Elie Saab Le Parfum EDT & EDP Perfume Review

Elie Saab Le Parfum

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I mentioned this radiant floral Le Parfum by designer house, Elie Saab, in my Most Worn Perfumes of Summer 2013 video post. I’m just now getting around to giving this fragrance a “formal review”.

Elie Saab opens as this big, juicy citrus blossom floral. The orange in this dazzles. Le Parfum whirls into this heady white floral with a delicate “dewy” rose. It wears this way for most of the wear. The dry-down is a dry woods and musk (that reminds me a little of Narciso Rodriguez) with those “whirly florals” of the heart except now they’re more honeyed.

When I review a designer fragrance, I like to evaluate if the perfume fits the brand. Elie Saab Le Parfum fits the brand (and the designer) perfectly. It smells Mediterranean. It smells Lebanese to me – a mix of cultures in a land of fruitful raw ingredients. The house did the right thing by picking Francis Kurkdjian as the perfumer. He does fresh Mediterranean-style citrus blossoms better than anybody. Anyway, I see someone like Queen Rania of Jordan wearing this. And she wears Elie Saab clothing. It all fits.The designer is known for mixing “heavy” fabrics like satin and velvet with “light”, sheer fabrics to create a final product that is “light” with motion despite the layers. I feel the notes in this perfume really represents Elie Saab’s signature dress designs (“heavy” being musk and “light” being the orange blossom). The overall feel is a “light” fragrance with movement.

Elie Saab Dresses

Notes listed include mandarin tree blossom, orange blossom, gardenia, rose, vetiver and honey. Launched 2012. PERFUMER – Francis Kurkdjian (I don’t think the brand could have chosen a better perfumer to represent their brand).

Give Le Parfum a try if you like orange blossom perfumes. Or if you like perfumes like Narciso Rodriguez, Serge Lutens Fleurs d’Oranger, Houbigant Orangers en Fleurs, By Kilian Love and Tears, Maison Francis Kurkdjian Amyris Pour Femme and/or Annick Goutal Un Matin d’Orage. This is one to try if you like pretty or slightly “clean” white florals.

I find that projection and longevity are average.

*Le Parfum is also available in an EDP which is equally beautiful and they share many similarities. I find that in the EDP, the woods are more prominent, especially the patchouli at the base. I could see someone having both in their collection. (I do). The EDP does wear longer on the skin because of the base notes.

The EDT comes in two sizes with prices ranging from $78-$108 at Nordstrom. A very nice purse spray with refills are also available. You can also find this at discounters like Fragrancenet and 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONBig, juicy citrus blossom floral. I love it. I think that both the EDP and the EDT are excellent designer fragrances. It’s my opinion that these could have been in niche line (maybe Maison Francis Kurkdjian) and with a much, much more expensive price tag.

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    1. More woods (and patch) in the EDP. EDP is less “bright”. And the EDP lasts longer on the skin.

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