Etre au Parfum Rose EDP Perfume Reviews

Etre au Parfum Trio

Rose Week 2016

Être au Parfum is a trio of rose perfumes launched in 2015 that are meant to be worn alone or layered. Each perfume displays a different faucet of rose soliflores.

Here’s my quick take on each one:


“The Citrus Rose”

Une opens as lemonade. It gets greener and more herbal with wear reminding me of geranium and lemon balm. The heart is a a bright citrus-y rose. Because of all of the lemon mixing with florals, I’m reminded of magnolias. The heart is a greener rose. It eventually dries down to “red roses” and white musk.

Notes of lemon zest, mint leaves, bergamot, Bulgarian rose, geranium, rose buds, musk and ambergris.

Une is worth trying if you want a citrus rose or would like a rose-y “eau de cologne” (like Parfums Rosine Cologne de Rosine or CREED Asian Green Tea).


“The Jammy Rose”

Deux opens with a sharp, green rose and dark berries. Deux is a radiant, jammy rose that leans more green with wear. The heart is more like rose water with fresh, green patchouli leaves. It dries down to a “green” patchouli and white musk.

For a patchouli/rose, this one is fresher and sheerer.

Notes raspberry, black currant, hedione, Bulgarian rose, rose water, muguet, patchouli, musk and ambergris.

Give Deux a try if you like slightly fruity roses. Or if you like perfumes like Annick Goutal Rose Pompon, INeKe Briar Rose, Diptyque Eau Rose and/or Acqua di Parma Nobile Rose.

Willem van Aelst


“The Gourmand Rose”

Trois opens like fig leaves and coconut milk with plum jam. To my surprise, Trois is a very heady white lily. It wears as a white lily with mouth-watering nutty notes of coconut and praline. The heart smells more like ripe stone fruits, you can almost smell the peach fuzz. The heart is darker. It reminds me of a nutty roast of black coffee and patchouli with sweet florals. The dry-down is like a praline amber cream over a faint plummy tuberose and patchouli.

Notes of dianthus, cyclamen, plum pulp, May rose, black peony, heliotrope, patchouli, praline, ambergris and vanilla bean.

Give Trois a try if you like gourmand florals. Or if you like perfumes like Jo Malone London Velvet Rose & Oud, AERIN Amber Musk, Vera Wang Rock Princess and/or Xerjoff More than Words.

Out of the three, I like Deux the best. It’s a fresher take on that classic rose/patchouli combo. However,  Trois is a close contender. I think of it more as a plum/white floral even though it could be a gourmand rose. Trois is the most complex of the three.

Projection and longevity of these are below average. They wear more like an EDT with the exception of Trois which wears more like an EDP.

The set of three retails for $210 at Etre Au Parfum. At this time, they aren’t sold individually.

*Samples provided by PR. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Fragrantica. Willem van Aelst still life, date unknown from


8 thoughts on “Etre au Parfum Rose EDP Perfume Reviews

  1. You make Trois sound really lovely! Mainly though because there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of rose in it. 😉 (But I did recently wear Tauers Rose Flash without getting a headache so maybe there are roses out there for me after all!)
    Still, fig leaves, coconut and plum jam followed by a white heady lily and praline sounds just FINE! Yikes! I am starting to crave lily perfumes now… It is a reliable sign of approaching spring! Without fail spring brings with it a craving for lily, orange blossom, ylang and a whole host of other white/tropical florals…

    1. It’s the rose for people that don’t like rose 😉 I do wish they’d sell them separately even though I’ve seen the presentation in person and it’s really, really pretty.

      I’m in such an orange blossom mood right now. And not that neroli/eau de cologne style orange blossom. I want that syrupy, heady white floral orange blossom action.

      1. Oh yes! Heady and syrupy is amazingl! But currently I’m more into skanky, a floral can always do with a bit of skank! 😉 I’m making do with Jovoy Lys Epona for now but as spring comes closer the craving for skank will probably lessen and I’ll hop on the heady and syrupy train… with a bit of tropical fruit maybe… or a hint of greens.

        1. I’m actually scared to keep trying any of the Jovoys because I’ve liked all the ones that I’ve tried! My bank account could really hate Jovoy.

          So, we had a 60 F degree day today (last Saturday was like 5 F), so none of my perfumes felt right at all. I wanted some of that skanky jasmine or orange blossom but ended up wearing Balenciaga L’Essence (violet/vetiver).

          1. I know! I have only tried Lys Epona so far, and it’s already hurt my bank account! Lys Epona is a 100 bottle limited edition so it was a fair bit more expensive that others of the line too… Why do I always fall for the most exclusive stuff??

            My taste in perfume handles spring and summer pretty poorly. I have a great distaste for most fresh perfumes and perfume notes… I can do whiite/tropical florals, syrupy fruit, and gourmand citrus, but that’s as far as I can bend it… I don’t want it to get warmer!

          2. They were at Elements this week but I was so busy that I couldn’t make the show. It was a bummer because I would have loved to sniff most of the line.

            I want it to get milder but not necessarily summery. When it’s in the 60’s about any perfume “works”.

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