EauPEN Thread – Most Worn Winter Edition

Colleen Moore

Which perfume/perfumes have you worn the most this past winter?

As spring is officially approaching (next week!), I’m ready to move on to new things AKA new perfumes. In celebration of this, it’s Purple Flowers Week on EauMG next week.¹ I’m also changing up my perfume rotation this weekend. This has been such a cold, harsh winter. I’m so over it. This has felt like the winter that will never end.

As I put things away, (since I apparently can not put away my snow boots yet), I’ve been reflecting on what I wore the most this past ’17/18 winter. I feel like I was all over the place. I’ve been trying to empty samples and a lot of that has dictated what I’ve been wearing. I’ve been tackling those half-full samples. Out of those, I started with roses and orange blossoms, which oddly was all I was craving for a few months.

Other things I’ve worn or at least feel like I’ve worn a lot of has included:

Serge Lutens Chergui – This was an old favorite of mine. I haven’t worn it in such a long time! It’s still great. I still love it.

NEST White Sandalwood – This was an unexpected hit for me. I reviewed it recently. It’s a sweet almond-sandalwood but it has some weird salty, brine-y thing going on that I absolutely adore.

Smell Bent Bollywood or Bust – This is another I haven’t worn in ages, but I guess I was in a sandalwood mood! This is a simple but good sandalwood/rose.

Oscar de la Renta Esprit d’Oscar – This is basically an updated version of classic powdery floral perfumes. Because it’s a floral with some “heft”, I love to wear it in the winter. FYI – I scored a bottle of this at online discounter for crazy cheap.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Body Oil – I mainly used this because it “matched” a shower gel that I was using. So, I was using this as it was intended…as a body moisturizer that just so happens to smell beachy and great.

Prada Candy – I haven’t worn this in ages despite loving it when it was launched. A weird thing has happened. Since I moved from Seattle to the East Coast, this perfume is no longer a sweet benzoin caramel. It’s instead a candied iris.

¹They’re pre-scheduled since I’ll be in Charleston for the week. Please read and comment! I’ll approve comments when I return. Hopefully, the weather won’t be as bad there as it has been here!

I post my lip/perfume combos of the day on my Instagram Stories, if you’re interested.

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4 thoughts on “EauPEN Thread – Most Worn Winter Edition

  1. I’ve been wearing my Le Labo Rose and The Noir quite a bit all winter. I also have been wearing Mugler Aura. I wore Derek Lam’s Blackout- should’ve worn it more- didn’t realize how much I enjoy it. Stella McCartney’s Peony is great, too. Nirvana Bourbon or Rose and just recently Byredo Mojave Ghost.

    1. Those are my two favorites from Le Labo.

      I still haven’t tried Aura! I sniffed in a magazine strip but I doubt that conveys its complexity. I have a sample of Blackout that I haven’t tried yet.

      Oh, Mojave Ghost is so good! That has been one that has grown on me. I have always liked it but lately, it’s one I want to wear all of the time.

      Sounds like you’ve had some great ones in your rotation!

  2. Like you, I have been focused on wearing and emptying samples and decants, so the perfumes I’ve worn have been all over the place. I wore iris perfumes every day for the month of February as an exercise. Last year I did that with roses. I think it’s helpful to do that every Feb so I can spend a lot of time with one note and see all the different ways it’s used. It also really helps me narrow in on my favorites. Some favorite irises are L’Attesa, Chanel No 19, Infusion d’Iris, PG Cuir d’Iris, Iris Ganache, and Ava Luxe Hong Kong Garden.

    I also wore L’Air de Rien a lot and The Sun’s The Red…and more I can’t remember now!

    1. I love when I basically focus on a note/style and wear them over a time frame. It really helps me understand that note and appreciate all those nuances. I love seeing how different brands/perfumers handle the same thingss.

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