it has been nice to reminisce,,, Thank you

    1. Awe, this is the sweetest 🙂 I also associate certain perfumes with the holidays because of my grandmother/great aunts and aunts. Charles of the Ritz, I know that one of them wore that…wish I knew the others.

  106. Walking downstairs and getting that brisk smell of a big pine tree and/or wreaths and garlands in the house — that’s the best. We also set out a big Diptyque Feu de Bois candle, which smells amazing on its own, but also reminds me of the Franklin stove we had in the house where I grew up. Thanks for the very generous draw.

  107. For me this is a holiday for children. I has always been the most coveted holiday for me, and noe for my kids. I would love to keep the tradion of baking christmas cookies smelling cinnamon and orange. thanks!

  108. I like the smells of the food that is traditional here for december: ‘speculaas’ which is spicy, ‘banketletter’, a sweet pastry roll stuffed with almond paste and the ‘oliebollen’, deep fried donuts with raisins and icing sugar that are eaten at New Year’s Eve and are made and sold in the streets.

  109. This is a season of great smells and there is so lot of them. I do love scent of a christimas tree. I don’t wear many oriental perfumes, but I have created a habit to wear Sables by Goutal during christmmas festivities. It reminds me a bit ginger bread dough.

  110. Very traditional smells are favourites for me. The smell of the Christmas tree lot with its spruce, fir, and pine trees and decorative cedar boughs followed by the fabulous smell filling the living room when the chosen tree was brought in for decorating. The smell of mandarin oranges which, unlike now, only appeared at Christmas. And the wonderful once-a-year smell of turkey roasting. Oh, the smell of fresh snow, too.
    Thanks for hosting Andy’s very generous draw.

  111. For me, winter is the scent of frost and pines clinging to a scarf and sweater as one walks into a house filled with warm scents of fire, mulling spices and baking and fried foods and chocolate…mostly foody.

  112. I always think of pine boughs always remind me of this time of year. I also remember one year my mother pierced some oranges with clove buds and put them on our heaters to fill the whole house with the scent and it smelled amazing. I’m off to get some clove buds 😉 Thanks for the draw!

  113. My favourite smells are spices – mould wine spices, sweets and mince pies spices, nutmeg, cinamon and cardamom perfumes and burnt wood smells. And the crisp, cold smell of winter ;-).

  114. Another Aussie here.
    This time of year is all about tennis balls and food.
    Start off with a half-taped Slazenger tennis ball for backyard and beach cricket, then inside to be greeted by the smell of hot Christmas pudding (stuffed with threepences, naturally) and the unmistakeable clove and honey scent of my mother’s baked ham, served cold on a hot Christmas day.

  115. My favorite scent of the season belongs to that of the Christmas tree. First, the trip to the treelot, redolent of that wonderful forest fir and pine scent, to find that perfect specimen. Then, enshrined indoors in its place of honor, the scent of it as it warms and fragrances much of our home. Each morning, I visit it, inhale deeply and am invigorated to meet the day’s demands; each evening, I visit just before sleep and again inhale deeply: its scent restores my soul and connects me to the peace and beauty of the world I live in. A last goodbye, as it moves outside to provide cover and warmth for the winter birds before its branches are laid to cover the earth, providing protection for the spring plants that sleep beneath its still-fragrant embrace.

  116. Pine, fir or spruce, spiced fruits compote, butter and walnuts cookies, polish for wooden floor – these are Christmas scents from Europe. Last few years in Japan: fir candles, chestnut sweets, Nuit de Noel.

  117. Growing up my favorite Christmas scents were the pine from our tree, the crisp cool winter air and the metallic snow (if we were lucky), wafting vanilla and cinnamon from the kitchen, my father’s Glenfiddich and our smoky fireplace. Thanks for the draw!

  118. My favorite Christmas scents :
    Homemade cinnamon rolls made from scratch that mom makes every Christmas morning,
    Cedar logs burning in the fireplace
    Pine trees,
    Apple cider with spices and orange slices
    And snuggly kitty cats( fur) which often picks up my frequent fragrance choices .

  119. Some of my favorites from this time of year are:

    Oranges studded with cloves
    Peppermint and pipe tobacco
    The crisp, damp smell in the air right before it snows.

  120. Candle Wax, because I tend to burn a lot more candles this time of year. Wood smoke because the temps can dip into the 20s and 30s here in Florida which is amazing for me, so chimneys and outdoor bonfires! Rum, ginger and butter because of all the goodies being baked in the kitchen and of course that beautiful pine smell of real trees for Christmas!

  121. The smell of incense; cardamom, like in krumkake; my cat’s fur after he’s been sleeping on the radiator; vanilla-apricot jam; the silvery, fresh smell after it snows in the city.

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