Fumie New Year’s Resolutions 2013

Sally Blane

2013 is going to be awesome. I wish you a year prosperity, peace and perfume. I’ve set my goals for the year. And yes, I even do resolutions,  but I’ve learned to be realistic over the years. I’m sparing you my health, mental and career resolutions and giving you my perfume related resolutions:

1. Organize my collection. – Last year, I stuck with my perfume resolutions which was more about consumption. This year I need to organize what I own logically…including samples. I have so many nice things that I’m certain I’ve forgotten about. This is the time for you to give me your perfume organization tips 🙂

2. Sniff what I have before buying samples. – I hate to admit this but I have a small collection of samples I’ve yet to try. I get easily sidetracked. And then I forget I have them. And then I can’t remember where I put them…

3. Read more perfume blogs. And read them regularly.  – I love the perfume blogging community. 2012 was a very busy year for me and I didn’t get to read the blogs I love as much as I wanted. (This is probably how I managed to purchase so few bottles). I want to do more of what I enjoy and reading blogs is one of those things…even if it means I’ll have more lemmings.

Now let’s look at my 2012 Fumie Resolutions. Here’s my original post. 

1. My goal was to find a white floral. I did. I quickly bought a bottle of Malle Carnal Flower in January 2012. It’s “my” white floral.

2. I did stick to my purchase list. AND I only bought 4 full-size bottles the entire year. I deserve an award.

3. Did I use up samples before buying a bottle? Wasn’t really relevant when I only purchased 4 full-size bottles 😉

What are your perfume related resolutions for 2013? If you had any 2012 perfume related resolutions, did  you keep them? Have a great New Year!

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