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Flannel and Grunge: The Move

Well, I’m doing the craziest thing ever, well since my wedding. We’ve decided to leave Tennessee and move to Seattle. We’ve been planning this, but we thought that we would wait until we both got jobs, etc. But, we’ve decided that we are wusses and we’re going to grow a couple of pairs and do what we want to really do.

I never do anything unplanned and frankly, I am scared of everything. So this is a big deal. Everything is almost packed up. I have two more weeks left at my current job placement and then we are out of here. I don’t know what I’ll miss in Nashville. My family is here so I’ll miss them. I’ll miss Mexican restaurants, humid summers and dirty South rap. I won’t miss the racism or ignorance that I experience daily. I won’t miss the horrible food culture and how I can’t get anything niche.

I’m ready for a change of scenery and something totally new. So, I’m driving across this country in a lil’ Scion for like 36 hours or something. It’ll be the road trip of a lifetime.  I’ll listen to grunge and wear a red flannel shirt and use Manic Panic Hair Dye in Plum Passion and eat chanterelles and drink espresso and be totally spoiled rotten. I’ll shoot up heroin in a van down by the ferries while seagulls attack my head. Sike, I won’t do that. Actually, I won’t do anything like that except get a little house by the water and a French bulldog named Stuckey, a cream colored beauty. I might wear flannel and I know I’ll eat wild mushrooms and continue to drink coffee.

I’m excited but I am scared shitless.