Esscentual Alchemy Autumn Spice Natural Perfume Review

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It’s fall, my favorite season, and I’m craving chai, pumpkin pie, cashmere sweaters in heathered shades and of course, autumn fragrances. Esscentual Alchemy Autumn Spice is what you’d expect with a name like Autumn Spice! It’s a spicy, warm fragrance. It smells like autumn in a bottle. You wear this and you hear the crisp leaves crunch under your boots, you feel the coolness on your nose and the hot latte in hand.

Autumn Spice is a resinous, natural myrrh that is warm and has an ancient feel. This opening has something that is citrusy but it reminds me more of freshly sliced ginger than an orange wedge. The spices are what stand out the most to me. It’s like pumpkin pie spice with nutmeg and cinnamon. But, Autumn Spice isn’t foody. It does have some sunny citrus but really the spices and resins stand out. Autumn Spice is contemplative. It’s enjoying the moment, basking in the autumn sunshine while preparing for a cold, dreary winter. The base is the smoothest sandalwood. Oh, it’s warm and wonderful.

Notes listed include myrrh, sandalwood, patchouli, nutmeg, cinnamon, lavender, blood orange and bergamot. PERFUMER – Amanda Feeley (read my interview with her here)

Give Autumn Spice a try if you like natural, spicy or resinous fragrances or if you like LUSH The Smell of Freedom, Creed Santal, Ayala Moriel Palas Atena, DSH Perfumes Epices d’Hiver and/or Wiggle Perfumes Clementine Spice Tea . If you are living in a climate that doesn’t have autumn, maybe you’d like this around to remind me you of the season.

Autumn Spice comes in a variety of sizes. The 5 ml perfume retails for $50 and is available at Esscentual Alchemy’s store.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONMyrrh spice. A natural perfume that smells like fall.

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6 thoughts on “Esscentual Alchemy Autumn Spice Natural Perfume Review

  1. Thank you SO much Victoria!!!

    You have made my afternoon with such wonderful words about Autumn Spice. This was the perfume that our oldest daughter formulated, when she was 10, so I’m even more happy that you enjoyed it.

    She had a big grin on her face, while reading your review.

    Amanda aka AbsintheDragonfly recently posted..Working up for new pictures

    1. Well, I should add a perfumer after that note list!

      It’s very beautiful and it is all of the shades of autumn: orange, gold, rust. I actually put some on after writing this review. I’m at that beautiful, smooth sandalwood stage.

    1. You need to try this one 🙂 It’s perfect for this time of year and it is a very fun one to wear. I love the back story too!

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