Elements x Capsule Show 2015 Recap

Capsule Show 2015


This year Elements partnered with Capsule, an apparel and accessories tradeshow. I found this to be a natural partnership. Capsule features a lot of indie designers and in the past Elements had showcased many indie and niche perfume and beauty brands.

I’ve been to Elements a few times when it was a “stand alone” show. Being that it was the first show partnered with Capsule, I noticed there were fewer brands attending. This is rather typical with any “new” show. You can see the list of attending brands here (and Olfactive Studio is misspelled…) and it’s rather brief. There was also this weird thing where many “apothecary” style brands, many with natural perfume and home fragrances, were in a different section of the Capsule show. I didn’t quite understand why these beauty brands were separate. I get the feeling that many attending for Elements didn’t even know that more beauty brands were there. I didn’t get what this was about, but whatever.

Being that there were few brands presenting, I really can’t comment on trends like I usually do. I’m going to cover brands and highlights:

Frassai candles


This is an Argentinian brand of jewelry that doubles as lovely wearable vessels for your favorite perfumes.  At the show, they launched a range of candles. The candles are copper and are like jewelry for the home. There are five scents inspired by music and legends. My favorites were Ada, a sultry white floral, and Marlene, a boozy leather and tobacco. I also loved Gustav, a “noir” scent of civet of oud. The others are nice too. Clifford is like incense. Bebel is a fresh fruity-floral that really is a great scent for the home.


Kemi Perfumes



This is a new perfume line by the makers of Xerjoff and Sospiro. It’s a new line inspired by alchemy (KEMI, get it?!). Their tagline is “The creation of unique perfumes out of rare natural raw elements through secret distillation techniques“. Isn’t that like all perfume? Anyway, there are four EDPs, two parfums and two elixirs. I remember liking Luna (of course I would). It was like a powdery floral with leather. Kemi was skanky with oud and civet. I liked it too but did not feel like wearing it on a warm day. ‘Ilm was the oud one, a blend of three ouds. It’s a line worth checking out if you like Xerjoff. I didn’t ask about price but I assume they’re going to be pricey.


Fraser Parfums


Frazer Parfum

This is a natural brand that partners with African artisans. Their packaging is stunning, just gorgeous. This was one of my favorite brands at the show. They have parfum, solid perfume, shea butter and candles. I love their Orange Blossom soliflore. After the Rains is like a vegetal orange blossom that is really good. I want their shea butter. It’s luxurious. Don’t you love that ceramic container?


Fictions perfume


This is a line currently at Anthropologie (for now). It’s book inspired and in cute packaging, lower price point (which is refreshing!) I really wanted to try Josh Meyer’s (of Imaginary Authors) L.A. She Called But He Was Unreachable. It’s so different than what is in the IA lineup. It’s like a laundry-ish neroli. It actually reminds me a little of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis Forte. I like luxurious laundry scents.  Paris: She Met Him in Secret is one of those French makeup violets. London: She Knew He Was Forever was my least favorite of the trio. It’s a sheer floral green tea. Not bad, but I’m never drawn to these sort of scents.

Étre au Parfum – This is a line of roses. I like roses so I look forward to trying these.

Villa of the Mysteries

This was a completely new to me brand. I haven’t heard of them before. I have samples and can’t wait to review them. This brand is really interesting and was a pleasant surprise. It looks like they do “green” very well.


I’ve reviewed a few of these before. They have a new look. It looks great. They have a new scent, New Orleans. It’s datura based.

And there was makeup and skincare brands too:


Armour Gilda Lip Gloss


Armour Beauty

This is rad line of lip glosses created by Lunachicks badass, Theo Kogan. I already have like five of these but there were colors that I don’t have. And I want them all. Gilda is a new hot pink for Gilda’s House NYC.  Audrey is a new shade which is a pretty mauve that is really versatile.


There were some self tanning brand there, Svelta Tan and Madame La La. Not really of interest to a closet goth like myself but worth checking out if you’re down with temporarily tanning your skin.

If natural beauty products are your thing, there were many brands there.

Ayurveda Apothecary

Ayurveda Apothecary is, you guessed it, inspired by Ayurveda. They have perfume for your dosha.

Earth Tu Face has these amazing little seashell perfume balms that smell like jasmine. I love those.

Mullein & Sparrow is cute brand based in Brooklyn. How can I not love a vetiver and rose hair oil?

Rootfoot has a line of natural fragrances inspired by spirit animals.

Malaya Organics


Malaya Organics has many great oils. Their hair oil feels amazing. They also have natural products for little babies. These would make great gifts for parents-to-be.

Tokyo Factory may be my new favorite bath and body line in this “apothecary” style. ROSES.

I guess if I had to name one trend, it would be NATURALS. That was a reoccurring theme. I mean, just walking around and looking at the clothes, jewelry and accessories, natural was still a theme. There were lots of what I call “potter smocks” and handmade sandals from Mediterranean islands. It’s a new hippie aesthetic. Oddly, roses appeared to be a reappearing trend. I didn’t see that one coming. I love roses but it seems like I never find other people that like roses because they view them as “old fashioned”. Even with clothing, etc. rose was in from rose gold metals to blush rose leather and textiles.

Off topic but the leather accessories section of Capsule smells amazing. Someone should make a candle inspired by that.

Do any of these products interest you? Anything stand out?

Want more? Try…

Fragrantica – John is doing a great overview with separate posts for presenting brands.


*Photos are mine. That’s why they are so lovely and professional looking…not.


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