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Eight Lavender Body Moisture & Body Wash Review

Eight Body Moisture Products in Lavender

Over the years I have tried so many lavender body products. I have been looking for body products that smell like actual lavender flowers drying in the sun. I have found it. Eight Body Product line’s lavender is perfect. My search is over. Eight’s Lavender isn’t too “medicinal” and has that realistic, natural sweetness of lavender with just enough medicinal to make it aromatic. It smells just like the French lavender growing in my cottage garden.

Eight Body Moisture in Lavender – This lightweight body moisturizer really locks in moisture. It contains rich ingredients of jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, and many more. Product is recommended to be used as an after-sun moisturizer, massage lotion, shaving lotion, and/or after-shave conditioner. Here’s what else I love about this lotion, “the soothing essence of French lavender will not compete with your fragrance, as the scent of the essential oil will dissipate.” This is a huge bonus for a perfume lover like myself. I love scented products, including shower gels and lotions; however, I do not like for them to compete with my fragrance choice of the day. I find that it takes 30-60 minutes to “dissipate”. I like this moisturizer but it will get sticky if too much is applied. It has a nice lotion texture. Like always, I thought more would be better for my winter skin. More product didn’t moisture more, it just got sticky. An 8 oz. bottle retails for $24.

Eight Créme Body Wash in Lavender – I am in love with this body wash. This body wash is incredibly moisturizing. It reminds me of those drugstore “shower lotions” but I’m not left with a slimy residue. And it lathers! This is a very moisturizing formula with same skin loving oils in the Body Moisture listed above. Eight Body Wash moisturizes and cleanses. It rinses off easily. The texture is like a thin or “runny” lotion. My skin is left so smooth and soft after using this wash. I think in the summer or when my skin is less dry, I could use this and not follow up with a lotion. This is the best lavender scented body wash that I have ever used. It smells like the real deal and the formula is impeccable. A 12 oz. bottle retails for $21.

Eight Lavender Body Lotion is smells good and is a must try for lavender lovers, especially lovers of Serge Lutens Gris Clair. It’s also a wonderful soothing, nighttime scent. I like the lotion but I’m loving my cheap-o unscented cream at the moment. I do like Eight Body Moisture but I do everything excessively and I keep using too much product. Normal people may not have this problem 🙂 However, I love the Body Wash, this is the real gem in this duo. The fragrance in the Body Wash is even better than the Body Moisture (and it’s is good). The Body Wash smells exactly like real English lavender drying in the sun. And the Body Wash’s formula is perfect for my skin. You have to be one good body wash for me to say that I’d drop $21 for another one.

These products are available at Eight Body Moisture.

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*Disclaimer – These products were provided by Eight. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

7 thoughts on “Eight Lavender Body Moisture & Body Wash Review

  1. I love lavender! I must try this. My complaint with most lavenders is that they are to strong, medicinal smelling or too sweet (like with vanilla added). This one sounds just right!

    1. I know what you mean. Some are too “decongestant” and others have vanilla overpowering the lavender. Even Goldilocks would think this one was just right! 😉

  2. I love lavender. I usually go for sweeter lavenders because the medicinal ones are too much for my nose. I need to try this one! I have never heard of this brand before.

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