Escentric Molecules Molecule 04 & Escentric 04 Perfume Reviews

Escentric Molecules have a bit of a cult-following in world of niche perfume and in the world of fashionable people¹. But, it’s never really been a line that I’ve been drawn to despite liking the perfumes on other people. They’re the sort of perfumes that you wear for others and not yourself. I wear perfume for me.

Escentric Molecules has launched two/binary new perfumes in their minimalist collection, Molecule 04 and Escentric 04:

Escentric Molecules


Molecule 04 is like a citrus-hued sandalwood. It’s dry, woodsy and slightly creamy. It’s a sheer fragrance. The citrus isn’t as much citrus as it is like a really pale rose that has a hint of grapefruit. Overall, this is a creamy, woodsy, dry scent.

Like the other Escentric Molecules, Molecule 04 hovers over the skin. I eventually get to a point where I can’t smell it at all, but I know it’s still there (others that haven’t been wearing it all day; they notice it). Like the other Molecules, it’s nice while you can smell it. That’s its novelty. You don’t notice it but maybe other people do. And then sometimes you notice it out of the blue.

Notes listed include Javanol and grapefruit. Launched in 2017. PERFUMER – Geza Schoen

Victoria’s Final EauPINION Sandalwood ghost.

Escentric Molecules


Escentric opens with a grapefruit with a bubbly effervescence that’s like Ting (Jamaican grapefruit soda²). It’s followed with a fruity, ginger spiciness until it turns into something that’s like lemon dish soap. Sometimes I pick up on lemon-y resins and an airy jasmine. The fragrance has a lift, it projects without being heavy (like other Escentric Molecules perfumes). The base is like a salty amber and a dry vetiver (that reminds me of beachgrass). Throughout the entire composition is the Javenol, which is a creamy, dry sandalwood mentioned in the review above.

Other times I wear, Escentric 04 and it’s like a bombass weed. Like a vetiver-citrus that comes across like a “green grapefruit” with that woody, dry Javenol (that’s like a sandalwood fan). Escentric 04 is a shapeshifter and I like all of its shapes.

Notes listed include pink grapefruit, bergamot, juniper berry, pink pepper, hedione, freesia, osmanthus, orris, rose, javenol, mastic, landanum, iso super e, musk, ambroxan, castoreum and vetiver. Launched in 2017. PERFUMER – Geza Schoen

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONGrapefruit soda, floral sea breeze rustled by vetiver and sandalwood fans. I love it.

To my surprise, I like these. I think out of the tow, I really prefer Escentric 04 since it has more going on. It’s been one that I’ve worn frequently this summer. I’ve actually worn it so much that I probably should just give in and buy a bottle. It’s a fresh/citrus fragrance that is unexpected. I like Molecule 04 but can barely notice it…which is its point. But, I wear perfumes for me so I want something that I can enjoy too.

The 3.4 oz bottles of both scents retails for $150 at Osswald. 

¹This line is carried at cool boutiques and all the hip salons. I feel like whenever the topic of perfume gets brought up with people that I meet at parties or at social events, the coolest people there always wear Escentric Molecules and gush over how great the brand is.

²Just another soda reference. Here’s what Ting is for all ya’ll non-North Americans.

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*Disclaimer – Samples provided by PR. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “Escentric Molecules Molecule 04 & Escentric 04 Perfume Reviews

  1. […] Escentric Molecules Molecule 04 EDT – Javanol is the main player in this fragrance. That’s a synthetic sandalwood that’s sort of steamy and tropical-y. So, why did I include it in the citrus category? Because, there’s a crisp grapefruit that is also a star player in this composition. This has been one of my favorite citrus perfumes for someone that doesn’t usually citrus. Retails for $150 at Osswald.  Review here.  […]

  2. I’ve been out of town (teaching in Boulder), so I’m just now catching up on your blog posts. I’m so glad you reviewed this – granted I knew you loved this from a previous conversation; this has become a summer staple for me this year. Coincidentally, I never got the “weed” vibe from this until I wore it in Colorado (where weed is legal and available on every block like Starbucks….) and someone mentioned that I smelled like pot while I was wearing it. If I concentrate really hard I can find that note, but I’m wondering if my days of partying made me immune to the pot-craze smell associated with some new releases.
    Maybe we should open a boutique in Colorado: Pot and Perfume – smell like it or smoke it, we got the goods. You in? 😉

    1. Haha, this could be a really profitable business plan 🙂 I can see this working!

      I’m so surprised by how much I like this one. I appreciate the EM brand but they aren’t “me”. (I do like the 01 binaries though). This line has always been for people cooler than me. Then I get samples of this and I can’t stop wearing Escentric 04. It is so good in the heat – citrus without being predictable.

      I was in Seattle during legalization and lived downtown so I’m too familiar with the various aromas. A friend here (who has a medical prescription, not recreational legal here yet, promise this person has it legally) swears this smells like a certain type of (very strong) weed. I can’t disagree (it does smell like that hybrid strain). It’s something about the vetiver-grapefruit. Luckily it’s not overly literal so I don’t feel like I’m going to get suspicious glances while wearing it. Anyway, it’s pretty impressive that they noticed! Most folks can’t even identify the differences between a lime or a lemon in perfume!

      I do get used to these. I feel like I get a different variation with each wear. In fact, reviewing was almost impossible. The more I concentrate on these, the more I can’t notice anything about them. It’s odd but also what I enjoy about this line.

      Enjoy Boulder! It’s a great place to be, especially in the summer. Plus, they don’t care if you smell like weed or not.

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