Esscentual Alchemy Blue Lemonade Perfume Review

Esscentual Alchemy Blue Lemonade Perfume Review

Blue Week : 4. 10 – 4. 17

Esscentual Alchemy by Absinthe Dragonfly Blue Lemonade is a  fruity-citrus, a natural hand-crafted perfume that reminds me of carefree summer days, sipping an iced glass of lemonade after a long day enjoying the outdoors.

I have to admit that I was a little wary of sampling Blue Lemonade. I’m not a citrus person, even though I know it is many people’s favorite perfume genre. This wasn’t what made me wary; I do appreciate citrus. You see, I have a blue food/beverage aversion. Blue foods freak me out. I stay away from blue candies and beverages because the taste is too gross for me and I hate to have blue stained teeth 😉 I finally tried Blue Lemonade. It isn’t synthetic like a Jolly Rancher. Blue Lemonade is a very wearable fruity citrus blend with an earthy base. It is more like an tall iced glass of fresh squeezed lemonade than a synthetic blue snow cone!

When I first sniff Blue Lemonade, I’m like “holy moly, Lemonheads”. It smells just like them, tart and sweet. It’s very nostalgic for me. After about 5 minutes, I get lemongrass. It’s almost citronella-ish but more grassy, verging on lemon balm but with more grass, maybe vetiver? It’s good. Within 15-30 minutes, Blue Lemonade gets “floral” sweet. It goes osmanthus fruity. I don’t want to confuse people and make them think that Blue Lemonade is a floral. It isn’t. Blue Lemonade is a citrus scent, mainly lemon, lime, and lemongrass. However, it has a sweet, almost peach fruitiness from floral blossoms. It’s a pleasant surprise. The base of Blue Lemonade is interesting. It’s a blend of fruity citrus, earthy patchouli, and grassy vetiver. Unexpected but good. Blue Lemonade is easily unisex.

Blue Lemonade isn’t a me scent. You guys know that I’m just now learning to appreciate most citrus. One day… Blue Lemonade is fun and well, too fun for me! I’m a fuddy duddy but I won’t stop you guys from having fun 😉 This perfume is too playful and rambunctious for me. Like a glass of chilled lemonade, this Esscentual Alchemy perfume is refreshing and energizing. If you want an icy citrus fragrance, Blue Lemonade is it!

Notes listed include patchouli, vetiver, saffron, tuberose, osmanthus, ylang ylang, lemongrass, lime, tangerine, and blue chamomile.

Many sizes of Blue Lemonade are available. The 1/2 oz. bottle retails for $150. It is available at Esscentual Alchemy’s store.

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*Disclaimer – A sample was provided by Esscentual Alchemy. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

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