Esscentual Alchemy Dreams of Smoke EDP Natural Perfume Review

Esscentual Alchemy Dreams of Smoke

Dreams of Smoke is a limited edition natural perfume by Esscentual Alchemy. I could summarize the inspiration in my own words but I think that perfume lover Nava Brahe has said it best:

Dreams take you anywhere you want to go. The images of those dreams are fleeting, but they linger in the mind. We remember what we see, what we hear, what we taste, and what we smell. The senses ensure that the memories linger forever, but when the scent reappears, the experiences come rushing back as if we are still living them.

The lingering smell of smoke can be comforting. Whether it comes from a fireplace, a camp fire, or the smoky flavors of some of our favorite foods, smoke elicits a powerful reaction. The unique smokiness of Lapsang Souchong tea evokes comfort, along with soothing memories of the place where I drank it: the sitting room of the Merrion Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, on a cold, rainy November day. Warm tendrils of smoke rose from my porcelain cup, complimented by a splash of cream and a bit of sugar. Every time I drink a cup of Lapsang Souchong, I am transported across the Atlantic, to a room with a roaring fire, a floral chintz sofa, and exquisite dark wood paneling that made me feel warm and safe.

Dreams of Smoke recaptures those memories. Lapsang Souchong is entwined with orange blossom, Rose de Mai, spices, Madagascan vanilla, sandalwood, beeswax and honey. Inhaling the tendrils of smoke brings me back to those chilly days, warming my heart and recreating my dreams. Florals enhance the experience, and the creamy undertones of vanilla and honey bring a smile to my face. Long after I take the last sip from my cup, the lingering scent makes me smile, because the memories are always with me.

Why would I paraphrase that?

Dreams of Smoke is a smoky fragrance. It really does open like a lapsang souchong tea with like vanilla cream. There’s a hint of sheer, transparent florals that remind me of rosewater and orange blossom water. Dreams of Smoke dries down to leather and an animalic beeswax.

Lauren Bacall

Notes listed include lapsang souchong, spice accord, rose de mai, orange blossom, vanilla accord, sandalwood accord, beeswax and honey. Launched 2014. PERFUMER – Amanda Feeley

Give Dreams of Smoke a try if you like smoky scents. Or if you like perfumes like Bvlgari Black Tea, CB I Hate Perfume Russian Caravan Tea, L’Artisan Parfumeur Tea for Two and/or Comme des Garcons Series 1 Tea. Dreams of Smoke is unisex.

Projection and longevity are below average (which isn’t abnormal for all naturals). It wears close to the skin.

Dreams of Smoke comes in a few sizes. The 1 oz EDP retails for $295 at Esscentual Alchemy. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONSteaming smoky tea. It’s one to try if you’ve been looking for a lapsang souchong perfume.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Quote taken from Essentual Alchemy’s site.  Product pic from Esscentual Alchemy. Lauren Bacall from

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    1. You know, I would expect for the perfume world to have more lapsang souchong perfumes than it does! But, it doesn’t which is a shame because it’s such a great concept for a fragrance – smoke and black tea! Oh, well, Esscentual Alchemy “gets” it 🙂

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