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Fragrance Freebie – Aftelier Face Elixir & Body Oil Giveaway!

I’m very happy to announce that Aftelier is offering the readers of EauMG a Face Elixir and a Body & Hair Elixir for EauMG’s 4th anniversary!

Aftelier Face Exlir

A winner will be randomly chosen for each item (that means 2 winners):

Wild Orange Face Elixir with Cedarwood and Patchouli (retails for $40) – You can read my glowing review from just a few weeks ago here. I love these nourishing face oils. Wild Orange is my pick  for summer. It’s like falling asleep in a citrus grove. *It also makes one super luxurious cuticle oil.

Chocolate & Saffron Body Oil and Hair Elixir (retails for $40) – I have been using this product daily on my hair for months now and I’ve yet to write a review! I have no idea why I’m keeping this product a secret. This multi-purpose product moisturizes the body, cuticles,  and even hair. My course, thick hair loves jojoba and this is a jojoba based blend. The scent is absolutely delicious and smells like chocolate with a hint of saffron. More info on the product here.


To be entered into the drawing please leave a comment below naming your favorite natural beauty product or fragrance. Remember 2 winners will be chosen. This draw ends Saturday, May 12th at 8 pm PST. The winners will be announced on the 13th and chosen using

This sweepstakes  is open to ALL readers of EauMG that are over 18 years old. These products are provided by Aftelier and will be shipped out by Aftelier.

Thank you and good luck!


165 thoughts on “Fragrance Freebie – Aftelier Face Elixir & Body Oil Giveaway!

  1. Mine would have to be jojoba oil. It’s perfect for removing makeup without irritating my skin.

  2. My favorite natural beauty product is homemade coconut oil that I learned to make from my grandma. I extract the oil from coconut milk and use the oil to condition my hair and on dry skin. Happy 4th!

    1. Hmm…I need to look up how to do that. I didn’t realize I could make my own coconut oil.
      Thank you and you’ve been entered!

  3. I haven’t tried any natural fragrances, but my favorite natural beauty product is using honey with some tea tree oil as a facial mask. Also, using olive oil as a facial cleaner.

    1. My grandmother always used olive oil as a cleanser and makeup remover. She has beautiful skin.
      I’ve never tried a honey mask before.
      You’ve been entered! Good luck!

    1. I had a chance to go to the lavender festival here in Washington last summer. It was cool to see the lavender being distilled and the fields were amazing to see (and smell).

      You’ve been entered!

    1. Jojoba oil has never let me down. I think that’s why I like the Aftelier Body Oil/Hair Elixir so much.
      You’ve been entered!

  4. I LOVE your blood cedarwood! I keep it by my desk and sniff it and/or put it on whenever I need to relax…It’s SO grounding!!! Thank you!

  5. Raw honey and pure oils! Because they’re versatile and simply beautiful as they are.

    But I certainly wouldn’t mind switching for this exquisite Aftelier Face Elixir… ; )

  6. My favorite natural beauty product is paw paw cream. It’s completely cured my eye allergies and allowed me to wear make up again. It’s also beautiful:)

    1. Oh, a friend in Australian just sent me some paw paw cream! I haven’t used it yet.
      Good luck! You’ve been entered into the draw!

  7. I absolutely love Mandy’s newest perfume, “Sepia.” I think it has some of the same ingredients as my own DNA! It seems so perfectly familiar.
    Also, her orange face elixir is fantastic. My face has seen too much sun and looks like the siding on some of the old rustic buildings in the Gold Country where Mandy and Foster first were inspired to create “Sepia.” Yup.

    1. Sepia is gorgeous.
      Haha, oh dear, no wonder you like Sepia so! I love the Orange elixir, smells good and works.
      You’ve been entered into the draw!

    2. Forgot to add that I’ve been using the Orange face elixer to great effect. It is so rejuvenating, and makes this old lady feel girly-girly once again!

      1. I know my skin is happy with it. My skin has been so dry/dehydrated because of health things. I didn’t realize I was looking so haggard until I tried the face elixirs, lol. My skin felt soft and smooth again.

