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Here’s to a wonderful 2012! Let it be filled with frizz-free hair, fabulous ‘fumes, happiness and fumie friendships!

Like many people, I hate New Year’s Resolutions but I continue to set resolutions. It’s more goal setting for me and I’m all about goals. Last year I made 6 resolutions and I did very well with each of them…excluding the “get crazy skinny” resolution which I realized was crazy stupid 4 hours after writing it down. It was just the post-holiday guilt talking. Most of my 2011 resolutions were personal and career oriented. As far as fragrance resolutions went, I did have a goal to find a citrus that I liked and I did thanks to Monsieur Balmain. 

I’ve made my list of 2012 resolutions. I’ll spare you my health, mental and career related resolutions. You’re all wonderful fragrance friends, so I’m sure you’ll be interested in my fragrance related resolutions. So, here are my 2012 perfume related resolutions:

1. Find a white floral for me. – Theoretically, I should be a white floral person. But, I’m not. Tuberose smells like moth balls to me and gardenia smells like blue cheese. It’s not that I dislike white florals. In fact, I love most of the few that I’ve tried. It’s just that they fatigue me so! I can’t stand wearing most white florals for more than 20 minutes. This year I will find a white floral or possibly a few white florals for me. I’m going to tackle this like I did citrus in 2011. And it should be fun.

2. Stick to my full-size “to purchase” list. – I make lists of the full-size bottles that I would like to add to my collection. Do I stick to this list? Never. I get distracted by a sale or tempted by a fragrance that I fall into lust with. Or even worse…I fall for the limited edition scare-buys. I still don’t own the Serge Lutens that I love. I never replaced that bottle of Angel. I never stick to my list. This year I will try to. Why the hell do I still not own a bottle of Borneo 1834?

3. Finish a sample before buying a full-size bottle. – I’m pretty good about this, but not great. It makes sense to use up the sample before rushing out and buying a bottle. For me this is about space, my perfume real estate is valuable. I’m running out of room.

I plan on trying whatever I get my hands on. I should probably stop buying samples but I know if I make that a resolution it will fail.

Do you have any perfume related resolutions? If so, what are they?

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10 thoughts on “Fumie New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I have decided to buy a lot less bottles (this past year I bought way more than “necessary”)and in parfum formulation whenever possible.
    I would say only parfums except for EDTs, as parfums have a richness that satisfies me in a way no EDP can.
    My two planned purchases for 2012 are Gold and Shem El Nessim

    BTW, speaking about white florals, in 2011 I discovered No.22 and it is great on me, even though I thought white florals were just not me.
    Have a bright New Year!

    1. I should add that my list is small. Like you, I want bottles of what I truly love. It’s about quality. I got sidetracked in ’11 🙁

      I haven’t tried No. 22 in years. I need to revisit it since my tastes have broadened. I remember liking it but not having the confidence for it at the time.
      Wishing you the best in ’12! And hoping you get Gold and Shem El Nessim!

  2. Hmm…yes, I do have one or two…as a perfume blogger I have been thinking about “green” in packaging and all other waysi can think of. I want to throw light upon greening efforts of Indie brands, like their green packaging, use of naturals…moving towards naturals…and considering NOT using endangered botanicals. AND growing one’s own aromatics.

    1. Those are great ones, Monica. I’ve been thinking about it more and more too. I always start thinking like that this time of year when I’m stuck indoors longing for nature and feeling guilty about my consumption. Sustainable packaging and using sustainable ingredients. Like I said, natural oud is beautiful but I’m willing to give it up. I’m willing to give up all of the endangered botanicals.

      Oh, I’m doing my first enfleurage right now. Wish me luck. I have no clue what I’m doing.

  3. I hope you will be reporting on your white floral search in progress: I’m very curious to see where it takes you since I’m not a fan of that genre myself. So, not to give any suggestions but just out of curiosity: have you tried Amouage Honour Woman?
    As to my NY resolutions, if you have time you can take a look at the linked post 🙂
    Undina recently posted..New Year Resolutions, Part II: Perfumed Resolutions 2012

    1. So far I’ve had great luck with Honour Woman (don’t love the price, though) and an AG (argh! forgot the name). There are a few tuberoses that I like but I can’t handle them very long on my skin without getting fatigued.

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