Everyday Minerals Blush Review – Corals

Everyday Minerals Coral Blush Review

I’m reviewing and swatching 6 Everyday Minerals Loose Mineral Cheek Colors in coral shades with various finishes.

F. Matte Blush in Nick Nack – A matte, light warm peach (pink with lots of yellow undertones). This is a very natural looking shade on me. In fact, it barely shows up, but this is a good thing with certain makeup looks.

E. Matte Blush in Weekend Getaway – A matte dusty peach for light to medium skin tones.

D. Matte Blush in All Smiles – A matte “vivid” medium peach. This one looks beautiful on medium skin tones.

C. Sheen Blush in Truly Tiger – A medium dusty coral with silver shimmer. This shade looks the most natural on medium to dark skin tones.

B. Shimmer Blush in Sand Cherry – A medium dusty orange with tons of gold shimmer. This is a pretty shade and will leave you “glittery”.

A. Shimmer Blush in Theme Park – A warm medium pinky-brown with tons of silver shimmer. This will leave you “glittery”.

Everyday Minerals Mineral Blush swatches
The swatches

I really like the matte formulas. I lack matte blushes in my makeup collection. I found these easy to work with as long as it compliments your complexion. I can see how a light skin tone could look ridiculous with All Smiles or Truly Tiger. Anytime you use blush, it’s all about getting the right shade for your complexion. I think Everyday Minerals offers shades for all complexions. The Sheen and Shimmer formulas are very shimmery. Stay away from them if you dislike shimmer. Even I’m surprised by the Shimmer formulas and I use shimmer blushes all the time. I saw a picture of me wearing Sand Cherry. The flash was on and I looked like a Twilight vampire in the sun. This doesn’t bother me but I can see how this isn’t everyone’s style.

Being that I purchased all orangey toned blushes because I like a “peaches and cream” look, I can’t say if these shades “turn” on me. Sometimes mineral makeup tends to turn orange on some complexions. I’ve read this has to do with acidity (is that true?). I was going for orange. These are orange.

These are swatched and not blended. I’m trying to show a better picture than what they look like in the sample jars.

Samples are available for $2.50 (pictured above). Full-sized products retail for $8.00. Only available at Everyday Minerals.

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8 thoughts on “Everyday Minerals Blush Review – Corals

  1. I’m one of those people whose skin chemistry causes mineral makeup to turn orange. Some products are fine, but Everyday Minerals blushes turn soooo orange on me. I can wear a couple (waffle cone, natural, summer stroll) if I use a light hand when applying. It is funny because I gave a few to my mother and they don’t turn orange on her at all.
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    1. I’ve heard this from a few people. I’ve also heard the same thing about Origins blushes which I’ve never tried. I was told by a dermatologist years ago that this was because the skin is acidic. I have no idea what that means or why it would even happen.

  2. Thank you for posting these swatches. It’s always so hard to tell with stuff sold on-line. These look pretty, even the glimmery Twilight colors 🙂

  3. Thanks for posting this. I was curious about a few of those colors, but I fear they are too orange for me.

  4. I had no luck with these. The colors were too orange for me and I couldn’t get them to blend right. I found the matte formula difficult to work with. The ones with subtle shimmer are much easier for me and look better on my skin.

    1. I’ve heard that complaint before. You’re not the only one. I have to blend the mattes very thoroughly . I use a flat “buffer” brush. I’m probably buffing most of the color off :S

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