Eric Buterbaugh EB FLORALS Flower Oud Perfume Collection Reviews

Eric Buterbaugh Oud Florals

Eric Butterbaugh EB FLORALS has launched a new collection of three oud florals. Last year, I reviewed the original EB FLORALS, a line of floral perfumes inspired by Eric’s love of flowers. (FYI – He’s a floral designer based in Los Angeles).

So, let’s get to this new collection that highlights flowers with oud.

FLORAL OUD Orange Flower

FLORAL OUD Orange Flower with notes of champaca, frangipani, Egyptian orange blossom, patchouli, oud, vanilla and oakmoss.

OUD Orange Flower isn’t what I expected at all. This is not a bad thing!

OUD Orange Flower is definitely a tropical floral. It opens with a waxy, sun-kissed jasmine. It’s warm, heady and sunny – it’s the sort of perfume that reminds me of Southern California. As it wears, it’s like a vanilla-kissed plumeria (finally, a realistic plumeria in perfume!). This all sounds really beautiful, and it absolutely is. However, I do pick up on a little bit of funk and some dry moss that give OUD Orange Flower additional character. But, for the most part it’s a waxy, tropical floral with vanilla. Those unexpected notes (oud, moss and patchouli) add depth to this “vacay in a bottle”.

This is one to try if you l like tropical florals that will not come across like some sort of tanning oil. I’ve really enjoyed wearing this one. I love how it wore it warmer weather and I especially love how it’s wearing in the cooler weather.


FLORAL Oud Rose with notes of Bulgarian rose, rose Centifolia, vanilla, incense, vetiver and oud.

This one opens with a honeyed rose petals. There’s a sharp oud and notes of black coffee. And there’s an unusual latex-like thing going on that I think is the oud. And yes, it’s the oud. As I wear Oud Rose, it becomes more of its namesake. It’s an oud-rose with leather with a hint of bitter, green tobacco. It dries down to a powdery incense.

Unlike FLORAL Oud Orange Flower, this one isn’t that surprising. It’s what I’ve come to expect from anything with a note list heavy with rose/oud. That doesn’t mean it’s “bad” or anything like that. It’s just that it fits exactly into that niche “amber rose” mold. I’ve enjoyed wearing it but I’m one of those people that is like “Give me all the roses“. Do I have other stuff like this? Yes, but like I said, I have a rose problem.

FLORAL OUD Lily of the Valley with notes of bergamot, cassis bud, lily of the valley, tuberose, oud, amber and sandalwood.

I don’t have a sample of this one but it’s in the collection! The notes sound interesting. I love the thought of a lily-oud. Next time I’m at Bergdorfs or Saks, I’ll try it.

EB Florals Oud

Projection and longevity of these are average (with about 8-10 hours of wear). The large bottles are those Mexican tequila bottles but this time in shiny black.

EB FLORAL Flower Oud perfumes come in a few sizes with the 1.7 oz retailing for $395. There’s also a travel size (my pic) which retail for $95 at Saks.

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