Everyday Minerals Semi-Matte Mineral Foundation Review

Everyday Minerals foundation

I don’t know if you read my raving review of Everyday Minerals Luminizing Sunlight Powder, let me keep you up to date, I loved that product. I purchased a few samples of Everyday Minerals Mineral Foundation. I have to admit that I was very intimidated by purchasing a foundation that I’ve never tried before on-line. The samples retail for $2.50. The descriptions were nice if you know your undertones. I felt like it was OK to take a risk with samples.

What do I want in a foundation: sheer to medium buildable coverage, light-weight feel, nice color, a natural sheen, and I want it to make me look better with it than without it. I’m in my 20’s my skin isn’t going to look any better than it does now. I want something to enhance and it’s OK if my freckles show. I do not want a “cakey” foundation. My skin type is normal and I don’t wear foundation daily.

Everyday Minerals Mineral Foundation comes in many, many colors, 6 categories. To confuse me even more, each foundation comes in 4 finishes: Original Glo, Semi-Matte, Matte, and Intensive. I imagined them as fabrics. Original Glo being a silk and Intensive being a tweed. I went with Semi-Matte because it seemed to be in the middle. I prefer a bit of luminosity. Semi-Matte is described as “a soft luminous touch”. Now to the colors. So many colors to choose from! I’m light to medium with yellow tones. I went with Golden Medium (“for light to medium complexions with olive and yellow tones”) and Winged Butter (“light to medium complexions with yellow tones”).

The sample containers are small but they give a few weeks of daily wear. I tap the minerals on a tissue and take a large kabuki brush, swirl over powder and swirl on my face and neck. I apply more where coverage is needed. I do not wear a primer. Like all loose mineral powder foundations, this is messy. Everyone knows this if they’ve switched to mineral makeup. Once you get your technique down, it’s easier. I’m sure it’s easier to apply from a full-size container than a mini sample size.

What do I think of the formula? I love the formula. It is very light-weight and buildable. It was what I was looking for in a foundation formula. Everyday Minerals works with my skin. I like it much better than Bare Escentuals which I found too sheer and a total waste of my time. Bare Escentuals ruined my opinion of mineral makeup and it took years for me to try them again. My skin looks very healthy when I use Everyday Minerals. I have coverage, a bit of a healthy glow, and I don’t look cakey. That being said, I don’t get shiny either! Sometimes I use the Luminizing Sunlight Powder over the foundation. It is very nice look for me.

What did I think of the colors? Both worked for me. There is a bit of a Bell Curve when it comes to foundation. When I buy a full-size, I will buy Golden Medium. It looks much more natural on me. In fact, it looks like it was custom blended for me. Winged Butter has lots of yellow in it. Golden Medium is the perfect olive for lighter complexions. Olive complexions like me living in Western Washington with a Vitamin D deficiency.

I like Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation see my review but I found the color selection limiting. Also, Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation provided too much coverage for me. I often had to “buff” after application or I’d have powder settle in lines I didn’t know I had. The purpose of wearing foundation is to look better wearing it than without it!

For a foundation, I like Everyday Minerals. I’m not finished with my samples yet. I’m still debating if I even need foundation. It seems like applying concealer and then dusting on the Luminizing Sunlight Powder works for me.There are times when I desire more coverage.

I do not think this foundation in the Semi-Matte formula will work for those wanting more coverage or a matte finish. I also don’t see any mineral foundation powders working well with dry skin or skin with lines. The powder will emphasis dry areas and lines.

A full-size foundation retails for $12. This product is available on Everyday Minerals website. Check out my Beauty Steals & Deals page for current promos.

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*Product purchased by me. Product pic from the brand.

11 thoughts on “Everyday Minerals Semi-Matte Mineral Foundation Review

  1. Thanks for the review on this! I used to use Everyday Minerals foundation a few years ago and they’ve changed their formula since then (added some ingredients to make it feel smoother/creamier). I’m somewhat similar in that I don’t really like to wear a full face of powder foundation, but this is really nice when used as a setting powder.

    My favorite product of theirs is the Pearl pick me up. It is light pink pearl powder that I use to brighten my eyes. It looks like it is being discontinued though (it is on the sale page).

    1. I haven’t tried the base as a setting powder but I imagine that it does well and still looks natural over things like a tinted moisturizer. This EM base is very sheer and I know that I will have to use something else if I need more coverage. I love the Sunlight Powder, it works so well with my complexion. There’s a bit of shimmer and it’s yellow based neutralizing some red tones.
      I would like to try the Pearl since I really like anything with a bit a sheen. Did you use it on your lids or under your eyes?

  2. I have been wearing Bare Escentuals. I like it but I want more coverage. I wear the foundation and layer with an Almay tinted press powder. I would like to try Everyday Minerals because it comes in a few different formulas and maybe one of those, the matte, ones would have more coverage.

    1. I tried the Semi-Matte and I think it has more coverage than the Bare Escentuals that I have used in the past. I understand that the matte formula is supposed to have more coverage than the one I tried. I like it because you can purchase samples. You can wear it for a week or so and know if it is something that you want.

  3. I’ve never tried mineral makeup before. I want to but I didn’t know that there was much else out there other than Bare Escentuals. I didn’t want to try mineral makeup at that price. Everyday Minerals price is much better.

    1. Like you, I only knew of Bare Escentuals! Ends up that there are many, many small mineral makeup companies. Everyday Minerals has their critics but so far I haven’t had any problems.

  4. I have used a sample of this before. I didn’t like it but I don’t like powder/mineral foundations. This one set in my fine lines and I felt it made my skin look really dry. I also need more coverage. It didn’t work for me but I can see how it would work for someone with minimal concerns or normal skin.

    1. Thanks for commenting and sharing your experience.
      I sampled this in the spring/summer. Now that my skin is getting drier because of the fall/winter season, I’m noticing that it is exasperating my dry lines and flakes. So, now I’m looking for something with a creamier base. This was good for me in the warmer months, but not so much right now.

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