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First Aid Beauty FAB Essential Kit & Product Review

FAB Essential Kit

EauMG is talking fragrance-free products…what?! Yes, I’m a fragrance junkie but I have to admit that sometimes I like a fragrance break, a very short break  usually, but it is nice to have one. First Aid Beauty body and face products are truly fragrance free. There’s no strange odor trying to mask or anything like that. The kit I am reviewing contains First Aid Beauty A.K.A. FAB skincare products in travel friendly 1 oz and 2 oz sized bottles. This kit contains Face Cleanser, Daily Face Cream, Gentle Body Wash, and Body Moisturizer. FAB is a skincare line formulated for sensitive “fussy” skin. All items are fragrance-free and contain no parabens or colorants. Here’s my review of the products in the Essential Kit.

Face Cleanser: This face cleanser is formulated to be gentle and to calm redness. It is infused with skin calming antioxidants. First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser doesn’t have a scent. It’s a rich, white pearlescent whipped cream…think the look of Noxzema (but of course without the aroma). This cleanser foams like mad! When I use my fingers to massage this, I get a wonderful lather, but when I use it with my Shiseido Cleansing Brush I get an insane amount of lather that rinses off easily. I’ve never used such a foamy cleanser! If you love a super foaming cleanser, then try FAB Face Cleanser. My normal skin did not feel tight or dry after rinsing off this cleanser. I was left “squeaky clean” but without dryness or irritation. The closest product I can compare FAB Face Cleanser to is Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser. First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser retails for $18. I say if super foaming cleansers with a rich lather are your thing, then try this!

Daily Face Cream: The Daily Face Cream is a fragrance-free, lightweight lotion formulated for oily, combo, and acne-prone skin types, even sensitive. This is a lightweight, oil-free white lotion that absorbs quickly without feeling greasy or heavy. I like the formula but I find that it doesn’t provide enough moisture for my normal to dry skin. It could work for me in the summer, but not for most of the year. I think this is a great lotion for oily or oily to normal and sensitive skin types. The lotion does not contain a sunscreen. I would recommend it for night use; however, some individuals have sensitivity to sunscreens so this could be a great product for them. First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream retails for $18. Who should try this? People with sensitive, oily skin or those using harsh prescription acne treatments.

Gentle Body Wash: This is a moisturizing body wash for sensitive skins. This is a super basic liquid body wash. It doesn’t foam that great in my opinion. I used it on a loofah and got a little bit of lather. The formula is completely odorless. I don’t know if my perfumista self is cool with that. I’ve learned something. I want my soaps to have a fragrance. Anyways, this wash is gentle and doesn’t leave a residue. This also means little moisture is left behind. This body wash retails for $14. Who should try it? Those wanting a super simple fragrance-free body wash.

Body Moisturizer: This body lotion is for all skin types even sensitive, dry skins with a creamy, almost whipped texture. The body lotion moisturizes without leaving a heavy “lotion” feel despite its creamy shea base.. The joy is that my skin feels moisturized for at least 24 hours or until the next shower/bath. I also can’t handle many lotions after shaving my legs due to sensitivity, redness, etc. But, this body moisturizer was awesome for my just shaved legs. No burning and I swear no redness that is usually there. Great lotion for sensitive skin! And I love that it is unscented. Strange for me, huh? Well not really. There is no odor. It’s truly fragrance free meaning that I can truly experience any perfume that I apply. I’m not picking up a “soapy” note or a “creamy” note from my lotion. I feel like I can now sample my fragrances in their virginal form. First Aid Beauty Body Moisturizer retails for $18. I would say that you would like this body lotion if you like lightweight but moisturizing lotions, have sensitive skin with redness, or what a fragrance free lotion either because of allergies or because you don’t want anything interfering with your fragrance.

Overall, I like most of the line. The packaging and the lack of fragrance makes this line easily unisex. First Aid Beauty is all about simplicity (and sensitive skin). So, the packaging and the “stuff” inside is very plain: no colors, no fragrance, no fuss. If you have sensitive skin or are sensitive to fragrances, you may want to give FAB a try. I have had better experience with these products than I have with Clinique (which I find too harsh for sensitive skins). The products that I would buy would be the Face Cleanser for summer or post-workout facial cleansing and the Body Moisturizer because it is awesome. The Face Cream is OK but not for me. I can live without the Body Wash because I’ve learned that I don’t feel clean unless I’m using a scented soap.

This kit is a great introduction to the FAB line, making it a gift worthy 🙂 It’s also awesome for holiday travel. Who wants to lug around full size products? And the size are either 1 oz. or 2 oz. so they are “airport friendly”. First Aid Beauty Essential Kit retails for $15. It’s available at Sephora.

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*Disclaimer – This kit was provided by FAB. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

9 thoughts on “First Aid Beauty FAB Essential Kit & Product Review

    1. I didn’t realize until I started using the fragrance free lotion that all of my lotions are interfering with my perfumes. Why bother paying so much for a perfume or the time “examining” them if your lotion is getting in the way? I like scented lotions sometimes because it is fun to layer, but most days I just want to smell like my perfume. I’ve tried products that I thought were lightly scented too only to find that I could smell them through my clothes too!

  1. Before I began wearing perfume on a regular basis, I sought out the perfumed body wash/soap/lotion sets.

    Now I used lightly scented or non-scented soaps and lotions so they won’t interfere with my perfumes.

    The FAB line sounds good. My skin gets dry and red no matter what I use, so I’m always on the look out for something new, especially with winter coming. I like that the products are available in a trial-size kit. I like to “try before I buy”.

    1. Now, I do think of perfumed products for those that don’t wear perfume. But, I’m not ready to give up scented soaps/body washes!
      The FAB line is getting great reviews from consumers. There is a repair cream and a redness reducing serum that people act like they can’t live without. I know that I am in love with the body lotion. It feels “whipped”. My skin is left so smooth even after 24 hours after application. And my skin gets red too. My skin hates shaving. I don’t know what looks worse: leg hair or red rashes?
      You should of got the travel size for all of your travels 🙂 Do you have any fragrance free bath/body products to recommend?

  2. Now this is a line that I’m interested in. I’m a bit metro and take care of my skin. I dislike feminine smelling skincare so I went for the man stuff. The man stuff always has a “refreshing” aftershave-ish like aroma that makes me gag. I’d rather use something that is scentless on my face.

    1. You should try this. It’s sans scent.
      I remember smelling some “dude” skincare before and I was shocked by the Aqua Velva like aroma too!

  3. I have really sensitive skin and this is the only line that I use now. It all started with the healing cream and then to the serum. I’m now hooked on the body products too. It tamed my fussy, grumpy skin!

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