Demeter Pick-Me-Up Cologne in Between The Sheets Review

Demeter Between the Sheets

Demeter in Between The Sheets is a cologne inspired by the tropical, fruity cocktail (not the Isley Brothers‘ jam). This scent is majorly fruity and smells like mango rum in orange juice. There’s a hint of passion fruit. The dry-down is citrus – like lemon and ripe mango. This cologne smells sweet and syrupy, like a simple syrup that would be used in a rum/fruit juice cocktail.

Overall, this scent is super summery and is an appropriate interpretation of a cocktail with a naughty name. I consider it one of those “vacation” scents. Or something that will make me think of somewhere warm and tropical.

Staying power isn’t great. It’s a cologne. But, I do think this one sticks around longer than others.

It’s available at Demeter for under $20. Other sizes and samples are available for purchase.

*Product pic from the brand.