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EauMG’s Weekly Roundup VII

1950's pic of Aretha Franklin

Week of January 16th-23rd

How badly I want a jacket like the one Aretha Franklin is wearing! What an amazing cut!

This week was low key for me. I went shopping yesterday but didn’t come home with anything! The fragrances I wanted to buy were sold out and I’m still not loving the spring makeup collections. Today, I’m spending my wonderful weekend cleaning out our creepy basement. What fun!

Hopefully your Sunday is much more fun than mine. I hope you aren’t up to your eye balls in cobwebs! So curl up with a good cup of oolong and check out what happened this week in the world of fragrance and beauty:


Travel to Venice Beach with Bonkers About Perfume. Here her impressions of Strange Invisible Perfumes, a line that I have reviewed this week as well.

Eyeliner On A Cat has a new url. If you subscribe, be sure to resubscribe. Also, check out her review of Aftelier Tango.

Lucy at Indie Perfumes reviews a few Providence Perfumes. Why haven’t I sampled this line yet?!

Go over to Redolent of Spices and wish Joan a happy birthday 🙂

Olfactoria’s Travels reviews one of my favorite “stormy” fragrances.


Jane at Daly Beauty shares products that will make your lips soft and luscious, even in the dead of winter!

Evil Angel at Black Nail Polish & Lip Gloss introduces a new cosmetic company (well, new to me) and interviews the founder of Lex Cosmetics. I’m in love with packaging and the color! I want Seattle Sunshine!

Like golden green eyeshadows? I do. Peace, Love, and Sparkles swatches some beautiful loose pigmented golden greens.

Do you have oily skin and need a bit of sheer coverage? Meredith at Retrodiva’s Beauty suggests 5 tinted moisturizers for oily skin types.

Gaia at The Non-Blonde swatches one luxurious lipstick. Go check it out!

5 thoughts on “EauMG’s Weekly Roundup VII

    1. Haha, you know it! I found a few things that he has hidden by the furnace back in the day. He’s a bit scared of the basement, for reasons that are not my own. The basement is where he gets bathed and he hates baths more than anything. But, he loves dust bunnies, so it’s a really difficult decision for him.

  1. Oh, you sweet thing! That’s so lovely of you!

    Aretha is smokin’ in the jacket! I love the shape, the lapels, the texture. It would suit you beautifully.

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