  8. My favorite natural perfume has got to be Aftelier’s Honey Blossom… I remember following the series was a real treat!

    1. It is such a beautiful fragrance. Have you kept up with Sepia?
      You’ve been entered into the draw!

  9. My favorite all natural beauty product is coconut oil, I use it to make my skin soft and smooth, its great to put on your feet before going to bed.

    1. I love the versatility of oils. I’d have reptile skin if I didn’t use them.
      You’ve been entered into the draw!

    1. I love that fragrance. Brings up the same memories for me 🙂
      You’ve been entered into the draw!

    1. Haven’t tried that solid either! I do love the quality of the Aftelier solids.
      Good luck! You’ve been entered!

  10. My favorite natural perfume is Cepes and Tuberose by Aftelier…as far as beauty products go, I love Sympathy for the Skin by Lush. THanks for the giveaway! 🙂

    1. Sympathy for the Skin? I haven’t tried it, but I’ve tried Cepes & Tuberose and love it 🙂
      You’ve been entered!

  11. This is a tough question because there are so many great natural products. My favorite thing (has been for years) is a glass vial of East Indian Patchouli Oil my mom got me. It has a hand written label and has no other information. Good thing it’s amazingly thick and resinous and will last me a long time to come.

    1. I know I’m cruel! It’s not nice to ask about “favorites”! I love patchouli and the thick stuff is the best 😉
      You’ve been entered into the draw! Good luck.

  12. I like to give myself an oil cleanse facial. Castor oil, sunflower seed oil and I add a little rose hip seed oil.

    1. If you love all of those oils, you’d love this Face Elixir.
      You’ve been entered, good luck!

  13. My favorite natural beauty product is Castor Oil! It’s so gross but it really moisturizes my under eye area! Thanks for the chance to enter!

    1. One of my grandmother’s swears by castor oil. It cures everything!
      You’ve been entered, good luck!

  14. my fave would have to be coconut oil. i use it on my skin and hair, love it. my fave scents are def jasmine and cedar wood….mmmmm

    1. Coconut oil is so good. A few months ago I kept craving the aroma of cedar EO. Ends up it’s good for focusing and I really needed that at that time. I was naturally drawn to it.
      You’ve been entered!

  15. I love coconut oil and I enjoy scents like the ones by Thierry Mugler. Also lavender and gardenia.

    1. You guys have convinced me that I need to start using coconut oil again!
      If you like Angel, you’ll love this Aftelier body oil – delicious chocolate
      You’ve been entered! Good luck!

  16. I love argan oil as a nightly moisturizer. The natural product I miss most is Aftelier’s Vetiver Mint Bodywash. It was so heavenly.

    1. I love the story behind argan oil too. It’s really interesting.

      You’ve been entered!

    1. My grandmother swears by olive oil as a cleanser.
      I’ve tried that Clarins before and it’s not natural 😉 but it’s really good.
      You’ve been entered! Good luck!

  17. Aftelier’s Secret Garden is my favorite natural perfume, although more generally I’m in love with argan oil for my face and hair. Thanks so much for the draw!

  18. My favorite natural beauty product would have to be aloe vera, scraped directly from the leaf. Its healing qualities amaze me. I use it for burns,chapped lips, and also directly on my face as a mask which soothes my sensitive skin. And I’ve even put a dollop into a smoothie!

    1. My grandfather swears by the stuff. He’s been using it and drinking it for years and he’s a healthy guy.
      You’ve been entered into the draw!

  19. I am loving Verd Botanicals Therapeutic Balancing Facial Oil! It smells divine and has been working great! 🙂

  20. My favorite natural beauty product is tea tree oil body and face wash I make at home and jasmine absolute and lemon essential oil as a perfume… The tingle clean feeling from the tea tree followed by the sexy soft scent of the jasmine and lemon is calming and titilizing 🙂

  21. My favorite natural beauty product is Coalface soap by Lush. It saved my skin.

    I am starting to wonder if jojoba is the answer for my thick, oft-dry hair.

    1. I don’t know if you have used oils in your thick hair in the past, but if you haven’t, you should. That’s my unsolicited advice this morning 🙂 My thick hair loves oils…jojoba and argan have been the best for mine.
      You’ve been entered! Good luck!

