EauPEN Thread – Holiday Gifts

Chanel No. 5 1971

Did you receive any smelly things/perfume as gifts over the holidays? If so, what? If not, is there anything you want to treat yourself to?

I didn’t really get any perfume but I did get two perfume-y items from my Vintage Beauty Gift Guide. Apparently David read that post and gave me the Chanel No. 5 Fragments d’Or and Malle Iris Hand Cream. The bottle of this is so much bigger than I expected (8.4 oz). It’s actually a very generous size! It’s basically body glitter for grown folks. The scent is also enough to give me my No. 5 fix (projection isn’t something I really like with No. 5). I would have never bought the Malle for myself because it’s crazy expensive. I mean, a good hand cream can be found for much cheaper. But, it does smell absolutely wonderful. It’s a really luxurious product and I hate that I love the Malle body products so much (because they are so stupidly expensive). I was also given Cire Trudon Travel Room Spray in Dada by a friend. It’s adorable and the scent is like a cool mint tea.

That was it for fragrance. I did get a lot of makeup like Jouer lip set, Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Palette (finally!) and stuff from Juvia’s. I can go into 2018 with even more pigment smeared on my face.

Speaking of 2018, Happy New Year! Thank you for reading EauMG and I wish you the very best in the upcoming year.

*Chanel Ali MacGraw circa 1971 ad from a Pinterest user’s upload. Nordstrom, Beautyhabit and Sephora are affiliate links. Thanks!

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  1. I didn’t get any smelly things as gifts, but I was in London in early December and I definitely bought myself some fancy perfume. I got Malle Carnal Flower, Tabac Tabou by Parfums d’Empire, and Bluebell by Penhaligon’s, in addition to a bunch of samples. The Penhaligon’s boutiques will give you scented monogrammed handkerchiefs to keep (I mean, they’re cheaply woven, but still) in addition to paper testers if you want to smell things, so I got three of those and stuck them in my sock drawer. I figured all that was enough perfumey stuff for the holidays!

    All your things sound wonderful, and the Chanel No5 Fragments d’Or especially seems amazing and so luxurious. What a great way to be spoiled!

    1. So many nice things!

      I don’t really buy perfumes domestically. When I travel, I usually buy something to remind me of that vacation. I buy much more when I travel vs. when I’m home.

      I’ve really been craving a bottle of Bluebell. I want something pretty and spring-like.

      I’m really surprised by how large that No. 5 bottle is. It has enough scent to be a “perfume” but it like 5 times bigger than a perfume bottle.

  2. Happy New Year to you! You got some nice perfume and beauty gifts. I didn’t do a lot of gift exchanging this year, so the only scented things I got were Mamonde Rose Water Toner (from my Amazon wishlist) and a box of perfumed soap petals. I also got a nice makeup bag from my coworker because she knows I went on a lipstick buying binge and a lot of books. I’ve appreciated the quiet, laid back holidays this year.

    1. Doesn’t that toner smell amazing?! I bought the cleansing oil but haven’t tried it yet.

      It sounds like you got some nice beauty-related stuff. I, too, really appreciated having a relaxed holiday. I’m still on break from school and catching up on really basic things. But, it’s been so nice to have a couple weeks around the house.

      Hope 2018 is going well!

  3. I made a new extravagant discovery- roses and oud. I’ve tried the oud on it’s own, and not been a fan, but I tried the Jo Malone Velvet Rose Oud which was pretty darn good. I’m not a rose fan, except for the memory of the Bulgarian rose oil of my youth with came in carved wooden boxes which were painted. Does anyone remember those? So once I tried the Jo Malone, I went further and heard about the Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Satin Mood which everyone raves about. I think you did a review on the Silk Mood? I need to try it or do I? It’s in the $300 range.

    Thanks for another great year of your lovely blog! Happy New Year!!

    1. Isn’t it such a wonderful combo?! I love a good rose/oud, especially in this time of the year when it’s cold and gloomy. I still haven’t tried that Jo Malone London one 🙁

      The MFK Ouds are expensive and some are really odd (like a fungal, minty oud). I really like Silk Mood, but I think I have that base covered with Juliette Has a Gun Lady Vengeance Extreme. Or at least this is what I keep telling myself because the price difference is rather substantial. Oh! I noticed Luckyscent has Caron Secret Oud on sale. I pulled out my sample and that is a really pretty oud-rose. Somebody needs to talk me out of buying a bottle…

        1. It’s more patchouli, lol. It’s one of those ouds where “oud” just means woods. It is more woodsy incense than like a petal-y rose, but the there’s enough rose (as well as jasmine) in it to make me happy. Final verdict – more woods than roses.

  4. Oh my lord, that’s a perfect plan, isn’t it? You write up these thoughtfully curated gift guides, ostensibly for your readers and for other folks, but of course they are things you’d want for yourself, as well…and it’s like you’re taking all of the stress and hassle out of choosing a gift for you as far as your SO is concerned. You’re a giver! Ingenious. Hee hee.

    I got a huge honking bottle of Aqua de Gioia from my partner’s family and while I appreciate the s(c)entiment ….ugh. I really don’t like this fragrance. Not my thing. So of course, it’s like 5000 oz of the stuff!

    1. My plan sort of fell through because I posted my goth guide too late for presents. BUT I did get stuff I wanted 😉

      It is a nice gesture. But, geez, I have a few bottles like this as well…they’re always the JUMBO size, lol. ALWAYS.

  5. Yes! My mother surprised me with a bottle of MFK A la Rose. Looking back, I was a little “eh” about it when I reviewed it for NST, but now I love it. It’s just a gorgeous pink rose soliflore with hints of fruit and cream. She chose well! (I gave her a bottle of Bois Farine, one of her favorites.)

    A friend send me a trio of Diptyque holiday votives, which was also a wonderful surprise. The pine one is so good at making me forget we have an artificial tree this year.

    Happy 2018!
    Jessica recently posted..Cheers! ~ A Lanvin Perfume Ad for New Year’s Eve

    1. That’s such a great gift! I really like MFK A la Rose but I don’t know if I’d buy it for myself (I have soooo many roses). But, it’s such a pretty fragrance.

      I really liked Diptyque’s holiday scents this year.

  6. I got a bottle of Santal Cardamome from Fragonard. I had been looking for a Cardamom perfume and I love this. The box is so pretty I don’t want to throw it out.

    My sister got my mother Good Girl from Carolina Herrera. The bottle is hilarious. A stiletto! I didn’t like the sample Ulta had sent me, but I like it from the bottle well enough.

    1. I am always on the hunt for a good cardamom. Thanks for the tip!

      I have seen the Good Girl bottle in person and was surprised by it. I thought it would come across “cheap”, but it’s actually really cute. Sadly, I didn’t get to try it! The tester bottle was empty 🙁

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