Florascent Kokiku EDP Perfume Review

Florascent Kokiku

Florascent Kokiku is a fruity gourmand in the Kyoto Collection. This entire line is new to me and I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and balance of Kokiku.

Kokiku is a delicate green tea floral. It’s a rather abstract, wearing as fresh and sheer fruity tea with a gourmand rose. The feel of Kokiku is Ellena-esque. It dries down to something that reminds me of the most delicate of white tea leaves.

My perfume tastes have been leaning towards the sheer and abstract lately, so Kokiku is perfect for me right now. It’s exactly what I want to wear in the summer. And I’m attracted to its delicateness. It’s something so perfect, so fragile. I like how I could just “smash” it. Wearing this is like the same thrill I get from wearing a white shirt without getting it all stained.

Candice Bergman

Notes listed include lychee, kumquat, white freesia, yellow rose and green tea. Launched 2013.

Or if you like perfumes like Korres White Tea Bergamot Freesia and the Hermès Hermèssence line. Because of the subtle projection, I’d recommend this one for “day” wear or for summer.

Kokiku is a light fragrance. Projection and longevity are below average. Longevity sucks.

The 1/2 oz bottle retails for 33€ at Florascent.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONSheer, delicate lychee rose tea. It’s really simple but that’s why I like it. I’d love to try the others in this collection as well.

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from Florascent. Candice Bergen pic from Vogue.

4 thoughts on “Florascent Kokiku EDP Perfume Review

  1. Thanks a lot for your link! Sorry that my post is written in German, hopefully Google Translator may help.
    I really like the Kyoto Collection from Florascent, my favourite is Sakura, a feminine powdery and floral eau de parfum. Jinko on the other side is my special weapon for special occations, it’s smoky and woody, but still very elegant.

    1. Google is the best 🙂

      I would love to try the others in this line. They aren’t easy to get in the US but I think with this year’s travels that I can try them.

      I love the sound of both Sakura and Jinko!

  2. Amazing how our skin is different. On me this was pure lychee and then it dried down with a little tea. Not long lasting but not bad for an all natural. This line is hard to find outside Germany – the only place I’ve seen it is Roullier White outside London.

    1. That’s why the discussion part of all of this is fun 🙂 I did say it was fruity but I find lychee to be like a citrus-rose-vanilla with a tad bit of freshness.

      I don’t believe for a second that this line is “all-natural” or at least in the American perfumery definition of that. I’m no naturals police (and I don’t want to be), but the term gets thrown around. Like lychee is not a “natural” in the perfume world (like you can’t distill it, etc). It gets borrowed from the flavor industry (so do many of the teas) and even then it is derived from a blend of “organic” compounds. It doesn’t mean that is is harmful or “unnatural” but it is made from vanillin, linalool, etc. A bunch of organic compounds are used to give the illusion of lychee. Science is rad 🙂

      Anyway, what I’m saying is that I think it is as natural as many, many perfumes on the market (like Pacifica, L’Occitane or Yves Rocher) and that’s fine with me. Plus, if something is safe enough to ingest (like lychee flavoring), why would I not wear it?

      Yep, looks like it is available in the UK and Germany.

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