  22. I had an ear ache recently and garlic oil cured me! It smells pretty yucky though. Also flower essences are excellent…lettuce essence on an especially blue day works wonders. And last but not least oatmeal and sugar mixed with castor oil is a great body exfoliate.

  23. My favourite natural perfume would be Aftelier’s Haute Claire ..I just can’t get enough of its bitter green creaminess.. I have used Mandy’s Rose and Frankincense face elixir and it was the most amazing two months of my skin’s life!! Thank you for the draw.

    1. Haute Claire was my favorite natural launch of 2011. I still can’t get enough of that creamy green!
      Well, you know that I’m not exaggerating! It’s good stuff 😉
      Your’re welcome. Good luck!

  24. I’m currently using a Suki moisturing oil at night which feels fabulous on skin: light, non-greasy, smelling divine…

    As to natural fragrance, I’m in love with Chaman’s Party by Honore des Pres as well as their I Love Carrots from the Love NY series.

    Many thanks for the draw! ^_^

    1. Suki is a great skincare line. I have not tried the oil but I’ve been happy with the Suki products that I’ve tried. I have I Love Carrottes and Vamp 🙂
      You’ve been entered, good luck!

  25. Ooo, this IS exciting! My favorite “natural” product (how natural can it be after it’s been manufactured?) is 100% Pure’s lip gloss in Pomegranate Wine. I feel like if I’m going to eat it off my lips all day, it should at least be not actively toxic! And it’s comfortable and moisturizing and looks so pretty on.
    unseencenser recently posted..May I have this dance, Histoires de Parfums 1804?

    1. I get really lost on how brands label things natural…just check out the Naturals section at Sephora. We’re all lost 🙂
      100% Pure is a good line with wearable colors.
      You’ve been entered! Good luck!

  26. I rub a strawberry on my face, and it is great for nipping breakouts in the bud. And I use camomile tea with lemon juice to condition my superfine hair, and I don’t know how I managed before I found that trick.

    1. Cool. I’ve never heard of either of those tricks. I’m allergic to strawberries so I won’t be using those for breakouts 😉
      You’ve been entered! Good luck!

  27. Haven’t yet experienced any of Mandy Aftel’s gloriously reviewed products, but do have a sample of her Haute Claire on the way, courtesy of the generous Portia from australiaperfumejunkies. One favourite natural fragrance I’m looking forward to wearing again now that it seems summer will actually appear is Tauer’s Le Cologne du Maghreb.

  28. My mom would always tell me to use a lemon and honey mixture as a nightly facial. She has amazing skin so I tend to follow her advice. As for beauty products on the market, I really like Dr.Weil organics products like the brightening serum he has. Smells great! Thank you so much for the draw!

    1. Wisdom – DO take the beauty advice from people with a beautiful complexion.
      You’ve been entered! Good luck!

  29. I love the deep pore cleansing mask rom Keihl’s.

    If chosen the face elixir sounds nice.


  30. I’m big on anything with neroli! Although ately I’ve been using Darphin’s Jasmine Aromatic Care, heaven…

  31. Like many commenters above, I love coconut oil. I use it to moisturize my face and leave in my hair overnight.

  32. My favorite natural product is Lush’s Dream Cream…it helps the skin on my legs look human and not alligator! I’d love to try this face elixir(love that word)and body oil.

    1. Doesn’t elixir sound like it could work magic? Plus, it’s a fun one to say.
      Good luck! You’ve been entered!

  33. I miss the Burt’s Bees solid baby perfume! Smelled like heaven! Of course I do have some squirrled away. These two oils sound amazing. My think hair will love the chocolate saffron! And I adore diffusing orange and patcholi…sooooooo good together! Aura Cacia oils, body scubs and bath products are the bomb! I love love love Mandy’s products and creative generous mind.

    1. I had that solid too! It was so pretty, so delicate. Why did they take it away? If I knew it was to be discontinued, I would have bought another 🙁
      I think you’d like these 2 products. They are so luxurious and work (well at least on my skin and hair).
      Good luck! You’ve been entered!

