Geir Ness Laila Perfume Review

Geir Ness Laila

A few years ago, well into my 30’s, I decided to go to Walt Disney World for the first time in my life. This was a rather impulsive trip with few adults who decided that their parents didn’t really love them because we never went to Disney or got Air Jordans and that now, as adults, we were going to do something about it.¹ It was an OK trip. I suspect there is some sort of critical window in a child’s life that needs to have a “Disney influence” to make Disney have a lasting impact on you. I had missed that window so Epcot and all the other parks didn’t really resonate with me like it did with other adults I observed there. Anyway, I’m not saying it was a negative trip. I had a good time. It was Florida and there was sunshine. I was also surprised by how much fragrance was there. There’s a little Guerlain boutique. I bought cute French soaps. They had all these expensive Bvlgari perfumes I had never seen before.

If you’ve been to Epcot, I’m sure you are familiar with Geir Ness Laila. This Norwegian brand made a smart move and aligned themselves with the Norwegian Pavilion at Epcot. I’m sure there are many people that have a positive scent association with Laila because they associate it with a vacation. When I was there, I was so tired and overwhelmed (I was dumb and went during Spring Break), that I didn’t even try Laila! But, I did smell it around, mostly on other people and little girl’s that love Frozen. It smelled good.

Laila is a pleasant floral fragrance that caters to the American palate that craves “clean”. Laila opens with laundered florals. It’s like crisp white linen and dewy roses. It then wears as a lily-of-the-valley on ice. Watermelon is a note listed, but this fragrance doesn’t smell fruity. The melon comes across as cool ozone and mixes with abstract florals. I also don’t know if I’m making this up, but I also get something reminiscent of lemongrass or ginger. There’s also that sort of white musk/iris that makes me think of clean towels. And that’s what the dry-down is. It’s white musk, that sort of laundry musk that gives the impression of white towels on a clothesline drying, flipping around in the breeze like ghosts.

I wrote in my review of Chabaud Eau de Source a few months ago that I’m finally appreciating those 90’s style aquatic-florals because enough time has passed. It’s been a long enough time that a clean, fresh fragrance feels novel and new. It’s also been a humid, gross summer and I have appreciated these sort of perfumes that smell like I just took a shower and put on a clean, pressed outfit. Geir Ness Laila is one of these perfumes that gives that impression of “I AM CLEAN AND NEVER GET DIRTY”. Years ago I avoided these, but like going to Epcot as an adult, there’s a time to revisit these sort of things, a time to see if you missed out on anything or be reminded of what you’ve missed out on. With over-oud-saturation and fruitichoulis, I’m ready for aquatics/fresh scents again. Can you believe it?

Claudette Colbert

Notes listed include florals, watermelon and wildflowers. Launched in 1995.

Give Laila a try if you like crisp, clean florals. Or perfumes like Issey L’eau d’Issey, Chabaud Eau de Source, Yves Rocher Ming Shu, Bond No. 9 Chelsea Flowers, Alfred Sung Shi, Calvin Klein Escape for Women and/or Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers.

Projection and longevity are average.

Laila is available in a few sizes with the 1.7 oz retailing for $59 at Geir Ness and Nordstrom. And of course, it’s also available at the Norwegian Pavilion at Epcot.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONFlorals put through the washer and dryer. I’m in a rare mood where I’m wanting to smell fresh, clean and like “linen”.

¹I say that halfway with sarcasm because if you grew up in the 80’s/90’s you were brainwashed to believe that stuff, just stuff, meant that your family loved you. Have to love America, right?

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