Esscentual Alchemy Ophelia Perfume Oil Review

Esscentual Alchemy by Absinthe Dragonfly describes Ophelia perfume as such:

This is a forest and field scent. A scent in which all aspects of a spring born day are represented ~ icy water melting from snow in rivulets that wash over moss covered rocks just come to life through warmer days, fields of wildflowers awakening and scenting the air with their myriad butterfly enticing aromas. A scent in which the danger of a sudden late spring frost looms darkly.

Inspired by a fair maiden, I think of Ophelia as a perfume that is more on the masculine end of the spectrum. There are dainty wildflowers, but they aren’t feminine. It’s bitter, green, and aromatic. Esscentual Alchemy’s description is perfect for this fragrance. A perfume idea that is well executed. Ophelia is icy, pastoral, and a little somber, like a late spring frost.

Ophelia opens up as a very “green” aromatic bitter. I get refreshing rosemary and lavender paired with bitter green coffee beans. There’s a tad bit of honey sweetness peeking through, like that from hay or dried chamomile buds; think mountain wildflowers that attract butterflies. This is all over a cooling, medicinal wormwood. It cools my sniffer. This is a very icy fragrance, but not completely aquatic. It reminds me of ice glazed over fresh sprouts and young grasses. There’s a greenness to the coolness. I also get the moss, but this moss isn’t dry. It’s damp and wet oakmoss, like a forest after a really heavy rain or in the PNW’s case, months and months of heavy rain. I love this earthy, wet mossy dry-down. Ophelia wears a long time, but very closely.

Ophelia really isn’t a scent for me. I’m sensitive to bitter flavors and scents. “Cool” scents are still growing on me (I’m the “warm” amber fragrance, dry woods lover). However, I do appreciate Ophelia. Ophelia smells just like being outdoors late winter/early spring. It really is like its inspiration and is unusual. This is nice in a world of copycat fragrances and play-it-safe blends. Ophelia strikes me as a very likable fragrance on a man, especially for those that like cool, fresh, aquatic scents. Ophelia would be unexpected. In my opinion, anything is better than mainstream masculine cool, fresh, aquatic scents 😉

Notes listed include rosemary, tincture of green coffee beans, oakmoss, ambergris, helichrysum, violet leaves, rose, kewda, honeysuckle, lavender, lilac tincture, wormwood, and blue chamomile.

Ophelia comes in a few sizes. An 1 oz. bottle retails for $100 and is available at Esscentual Alchemy’s Artfire storefront.

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Disclaimer – A sample of this perfume was provided by Esscentual Alchemy. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

16 thoughts on “Esscentual Alchemy Ophelia Perfume Oil Review

  1. oooh, this sounds like something I might like.

    i don’t have a lot of “green” scents I can reference in my mind though can think of Chamade and Covet 🙂 (yeah, that’s a pretty big range right there.) I like both of those though.

    1. I always think I like green scents but then I realize that I don’t own any full size bottles, so maybe I like them but I don’t like to wear them…or something like that.

    1. I haven’t tried Heeley’s so I can’t say. EA Ophelia is green, herbal, cool. The flowers are wild and green too.

  2. This is so lovely 😀 Thank you so much for the lovely review!

    It’s funny cause I make these things, and I don’t always like them, however, people generally DO. Again, Thank you Mr. Jazz Husband 😆

    1. This one was backed by an idea and rightfully executed. Believe it or not, but it is difficult to find a perfume with a “purpose” anymore.

      1. I find that really disappointing. That’s the POINT!

        It’s not supposed to be about “sex and preening.” Or how much they paid the celebrity/advertising budget.

        It’s supposed to take you places, and move you, and put you in a beautiful headspace.

        This was the first one that when I was creating it in the bottle, I started to cry. I kept thinking about the quote, about rosemary, and all of a sudden I could FEEL her pain, and sadness, and confused suffering.

        1. So many juices are made then marketed, named, etc.
          I like Ophelia because it is morose and sad. Everything doesn’t have to be based on beauty or sex.

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