FAR Botanicals Verde Oil Supreme Hair Serum Oil Review

Far Botanicals Verde Oils


FAR Botanicals is a brand of small-batch natural haircare that has combined a nourishing hair oil with fragrance. Verde Oil is like perfume for your hair that actually improves the condition of your hair. I’m amazed by this. I’m so happy that someone has caught on that this is a product that needs to exist. I love perfume. I love “crunchy” haircare. And I love a multi-purpose product. Verde Oil combines all of this.

The line comes in eight scents (well, seven, one is scentless).

FAR Botanicals Verde Oil

Low Scent – This is the scentless option for those that are scent sensitive or don’t want their hair products competing with their other products. I’m going to take the time here to review the actual formula which all the hair oils share. It’s an oil-based product that is silicone and mineral oil free. It’s enriched with botanicals and hair and scalp loving vitamins. The formula can be used on wet or dry hair. I’ve been using it after washing and on days that I don’t wash to smooth the hair cuticle and to protect from exposure to the elements.

Key ingredients: Marula Kernel Oil, Olive Squalane, Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Certified Organic Bhringraj Extract, Certified Organic Indian Gooseberry, Cassia Auriculata, Vitamin C

My overall experience with the formula has been excellent. My course, chemically processed hair usually takes well to “crunchy” haircare like oils and butters. Verde Oil has left my hair looking and feeling healthy. Plus, it doesn’t weigh my hair down. It really is perfect of my hair. Results will vary, of course, but if you have the sort of hair type that lives for oils, you’ll like this blend.


Now to the scents:

FAR Botanicals sample set

Terra Antiqua

This line is scented with 100% natural aromatics. No synthetic fragrances. 

Vanilla Narcotique with notes of Madagascar and Tahitian vanilla and resins.

This is a delicious boozy vanilla. It eventually becomes a balsamic, resinous vanilla. It sounds weird but it’s like a “meditative” vanilla. If you like scents like Aftelier Ancient Resins, this is one to try. It’s a complex, non-foody vanilla.

Lavender Absolute

This smells like a really good lavender. It’s not sharp, camphoric or medicinal. It’s not too sweet either. It’s really like a perfect lavender. I know this doesn’t sound exciting but I promise that it is. As far as lavender scented products, this has been one of my favorites. Ever. And I’m a lavender snob.

Cocoa & Rum with notes of vanilla, lime and clove.

This is a boozy chocolate like a crème de cacao with a hint of warm spices. If you like scents like Providence Perfume Chai Cocoa, you’ll love this. It’s yummy and not a bit childish.

Art Neuvo

Mixed-media fragrances. Contains 50%-75% natural essences. 

Lilikoi (Passion Flower) with notes of jasmine, hyacinth, lavender, melon and lime.

This is a heavenly floral with a heady jasmine and bright citrus. This is one of those “goddess” fragrances. I can’t use this without feeling beautiful. If you like narcotic white florals, this is a must try.

Rose Rapture with notes of Turkish and Bulgarian rose attars, amber, spice and resins.

This is a spicy “green” rose. It’s like a fresh rose on an incense burning altar. It’s a spicy, powdery rose. I love roses so I’ve really enjoyed this one.

Blood Orange & Patchouli Musk with amber, vanilla, patchouli, orange blossom, blood orange and a musk accord.

This one is a sweet patchouli with citrus. It’s a more traditional “flower child” from the group. It’s a sweeter patchouli with an orange blossom cream over a resinous amber. Being a patch-head, this one really speaks to me.

Temple Hymn with notes of tobacco, frankincense, clove, champaca, vanilla and woods.

This is a sultry floral tobacco. This is such a “me” fragrance. It’s a spicy carnation floral with incense. I know this sounds weird, but it has a great mix of “dirty” to it from the tobacco and woods. It reminds me of my angsty teenage years and for some reason, I like this.

The scents linger in the hair for a few hours. I’m honestly struggling choosing my favorite scents out of the seven. I genuinely love all the scents. If I had to narrow it down to three, I’d say Temple Hymn, Rose Rapture and Vanilla Narcotique. But, ask me tomorrow and who knows what I’ll say because I really do like all the scents.

Being that it’s oil based, you can also use this hair oil as a perfume! And really, many of the scents are good enough to stand alone as perfume. Or you can use them for layering under your EDPs to help with longevity. Verde Oil can also be used as a cuticle oil. Don’t you love a multi-purpose product?

Overall, I’m very pleased with these. I was sent samples for review but I’m already planning on buying full bottles because they smell good and do good things for my hair. These two things improve my quality of life.

The Low Scent will retail for $48 while the scented oils will retail for $52 at FAR Botanicals. Samples are also available. I highly recommend the Scent Sampler Set. It’s like a scent wardrobe for your hair. Plus, if I want to use these a cuticle oil or perfume, these smaller sampler bottles are perfect.

More info on each of the scents here. 

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*Disclaimer – Samples provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product pics from the brand., except for the first one. That’s mine.


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    1. And surprisingly non-coney isn’t’ always easy to find!

      Now that my hair is getting longer, I actually *need* stuff like this.

  1. Wow those ingredients in the base oil sound AMAZING! It’s gotta be really really good for your hair.
    I am torn between wanting the unscented so it won’t compete with my perfume, but I gotta say that Temple Hymn is right up my alley.

    1. I don’t think the scents really compete with my perfumes because it wears close. I like it to “freshen up” my hair.

      I also noticed the brand is offering bespoke services too.

      1. You talked me into it! I think it would be fun to try – there is really something wonderful about nice smelling hair. Bespoke sounds awesome too.

        1. I don’t know why I bother with wanting nice smelling hair. The only people that close to me are strangers on the subway. They should be thanking me, lol.

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