  34. I adore Oshadhi 1001 Nights massage oil — and also a fan of coconut oil! Would love the chance to try some Aftelier products. Thank you.

  35. My favorite natural beauty product is organic rosehip oil that I use as a facial serum twice a day. Glowing skin!

  36. I love anything lavender. I do also use coconut oil for almost everything, but if I had a scent I gravitated toward the most, it would be lavender.

    1. It’s not in this drawing, but Aftelier has a Lavender face elixir that is so luxurious. It’s perfect to use at night.
      Good luck!

  37. I came back from England with a bottle of Boots Botanics organic nourishing body oil. It’s jojoba oil, subtly scented with jasmine. It’s saved my skin on flights and in overheated apartments — great stuff.

      1. I’d be happy to bring some back for you, the next crossing when I check luggage. (I try to travel light, but things like Jersey black butter and affordable organic jasmine-laced body oil can make me check habits and bags.)

        1. Thank you for the offer 🙂 Actually have a client going to London next week, trying to talk her into it, lol.

  38. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all Mandy’s gorgeous wares & just this week ran out of my Chocolate & Saffron body oil…must acquire more! Good luck to everyone! (I hope I win!!)

    1. Chocolate & Saffron is amazing. And I’m happy that you think so too. I seriously couldn’t get enough of it so I started using it in my hair.
      Thanks! You’ve been entered!

  39. My fave is Aftelier Fig but that might be displaced by Aftelier Secret Garden soon! On the nonscent front, I adore multiple 100% Pure products. Thanks for the draw! 🙂

    1. I love Fig! I want to try the 100% Pure blush stick. The colors look really pretty.
      Thank you! You’ve been entered!

  40. I use almond oil on my face after I wash it at night; it feels luxurious and it’s gentle on my facial skin. 😀

    1. I love almond oil. I bet you’ll love the Aftelier Face Elixirs too.
      Thank you! You’ve been entered!

    1. You guys have reminded me that I need to repurchase some coconut oil! You’ve been entered!

    1. Dr. Haushka has been a good line for my skin. I haven’t tried the body oil but the face stuff has been great.
      You’ve been entered!

    1. At one time I didn’t like ylang ylang! Can you believe that? It’s now one of my favorite notes, especially as an EO. It’s intoxicating.
      Good luck! You’ve been entered!

  41. My favorite fragrance is Aftelier’s “Tango”! I love how its sharp and sweet at the same time.

  42. Fave natural product for beauty is anything almond oil!! Thank you for the draw 🙂

    1. I feel like Fig is such a “me” fragrance. I never thought about layering it with Shiso.
      Good luck! You’ve been entered.

  43. Oh definitely Aftelier’s Resurrection Bath Oil- it has restored me many a time when I was exhausted or sick!

    1. I haven’t tried Resurrection but the other Aftelier bath oils I’ve tried are awesome for the mind.
      You’ve been entered! Good luck!

    1. I’ve never tried camellia oil!
      Hope you enjoy your Aftelier samples! You’ve been entered into the draw. Good luck.

  44. Sorry, the earlier comment didn’t all show in the field – I should add that my favorite natural beauty product is salt. I know that sounds weird, but if you mix some up with a bit of good olive oil or even just with water, you can make a paste that will exfoliate your skin like a dream.

  45. Hi there: Thanks for the draw opportunity. I have to say that I haven’t had the pleasure of trying any of Mandy’s products yet, but my favorite natural fragrance thus far is DSH Gingembre.

  46. My favorite natural beauty product is MyChelle Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum. Serious HG product. My favorite natural fragrance is Leatherwood by Persephenie.

    1. Leatherwood? Just the name itself sounds awesome. Sounds like 2 products that I should try!
      Good luck!

  47. My favorite scent is Aftelier’s Boronia solid. I have bought the sample twice and looove it. It smells like the forest. but can’t afford the whole thing 🙂

  48. Just saw your website minutes ago, for the first time. Please enter me in your giveaway of elixir’s. One of my favorite natural oils is Gardenia. Thanks, have a good day, and God Bless the USA.

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